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Vote for a UK animal welfare charity - they could win a £100,000 donation from Animal Friends

50 replies

EllieMumsnet · 05/10/2018 10:13

We at MNHQ are doing some work with Animal Friends Pet Insurance to find a worthy animal welfare charity to receive a donation of £100,000.

Mumsnet users are going to decide the final winner from a shortlist of three, but before we do that we want Mumsnet users to pick a charity to make it through to the final round.

The three charity choices to choose from are:
Celia Hammond Trust
British Hen Welfare Trust
The Horse Trust

Here is some info from Animal Friends about who they are and what they do: “To celebrate twenty successful years of providing affordable pet insurance as well as donating millions of pounds to animal welfare charities around the world, Animal Friends Pet Insurance have decided to give away a whopping £100,000k to one deserving animal charity in the UK just in time for Christmas.

Animal Friends was founded in 1998 to donate money to animal charities. By working with charities and supporting worthy projects worldwide, Animal Friends helps to improve the lives of animals, combat animal abuse and cruelty, assist in the protection of rare and endangered species, help conserve unique and vital habitats and assist local communities to protect and value their wildlife heritage.”

So please click here to vote for the charity you’d like to see appearing on the final shortlist.

Everyone who votes will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £50 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!

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Vote for a UK animal welfare charity - they could win a £100,000 donation from Animal Friends
OP posts:
voyager50 · 05/10/2018 11:16

Animal charities are close to my heart. It's a tough choice but out of the three, my vote is for the British Hen Welfare Trust although it's a shame the Monet can't be split between them all.

BertBox · 05/10/2018 12:06

So we're just voting for which of the three to go on another shortlist? I agree with the poster above - split the money! This is like voting for your favourite child.

PhilomenaButterfly · 05/10/2018 12:08

Done! My real choice would have been Tiggywinkle's if it had been included. My DC are very involved and are the current adopters of a red kite and a badger.

misscockerspaniel · 05/10/2018 12:38

Oh, I came on here to nominate Many Tears Animal Rescue

isseywithcats · 05/10/2018 13:28

As someone who works for a cat charity and have had many interesting conversations with a mumsnetter who works for Celia Hammond that is my choice

CMOTDibbler · 05/10/2018 13:33

I voted for Celia Hammond as I like reading TheCatNeuterers posts on here

thecatneuterer · 05/10/2018 13:38

Fantastic! As a volunteer for Celia Hammonds I am of course going to beg for votes.

It's a charity that achieves a huge amount on a shoestring. Very little goes on admin and there are no 'fat cat' salaries. Everything goes direct to helping the animals.

CHAT is really the only charity in London that is active in cat rescue and particularly in neutering the thousands of feral cat colonies that are found in just about every block of gardens in East and North London.

Examples of rescues I've done this week are a cat that gave birth on a railway line in Walthamstowe; a feral cat that somehow lost part of both her back feet; a stray cat with a necrotic abscess and the trapping and neutering of around 20 cats in someone's back garden, with all the kittens being taken in for taming and homing.

The clinic also provides low cost or free neutering of cats and dogs for people on low incomes, as well as veterinary care for people who don't quality for treatment at other charities but who can't afford the often huge fees needed to treat their pet after an accident or major illness.

This money would make a big difference to CHAT's ability to continue this work.

DisrespectfulAdultFemale · 05/10/2018 13:43

Voted for Celia Hammond.

SillyMoomin · 05/10/2018 13:45

I agree it’s a shame the money cannot be split. However, I am voting for Celia Hammond, as a long time lurker on the litter tray pages, and also because my little fluffball wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t vote to save her fellow felines

BackToTheFuschia7 · 05/10/2018 13:50

I’ve also voted for Celia Hammond but agree that it’s a shame the money can’t be split. £33k would still be a significant sum and it seems all three do excellent work.

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats · 05/10/2018 13:50

Also voted for Celia Hammond.

prettygreywalls · 05/10/2018 14:15

CH vote here too

viccat · 05/10/2018 15:56

Definitely CHAT! I volunteer for another (smaller) cat charity in London and see first hand how CHAT helps in many of the most complicated situations where other charities cannot help. London has a huge problem with stray and (semi)feral cats and way too many kittens are born every year - without CHAT the problem would no doubt be even worse.

The low cost vet clinic also helps many owners.

Hazelnutwhirls · 05/10/2018 17:20

Also voted Celia Hammond because of all the help and advice I have received from the catneuter.

AintNobodyHereButUsKittens · 05/10/2018 17:51

I have adopted four cats from CHAT over the years and now foster kittens for them annually. I’ve seen first hand the amazing work their staff and volunteers do on an absolute shoestring, so I had to vote for them (although I’m quite prepared to believe the other charities are also great).

PaigetheRepahite · 05/10/2018 18:19

Voted for CHAT not least because thecatneuterer was so kind to me when my DCat died

Libbylongtree · 05/10/2018 21:05

Done, fingers crossed.

Floralnomad · 05/10/2018 21:43

I’ve also voted for Celia Hammond although I’m sure they all deserve a monetary boost .

MrsMoggy · 05/10/2018 22:31

Voted for Celia Hammond. Mainly because it’s so important to neuter cats, one of my cats died a couple of days ago from FiV related complications and if more
Cats were neutered this could help to eliminate transmission of these types of diseases, as well as reducing the amount of stray cats overall.

I’m sure all the charities are deserving and as others have said it would be better to split the money between a few charities

grannyloulou · 05/10/2018 22:46

Why does it have to be bigger rescues. I foster for a cat rescue, even £5000 would make a lot of a difference. Whilst I'm not anti the three listed I'm annoyed mumsnetters cannot nominate their favourite rescue no matter how big or small and that 10 or more rescues benefit from such a sum of money

SuburbanRhonda · 05/10/2018 22:54

It looks like CHAT will get it, which is great, but I will be making donations to the other two charities as that goes some way to making it fairer in my mind.

I don’t agree with pitching one charity against another, especially when one is a charity for the most popular pet in the country, and therefore most likely to attract a larger number of supporters.

Empathy56 · 06/10/2018 05:50

Wish I could choose one not on the list,they are all deserving.So out of the three I will vote Celia Hammond.


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Urbanbeetler · 06/10/2018 06:40

Another for CHAT - I have seen the tired vet with the scratched hands working the longest hours. The humane attitude of the staff which signifies towards animals and their carers. The ability to own a mistake and reflect on it to ensure it doesn’t happen again. The perseverance to bring a vulnerable animal to safety. The personal cost to staff who work so hard. One thing I am sure of is that CHAT, if they received this money, would not waste a penny if it.

Urbanbeetler · 06/10/2018 06:41

Dignified not signifies!

SuburbanRhonda · 06/10/2018 08:23

One thing I am sure of is that CHAT, if they received this money, would not waste a penny if it.

I doubt any charity would waste any money they are given Hmm

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