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Small postive steps forward...hurray!!

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snmum · 13/10/2004 07:21

Had dd's parents evening last night and dd is doing really well. She has settled great and has learnt LOADS more makaton, she has progressed onto using the velcro strip to ask for certain things with PECS () she has been using the toilet, dancing alot (apparently she gets quite into her dancing (as if I hadnt noticed ) But the best thing is....

she goes in the jacuzzi every day for SALT because it is really bringing on her language and speech fast, infact she said the SALT was quite amazed how well she responds to being in the warm water and how it helps her concentration. i feel so happy, all positive things

bad points...DH wants a hot tub in the garden now...eeek!

OP posts:
eidsvold · 13/10/2004 07:23

that is great news well done snjnr dd!!

jakbrown · 13/10/2004 07:39

Great news!

CleanKittyCat · 13/10/2004 07:49

well done your dd

If you get the hot tub installed shall we have a hot tub party? I can bring wine

lou33 · 13/10/2004 08:46

Brilliant news about dd

Tell your dh he has to wear a v hairy chest wig and rope like gold chain if he is getting a hot tub

hoxtonchick · 13/10/2004 08:47

Such good news snmum. And such a nice image of your dd being happy in the warm water .

snmum · 13/10/2004 08:47

he doesnt need a chest wig

he will kill me for that!

OP posts:
lou33 · 13/10/2004 08:49

Ok well you have to wear one then.

(please don't tell me you don't need one either)

JanH · 13/10/2004 09:01

That's great news, snmum!

Merlot · 13/10/2004 09:03

Great news - so pleased for you and dd

luckymum · 13/10/2004 09:30

Thats brilliant news ..........and the hot tub idea sounds great (especially the party bit!!)

coppertop · 13/10/2004 09:46

Brilliant news! LOL at Mr and Mrs Snmum with their his'n'hers chest wigs.

Dingle · 13/10/2004 10:27

Brilliant news snmum.

What a great excuse to get a hot tub too!!

Thomcat · 13/10/2004 10:30

I'm intrigued about the jacuzzi and SALT, sounds amazing. Can you tell me more, just interested.

Anyway, she sounds like she's coming on leaps and bounds, wonderful news

heartinthecountry · 13/10/2004 10:32

Brilliant - especially dancing and 'jacuzzi talking' - like that idea of that a lot.

did you get my email?

snmum · 13/10/2004 14:39

HITC, i will go check!

TC _ I am not sure how it works tbh. isnt it something to do with being weightless in water? Like severly physically disabled children/adults get more movement and freedom within water? or am i talking crap?!

i guessed with my dd that its because she has hypermobility issues and she has 'sort her body out' before she can think about anything else. She has concentration issues too, so I suppose sitting in a really nice warm tub of bubbly water makes her feel relaxed, mmmmm quite fancy it myself, just need to go and buy a chest wig at you lou

OP posts:
Dingle · 13/10/2004 16:14

snmum-I hope you don't mind me asking but can you tell me more about your dd's hypermobility please? How does it effect her, mainly with walking, posture, knee and ankle positions? If you don't want to go into detail I won't be offended. Email if you'd rather.


lou33 · 13/10/2004 16:16

Thank goodness you need to buy one!

snmum · 13/10/2004 17:24

her hypermobility makes her joint hyper-mobile, dont know how else to explain it! She is mega flexible, so her ankles can move all the way around literally and her wrists. It makes her walk a bit like 'mr soft' (do you remember the adverts? ) She has to have special inserts in her piedro boots to keep her feet and ankles stable.

Lou knows alot more about hypermobility as her four children have it and so does she!

There is a website too, isnt there lou?

OP posts:
Dingle · 13/10/2004 17:40

dd's pyhsios seem to keep changing their minds about her walking. She has hyper extended knees that seem to almost lock back IYSWIM.She's like a little robot come Bambi. The orthotic clinic gave her inserts in her peidros last autumn but then decided it seemed to make no difference to how she was walking and took them out. A year later I am due to see orthotic with AFOs on the card yet again!!
She doesn't even have piedros ATM. Thanks- just thought a bit of knowledge from another mum was worth while.

snmum · 13/10/2004 17:42

yes over extension is also a symptom. My dd over extended so much she broke her leg

My dd's inserts are like heel cups, a bit like an AFO but without the higher splint, if that makes sense. And dont worry about asking!

OP posts:
lou33 · 13/10/2004 17:46

I do indeed know lots about hypermobility, but I have to go and cook now.

tamum · 13/10/2004 17:51

Only just saw this- what lovely news! She's a wee star. Does she go to dancing classes, or would that be a bit much? There was a gorgeous little girl with DS in my dd's last ballet show, she did really well. I love the sound of the school- the jacuzzi sounds like such a good idea


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snmum · 13/10/2004 17:54

i was wondering about dance classes. her school do arts and music and movement. they are actually applying for 'specialist status' in performing arts (is it?) because it is an area where the children do really well, excedingly (like mr kiplin). I think she would be too tired in the week though. they pick her up at 8am and she doesnt get back till 4 pm. Long day for a four year old.

I will look into weekend classes for her. i noticed there is a dance school very close to our house but felt a bit frightenend of asking, for fear of rejection

OP posts:
tamum · 13/10/2004 18:02

Oh I'm so sorry. How awful to have to worry about that I think they'd be lucky to have her. Could you maybe ring up and ask what their SN policy is, so you don't have to ask directly to start with? I see what you mean about the week, she must be tired, but that school sounds just fab- how lucky that you didn't move again in the end

When do you go to GOSH? It's this month isn't it?

snmum · 13/10/2004 18:10

It was Guys. We were suppossed to go on the 4th but the kids had a yucky virus so i had to cancel. The Dr rang me as i requested to have the bloods done at the dr's but she refused as she said some other dr's brought up a few more queries () and they have to look into them too. Also she wants to meet her first as she feels it is impersonal just to test her without seeing her, which is fair enough. I have put our name down for a cancellation appointment, so hopefully we wont have to wait too long. It is such a worry sometimes, i wish it was over iykwim!

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