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Oh how I hate the winter

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doormat · 14/10/2003 14:23

Well the dark nights and the cold weather has settled in now and I used to love the winter so much.

But having a child with SN has changed it all.

It seems to be a battle to keep my ds healthy as the cold weather brings every cold and virus flying into the house and my ds catches everything.

Anyone else feel the same or is it just me?

OP posts:
ThomCat · 14/10/2003 14:29

Well she's only 2 this Xmas - but yes I agree already. The green snot covering her entire face at the moment is just the start of a winter full of snot, soggy tissues, vitamin drops, karvol capsules, etc etc. Poor little thing! I had to pull over so many times on the way to work to wipe her nose! She even had to come in with me for a few hours as my childminder has a bug and was throwing up when I went round there this morning so it's not just our kids!

But yes the narrower passages that go hand in hand with Down's syndrome mean that she suffers a lot with a 'mere' cold. Shit isn't it. Still just picture fires, red wine, cosy front rooms and wife swap on telly tonight

prufrock · 14/10/2003 14:36

Try homeopathy. My dd used to get everything going. After one trip to the homeopath and 3 doses of a remedy she didn't have a sniffle for 6 months. She's since had two colds, but each time remedies have really helped to lessen the symptoms and the length of the illness. I can get v. evangelical about this because we had such wonderful results.

ThomCat · 14/10/2003 14:46

Prufrock - it's down on my list of things to do!
How come that list never gets any smaller at all no matter how hard I work at it!!

fio2 · 14/10/2003 14:47

Yes my dd catches everything going and it is always 10 times worse iykwimSad She worries us to death - as she did last week! I have started giving her Efalex (fish oils) again because I am sure she didnt catch as much when she used to take it. I am sure someone posted that burning lemon in an incense burner was supposed to kill germs(?) You have my sympathy doormat

doormat · 14/10/2003 14:48

Thanx Thomcat and prufrock.

Just feeling a little down today as ds was sent home from school with runny nose and tiredness.He was fine this morning but his health deteriorates very quickly when he catches anything flying around.

In the colder weather I try to keep the house as sterile as possible so he doesnt catch anything. I also use lemongrass and eucalyptus or olbas oil in a burner to kill anything off that is airborne.

Visitors call less often as they dont wont to catch anything.(which imo is really considerate)

Prufrock i dont think he could have homeopathy as he is so much medication already.

OP posts:
fio2 · 14/10/2003 14:49

oh sorry doormat it was you who posted about the lemongrass thing, soory!Smile

fio2 · 14/10/2003 14:49

sorry - even!

doormat · 14/10/2003 14:51

fio yes thats it,thanx for that
It is the worry of it as a common cold to us and other children could last for a few days will go on for weeks with ds.Illness scares me silly

OP posts:
sykes · 14/10/2003 14:51

DM, sorry you're feeling low. I wish there was something I could do as you've helped me so much. Thinking of you and kindness and hope he starts to feel a bit better.

forestfly · 14/10/2003 14:52

Doormat my emails back if your interested (but i didnt see one off you ) Sorry you hate the winter. I dint like it because your stuck in at five. Think of all the positive sides, you can all cuddle up and be cosy. I love the lighting in winter and log fires ( not at my house )

doormat · 14/10/2003 14:52

visitors dont call so they wont let HIM catch anything.

OP posts:
sykes · 14/10/2003 14:54

DM, meant to say you've helped me so much with your kindness.

ThomCat · 14/10/2003 14:55

big hugs to you doormat - and your poorly chap.

Lottie has had her cold for well over a week and the bright green snot just keeps on coming! I can't wipe quick enough! When I go in in the morning her nose has been wiped and run all over her face so that her eyes are crusty with it!!!! Euuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Still there's always a smile at the ready for from her so....

Nice tip about Lemongrass etc - will add that to the the 'to do' list as well!

Keep thinking red wine and wife swap!!!

prufrock · 14/10/2003 15:03

Doormat I don't think it matters that he has medicines already - homeopathy will take all that into account, and remedies are completely natural substances - the one dd had as an immune booster was scrapings from the inside of an oyster shell.

doormat · 14/10/2003 15:19

Do you know something you are all so lovely These responses are ruining my make up btw

ff I will email again if you want

prufrock I will ask his nurse and doctors if I could use the homeopathic approach.Thanx

Thomcat i hope lottie gets better soon too

sykes thankyou and you are so kind.

OP posts:
forestfly · 14/10/2003 15:22

Yes Doormat

ThomCat · 14/10/2003 15:25

Doormat - oh don't worry about her she'll be fine - just wanted you to know that you're not alone. Give your little soldier a kiss on the head from Auntie Thomcat and take one for yorself while you're there!

sykes · 14/10/2003 15:35

DM, I've had two e-mails bounce back that I've sent to you. Is it me/your e-mail??

sunchowder · 14/10/2003 16:24

Hello friendly group, sorry you are down about the weather Doormatgood advice on this thread though. I am going to try to take a Mumsnet "break"we'll see how long it lasts. Some of the things that are going on here on the other threads are upsetting to me and I don't want to lose so much energy over them. Not sure if I have much worthwhile to share anyway. Bit down today myself. I am signing off for now.

doormat · 14/10/2003 16:26

sunchowder what wrong love, i think there must be something in the water as aloha feels a bit down too.

thanx thomcat

sykes email seems to working fine

OP posts:
sunchowder · 14/10/2003 16:33

I just don't like being in the middle of confrontation. These posts are so public and all..I am just such a soft innocent and I just get so shocked over some of the reponses I have read recently not to mention one that has been directed to me. Just don't feel comfortable "putting myself out there", I have so much going on in my life that I find I really want to choose the most energizing ones when I am not working (which I have to). Anyway, I appreciate your concern. And...I really am going to close this time. You are all wonderful.

forestfly · 14/10/2003 16:34

Sunny dont get down ilove your posts xxxxxxx


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Blu · 14/10/2003 16:36

I thought everything was becoming calm again...and you are such a sunrise of an influence, Sunchowder! be much darker without you....

whymummy · 14/10/2003 16:37

hi doormat,i hope ds gets better soon and doesn't get too many colds this winter
lots of hugs for both of you

whymummy xxx

CountessDracula · 14/10/2003 16:37

Come on Sunchowder, just take a break for a day or two and then come back to us.

Sorry to hear all your babs have nasty colds, and that the winter is so hard. Must be horrible

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