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Maclaren Major Buggy accessories

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artistmum · 08/04/2004 10:40

Son has just got his buggy through the NHS, (yesterday), and is overjoyed at prospect of not having to keep walking when his foot pain gets bad. But, he finds the metal sides of the buggy uncomfortable, and has demanded I sort that and get him a raincover too.

Fortunately a padded cover for seat and metal sides and raincover etc are available, here was the cheapest I managed to track down online, with free delivery:

The only other online place I found would have charged me DOUBLE for the accessories I needed, I was so disgusted I nearly emailed a complaint : I think that taking advantage of the need to make disabled kids comfortable is just so low!

OP posts:
lou33 · 08/04/2004 13:32

This is a big beef with me. I hate the fact that sn adds a huge whack on top, money wise. I found nursery to leisure to be spectacularly unhelpful btw.

viva · 10/04/2004 14:27

this anoys my mum as well when you mention special needs what are the differences between maclaren majors and normal pushchairs also the new buggies that children go in to look much better than the majors they should put special needs pushchairs first for a change and so they look trendy like the normal ones

artistmum · 10/04/2004 17:06

Major buggy is wider across the seat than normal buggy, backrest is a lot higher to accomodate older child, and its designed to take child or small adult up to 50kg in weight as opposed to the 15 kg normal buggies are rated for.

They have been revamped a bit, my son's brand new one looks quite trendy, perhaps maclaren have been listening to parents?

OP posts:
sox364 · 05/02/2008 17:43

I need one of these types of buggy for my daughter but not entitled to on NHS, i am on income support and she gets DLA but all that goes on specialist foods ( she is multiple allergic plus other probs) ANYONE know of a safe one going?? or which company sells cheapest?? i have little time to search online as she screams a lot!
Any suggestions welcome. Ebay ones seem to go for loads!!
Thank you!!

supportman · 05/02/2008 20:00

I have one which I was thinking of putting on Ebay, the footplate is missing but other than that is in good condition and working order. I was looking for £50 for it. If you might be interested than you can email me on (my mumsnet screen name)

reiver · 05/02/2008 21:07

We got one recently too and bought the seatcover which makes it much more comfortable - expensive I agree. To use the Major raincover you need the sunshade to fit it over which adds to the expense but apparently one sold by Argos (universal type)will fit, which would be a cheaper option. Haven't tried it myself but worth checking out if you need one.

sjsmum · 08/02/2008 21:00

My ds will be needing a maclaren major soon,was wondering how much the padded seat cover costs?

reiver · 09/02/2008 14:40

£35 from but if you register with them they deduct 5%. had them advertised for less (£25?) but had none in stock when I wanted one.
Been worth it for comfort and softens the look too if that makes sense.It folds with the seatcover on by the way.

sjsmum · 10/02/2008 11:12

Thanks for that.Have seen pics of the buggy with the seat cover and lateral supports and they make it look more comfortable.They probably take up some of the buggy`s space as the child gets older though!My ds is 6 so will definitely get him some for it.

mumofenough · 13/02/2008 08:53


Just thought i would tell you that when my daughters major was delivered, i started to look around for the padded seat cover and lateral supports, i then found the lateral supports on e-bay brand new for 20 quid, bought them and carried on looking around for the padded seat, i then received a follow up phone call from the supplier of the pushchair asking if i was happy with the buggy etc, i mentioned i wanted some accessories and he said he could provide me with the seat cover and lateral supports free of charge, I asked him why i wasn't given the option of them in the first place and he said you need to ask for them.

My daughters buggy was supplied to us after a referral from the physiotherapist at the local hospital, perhaps if you was to ring up the supplier who delivered the buggy to you then they would also be able to give you the padded seat.

I now want the basket and sunshade, any ideas where i can buy them cheaply.

reiver · 13/02/2008 09:14

Useful to know. Think it may depend on area as I did ask and was told none were supplied here but they did mention there was a organisation/charity you could apply to for funding. Might be worth asking to see if there's a similar scheme in your area or ask around. I've been offered most of the accessories by friends.

The basket is very flimsy. I've got one and can't see it being much use. Might hold the raincover and that would be about it! Wouldn't rush to buy one.

gilly1305 · 17/05/2009 16:38

hi i a mum of a autistic little boy and he did not like his major bubby,so i made he a cover with thoms on and now loves going in it,i have stared makeing them for other now i am on ebay if you would like to have a look,just have a look under special need buggy covers ,

Phoenix4725 · 17/05/2009 16:51

i have the universal raincover on ds ,major means do not need the sunshade on to us eraincover

anonandlikeit · 17/05/2009 19:23

Local charities, like rotary clubs or round table can be willing to fund the extras needed.
I know of 2 parents locally who have had the seat cover, foot muff, sun & rain shade bought by a local charity organisation, its worth checking whats local in your area.

ilovesprouts · 19/05/2009 23:54

i got my seat covers of ebay there soo cuts and any design too my maclaren major elite is very nice its scarlott /charcoal cost me £75 for raincover ,sunshade ,shopping basket got mine from wheelchair services as ds was too big for his buggy

lisaextreme · 02/06/2009 12:39

Don't know if anyone is interested but I have available to sell some maclaren major buggy accessories: I have one padded seat cover, one major buggy shopping 'basket' (fixes under buggy) and one set of lateral side supports. They are all in great condition (shopping basket is a little faded in places, but 100% sound!).
Seat Cover is fantastic, and washable and looks like new. Side supports also like new.
Please give me a call if you are interested in any, or all of these things. I am happy to accept any reasonable offers plus postage cost!! EMAIL ME AT [email protected] for more information please.
Thanks, Lisa.

lisaextreme · 25/07/2009 15:35

Thank you for all the interest in my major buggy accessories, BUT THESE HAVE NOW ALL SOLD!!!


lisaextreme · 25/07/2009 15:36

Thanks for all your enquiries,

gilly1305 · 20/01/2010 22:03

hi my son is 5 and has a major elite buggy,i make the covers and side pads for them,becaues he would not go in it to sart with, so i made him a thomas cover and now carnt keep he out of it,i am on ebay tigger1364,or my nubber is o7779061674

Lauree · 20/01/2010 23:18

I've got a footplate for a major elite if yo need one... free to a good home

oddjob3 · 21/01/2010 07:35

I had a major for my DC for about a year but found it was not goof for him whilst looking for the accessories for his new buggy I came across this site they are based it the states but do free postage and packing. They have a buggy which comes with all the accessories and reclines (a big bug bearer for me with the major) It also looks like a 'normal buggy'. Most NHS suppliers will give you a voucher towards the cost of another buggy if you do not agree with the one they will supply if you push for it. Also dont always agree to a major if you dont think it is right for your child they seem to try to push that first as it is the cheepest option.

oddjob3 · 21/01/2010 08:11

Sorry folks just had an e-mail from the above company to say that they now want to charge me between 150 and 250 dollars for delivery. Still worth a look at the above mentioned buggy. I have just got a Swifty buggy which so far is great(only got it yesterday) but the accessories are going to cost me £270 so any ideas on getting them cheaper ??


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TamHH · 10/06/2010 23:29

Hi I have a grandaughter with rhett syndrome and not a lot of money to get her the very expensive items I need for her comfort. I bought a second hand major elite pushchair but it has no foot plate so her feet just dangle I have looked to buy one but unable to find one. Does anyone have one that they would sell me please

TamHH · 10/06/2010 23:33

If anyone can help with a foot rest for the major elite pushchair please e-mail me at [email protected]

majoram · 26/08/2010 00:09

Hello, I'm desperately in need of a second hand Mclaren elite major buggy as I am going abroad with my 9 yr old girl who has special needs. Her existing chair is too bulky and not foldable. I'm going away in October so I really need to buy one soon, can anyone help me please?

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