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Mumsnet users share what they think about children using mobile devices with cyber security experts ESET

375 replies

JustineBMumsnet · 21/02/2019 12:20


Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have become a part of everyday life, and children are increasingly using them. With this in mind, ESET Mobile Security would like to hear what your thoughts are on children using mobile devices and becoming vulnerable to cyber threats.

Here’s what ESET has to say: “With ever more of us living a life online, every member of the family can be left vulnerable through their phones or tablets and smartphone users with no antivirus software are opening themselves up to some serious threats. Whether it is virus software, dodgy apps or phishing emails, our devices are increasingly susceptible and it is becoming more and more crucial to consider how you can best protect your phones and tablets.”

When do you think children should have access to mobile tech like smartphones and tablets? Do your children have their own devices, or do they use yours? If your children are using smartphones or tablets what do they use them for? Have you spoken to your children about internet security measures? Have you downloaded antivirus software on to your devices?

All who post on the thread below will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list) and one year’s free Premium subscription to ESET’s Mobile Security App.

Thanks and good luck!


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Mumsnet users share what they think about children using mobile devices with cyber security experts ESET
Mumsnet users share what they think about children using mobile devices with cyber security experts ESET
OP posts:
Lexibelle1 · 26/02/2019 06:12

We are in the digital age so as long as the time is restricted ans content controlled I think it’s beneficial at home.

I don’t agree with children having a mobile
Phone until an older age - until they are perhaps walking home from school.

JLW22 · 26/02/2019 06:18

I worry about my 13 year old with autism as I know he is vulnerable however as he goes to a special school 45 minutes from home his phone can be used to contact home and to keep in touch with his friends from school who live all across the region. I try to talk to him about using the devices safely and the school have sent parent tip guides which been helpful.

Spices001 · 26/02/2019 06:23

Good & bad.... keeps you connected when apart but constantly looking at a screen isn’t healthy. My daughter had a phone at 11 , I’m lucky she doesn’t bother with it when we are together

kateloader · 26/02/2019 06:43

I won’t let them have a smartphone until they are 16. They’ll get a basic mobile when they’re a bit older and they’re out with their friends. I think children will be more tech savvy than parents as the years pass by but there are so many risks and dangers that come with it. Children should be allowed to live their youth and create friendships in person.

Shargrave · 26/02/2019 06:52

I'm scared for what my 10 year old son has access to unlike. I would love to banish products from my house as he is a different child when he hasn't got his tablet he's polite his play is imaginative. However school hold me to ransom because all homework comes home online and is submitted online I realise they have to move with the times but it can make us feel powerless especially if as punishment we want to take away his tablet.

Annak789 · 26/02/2019 06:56

I think its up to the parents to decide when their children are allowed to use mobile phones iPads etc.
My son has an iPad and uses it for watching you tube playing kids games but also doing his homework
My daughter is 13 and has a mobile phone
We’ve spoken many times about safety online and I do check her phone from Time to time
It’s ok to use those devices as long as the children are aware of the safety online .

Katieraventimeout · 26/02/2019 07:01

I think mobiles can help a child as they can call you if they are running late for curfew but there should be a no passwords on there and you should have access to what they are looking at. I think personally children under 13 no internet

bristowalan · 26/02/2019 07:03

not for me to tell others ...

Maria777 · 26/02/2019 07:07

Probably best to introduce children to mobile phones slowly and show Them positive and negative side of Their use. When They get Their own one, They will not be suddenly confronted by something alien. Bit like My Mother would say being give wine mixed with water as a child.

maryandbuzz1 · 26/02/2019 07:08

We have strict rules about their use in the house. However with my son becoming increasingly independent we cannot watch over him all the time. It is a concern but as it is an important part of everyday life and we can only talk about the dangers and hope he listens.

gmaisey · 26/02/2019 07:12

Our (nearly) 3 year old boy was getting a little addicted to Youtube Kids on the iPad, so we've removed it now. He hasn't used the iPad for ages and when he does it's to play memory or matching games. He's much more interested in practical playing and role playing rather than just using the iPad.

kagglen · 26/02/2019 07:13

If they use the iPad we always make sure that they are supervised at all times and they only use a mobile phone in the case of an emergency.

chrisma232 · 26/02/2019 07:17

it is a concern but it's also a part of modern life.I've seen behaviour deteriorate when they first got their mobile phones so parents really need to take control of their usage so as it's responsible to avoid further problems.
They are addictive too but you can also give them screen time in reward for doing things around the house which gets them motivated very quickly.

clare3840 · 26/02/2019 07:17

Very worried about them using them it opens up too many risks so they are always supervised while using any kind of item like that.

Lindseymorris29 · 26/02/2019 07:18

As long as my child is constantly with an adult he does not need a phone. He does have his tablet, which he has access to when he has completed all his homework.
All our devices are set with passwords, and are child friendly. Our son is not able to play live games and interact with friends, as this could possibly be abused if it got into the wrong hands. However, it is hard as some children his age are able to, or children with older siblings have access to. So he is the "lame" one who is not allowed.
When I dare say he will venture out on his own, he will most definitely have a phone! I wouldn't feel he was safe without one!
As they get older it gets difficult to police the www content they have access to. As far as I am concerned most children are very impressionable, this is a real modern day danger for our kids. I believe in educating them young, and pointing out the dangers early on. Hopefully some of this will go into their little minds and stay.

Bouchie · 26/02/2019 07:20

I think talking to them is the most important thing. Alongside easy to use parental controls.

rhinosuze · 26/02/2019 07:38

I'm not keen but then mine is only young. We don't let her play with our phones though and not just for safety reasons but also because they are not toys and we want her to learn to respect possessions

Beckyturner346 · 26/02/2019 07:47

I think it’s hard to stick to your beliefs on mobiles when other parents and your children’s classmates get them so early. It’s hard to stand strong when yours is the only one without something and peer pressure takes hold of your kids

hdh747 · 26/02/2019 07:51

I think it's part of modern life now, and like all things needs to be taught to be used responsibily and not excessively.

AR2012 · 26/02/2019 07:55

Feature Phones is what i'd rather they have than a full blown smartphone. When they are in their mid teens and informed enough of the dangers then i'll provide a locked down smartphones.

frances93 · 26/02/2019 07:56

I think its a great idea, provided they are monitored closely and not using it for long periods of time. We live in a world full of technology now and using mobile devices can be extremely useful, although I do think that it shouldn't replace less modern things like books.

paulb58 · 26/02/2019 08:01

Some parents used to dump their children in front of the tele instead of spending time with them. Now they give them a tablet instead.


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happysouls · 26/02/2019 08:08

I'm glad my son is grown up and I don't have to deal with these issues! I think it is important that children are closely supervised when they use technology and that they are aware of dangers. I also think that tech free time is vital as much as possible!

omgitslani · 26/02/2019 08:14

I think it is okay provided that there are time constraints (I notice how rude and uncommunicative my three can become if they have been sat too long on their kindles) and I believe we have to be very vigilant when it comes to internet safety; using the correct parental controls and software as well as educating our children on safe use.

Helsbells68 · 26/02/2019 08:15

Children should only be allowed to use these devices if parents can set filters that cannot be hacked by their children.

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