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What's most important to you when it comes to your child’s education? Share with the GDST for the chance to win a £300 John Lewis voucher!

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EmmaMumsnet · 18/10/2018 09:38


We all know that education is important and the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST), a family of 25 schools across the UK, would like to know what’s most important to you when it comes to your children’s education. Please share your thoughts below to be entered into the voucher prize draw.

When thinking about 'what makes a good education', what do you think is most important? Are strong academic results what make a good education? Or do you think there is too much focus on exams in schools? Does a well-rounded education involve sports and creative arts? Does learning languages and communication skills give children better life skills?

Whatever you think is important for your children’s education, please share it below and you will be entered into a prize draw to win a £300 John Lewis voucher.

Thanks and good luck!


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What's most important to you when it comes to your child’s education? Share with the GDST for the chance to win a £300 John Lewis voucher!
OP posts:
Farwah · 18/10/2018 12:08

I think what’s most important is that every child is valued and given importance to equally. We should accept that every person is different and not all high academic qualifiers were successful! It’s high time we pay more importance to skills,learning and other abilities rather than exam reports.

purplepandas · 18/10/2018 14:47

I think the fundamental to me is that the child is happy in school. Without that I don't think the learning will be as effective. I say this as someone who works in HE.

mum25littleones · 18/10/2018 14:49

I think it is important that the children are happy in the environment and judged individually. Not all children fit into a square hole that school tries to put them in - which is why i now Home school.

Ashhead24 · 18/10/2018 15:31

That they're happy is most important for me too.

MTBMummy · 18/10/2018 15:37

I think academics is obviously important, but I think sports and cultural activities add to a well rounded education.

But I think some of the most important things children need to learn is a sense of fairness, respect for others, manners and self belief/confidence.

As someone who regularly interviews young adults for entry level roles, the number lacking those basic skills is quite shocking.

Laurenelle99 · 18/10/2018 15:49

If they're happy, I'm happy. Which I think puts everything in a nutshell. Happy child=happy learning=happy grades

BristolMum96 · 18/10/2018 15:55

What's important is that my child is given individual attention and targets to meet, and support to meet those targets that is tailored to her needs and abilities. Too many classes taught mixed ability where the under achievers don't thrive and the over achievers sit bored.

PastaRedWine · 18/10/2018 16:17

I believe a child should leave school with a lifelong love of learning and would continue in that frame of mind (academic or otherwise) for the rest of their lives.

hiddenmichelle · 18/10/2018 16:18

Impossible to answer! Every child is different. But all need to be taught a self of self worth and purpose. For most academic results are important - but so is development of the whole child. It is a hard balance!

Larnipoo · 18/10/2018 16:28

Having an autistic son made me and hubby to open to all different types of “education”. We started going to all manners of children’s theatre (most of the time very inexpensive). Also creative/music workshops. We are blessed to be near a university with a theatre and a great program of events all year long. Also music festivals (Standon calling) are a great way of experiencing lots of different culture.

MissBartlettsconscience · 18/10/2018 16:32

Somewhere where the child is supported and encouraged to do as well as they can academically, without causing anxiety, self harming, eating disorders or lifelong self esteem issues.

shutlingsloe · 18/10/2018 16:38

My children attend secondary school and I love the fact that it is a kind place. They have recently suffered the death of a teacher and I've been so grateful for the emotional intelligence and concern that the staff have shown, they have helped the children to grieve.

Mominatrix · 18/10/2018 16:40

A good education is not just one thing to me. It is a package of things which are important and not one specific thing is most important. A good education is:

  • challenging academically and goes beyond national curriculum and test expectations.
  • broad based where all children are exposed to art, music, and drama at a high level
  • one where children are challenged to try new things on a regular basis
  • one where children are given the tools to think independently and take risks
  • one which teaches flexibility of thought and the ability to work with other people, both leading and as part of teams
  • one which encourages children to challenge dogma and ask questions based on being able to think critically

This kind of education exists, but should be made more widely available.
NeverTwerkNaked · 18/10/2018 17:18

That they develop a love of learning that they will carry with them throughout life.
I give mine the “well rounded” side through hobbies outside of school, but I expect school to teach them the skills they need and foster a broader love of learning,

sharond101 · 18/10/2018 17:29

To develop people skills and be confident and kind but utmost to be happy individuals.

Hmumto3 · 18/10/2018 17:57

A good education is really important being academically capable teaches you basics of life skills. I do think sports and cultural activities add to a well rounded education. Children need to learn to be kind to one another,respect and understand others, have good manners and have self belief and confidence.

Rosehips · 18/10/2018 18:00

good pastoral care, emphasis on social skills

asuwere · 18/10/2018 18:25

Obviously qualifications and therefore exams are important but not the only thing. A child needs a well rounded education which includes learning respect for others, self confidence, social skills and both practical and academic skills.

JulietB26 · 18/10/2018 18:30

I want my child to be happy at school. This is my first priority, and how a school deals with behaviour and issues makes a huge difference to this. After this, I want him to develop his social skills and become a confident child - this will help him throughout his life. Next I want him to receive a well rounded education that gives equal weight to Art, Music, PE, drama, Science, the Humanities. Then I want him to receive support when needed and to be pushed when needed. I find OFSTED rarely rates schools accurately (I work in Supply) and I am not a fan of our National Curriculum because the bar is too high in some areas (grammar..) and there is too much to fit into a school year. So many schools struggle to keep up with Maths and English that they sneakily teach it in place of the other subjects, or take low achievers out of lessons. This is just wrong, but the pressure from OFSTED for children to achieve very high is overwhelming.

Muuuuuuuum · 18/10/2018 18:30

I think an education that prepares them for the world in which they will live. So gives them the skills to adapt to changing jobs, economies and technologies and also teaches them people skills.

(Although in my more pessimistic moments I think how to run a small holding, survival skills and some self defence / warfare training might be what we'll need most in the future!)

EnFlique · 18/10/2018 18:32

For me the most important thing is that my child is happy at school, meaning that she feels safe, secure and confident.
I’d like to know that if she had any issues I could approach the school and they would deal with them effectively and quickly, offering support and nurture where needed.
I know my little girl can’t learn if she is worrying about being at school.

xcxcsophiexcxc · 18/10/2018 18:49

I want my child to be well educated but still enjoy his childhood. Most important is my child's happiness , the moment they come home stressed, anxious and upset then a lines been crossed.


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Kaykay06 · 18/10/2018 18:50

I think support at home, encouragement and help with homework, extra tuition, helps if the school welcomes parental support and engages with parents to ensure the child is achieving their potential

Theimpossiblegirl · 18/10/2018 18:54

A broad and balanced curriculum that is child-driven rather than data driven. I want my children to do well at school but mostly I want them to be happy and to fulfil their potential beyond good grades in core subjects.

BananaDaiquiri · 18/10/2018 19:26

Good pastoral support and a happy environment are most important to me. Great teaching is obviously important too but I do think a bright child can achieve well wherever they are, what's more important is that they are well supported and enjoy their schooling.

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