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Brilliant chair from Ikea for children with sensory problems in the sale!!!!!!!

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Blossomhill · 05/01/2006 13:25

Just got back from Ikea and got this for dd.
I got it for £15 in the sale and am so pleased as £40 was too much.
Bibic said I needed something like that to help with dd's "spinning". Dd came to Ikea with me and tried it out and loved it.
Real bargain I think!

OP posts:
WigWamBam · 05/01/2006 13:28

My dd doesn't have special needs but she has one of these chairs, and it's fabulous. I can see it being really good for children with sensory problems.

My dh says the only thing it's missing is a padlock on the hood ...

rummum · 05/01/2006 13:31

£15... you got a bargin... ..
which ikea did you go to??
My DD loves spinning to.. she's into cartwheels.

nutcracker · 05/01/2006 13:32

Oh god dd2 loves that chair, she sits in it everytime we go to Ikea.

Blossomhill · 05/01/2006 13:37

rummum - our girls could be twins couldn't they?

I got it from the Croydon Ikea.
Have had such a lovely few days with dd. We had breakfast and she has just thrived on having my 1-1 attention. I am really going to miss her tomorrow

OP posts:
rummum · 05/01/2006 13:39

My DD 9 didn't want to go to school today,
she even wet the bed last night... I'm just waiting for a wobbler when she comes home tonight...

MrsFrostgetful · 05/01/2006 13:40

that is fantastic!

have you given her it yet??

Blossomhill · 05/01/2006 13:42

rummum - oh no It's awful isn't it? I feel that dd is at her calmest and happiest when at home.
MrsF - she has seen it but waiting for dh to put it together tonight. Mind you until the conservatory is finished we really don't have the room for it!

OP posts:
misdee · 05/01/2006 13:43

right i'm getting a couple. neice has one and dd2 loves it.

MrsFrostgetful · 05/01/2006 13:46

i could do with at least 2..i expect tom would be too big for it....he's 5ft now!!! But alex and leigh would LOVE it!
I bought some very basic 'wedge' cushions from lidl the other day...meant for office chairs...but put the wrong way round (so they slope the child towards the chair back)...well they are a cheap aid to help my 3 stay grounded at mealtimes....i may now fork out the £30 for a 'proper' OT one...but am going to ask if i vcan get one 'free' from OT first.

Loobie · 05/01/2006 13:51

I got one of these chairs form our ikea last week for ds1 birthday yesterday but i paid the whole £40 Ds1 has sever autism and loves this 'egg' so much
DD now obsessed by it and now im looking for another one!!

Blossomhill · 05/01/2006 13:55

BTW mine is white and yellow so it may be this is last years model iykwim

If you do go to Croydon they are at the front nearish to the tills

OP posts:
sis · 05/01/2006 13:57

I wanted the chair for ds's sensory problems but he was too big for them when I first spotted it a couple of years ago - he is seven now.

Aloha · 05/01/2006 13:59

Wow - ds LOVES this item. It's the highlight of every visit to Ikea. He loves 'hatching'

misdee · 05/01/2006 14:01

anyone want to pick me up 2 lol.

right, gonna see if i can get there early saturday morning.

merlot · 05/01/2006 14:18

This looks wonderful BH - just a shame that Ikea dont deliver! Might try and get along tomorrow

misdee · 05/01/2006 14:19

am going on saturday.

getbakainyourjimjams · 05/01/2006 14:20

DS1 gets to sit in this chair as a reward at school He loves it.

misdee · 05/01/2006 14:21

want me to get you one jimjams?

i've still got to put the traffic lights back up after we moved in 2004

Blossomhill · 05/01/2006 14:35

Merlot - they had loads do if you are going to Croydon tomorrow will be fine

OP posts:
zephyrcat · 05/01/2006 14:37

Why is there not an Ikea in every town????

Do they still do the ones that hang from the ceiling?

bambi06 · 05/01/2006 14:41

did they have many left as my ds loves them as well but i wouldnt pay full price..

Blossomhill · 05/01/2006 14:44

Bambi - yes they had quite a few left but I wouldn't leave it too much longer!

OP posts:

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Blossomhill · 05/01/2006 14:46

ZC - I didn't see any that hung from the ceiling.

OP posts:
WigWamBam · 05/01/2006 18:26

Zephyrcat - they do still do the one that hangs from the ceiling ... here.

I really fancy one of those myself ...

mummytosteven · 05/01/2006 18:36

b&gger. Was in Ikea yesterday (only get there when friend(s) give me lifts so go there rarely), and DIDN'T spot this. . DS loves playing on these.

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