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ADHD Results day tomorrow!!! Dont know what to expect???

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butty · 26/09/2005 09:29

Hi all, as some are aware i am having serious problems with my just turned 5 year old girl.
We have been awaiting appointments since last march and after several appointments with peads and specialists, it was sugested that she has suspected ADHD!!
I have the appointment tomorrow to find out the DX and it is 1.5 hours long as child psych will be there.
If any one has been here before or has any advises, it would be gratefully appreciated.
PS: really dreading the outcome!!!

OP posts:
butty · 26/09/2005 10:11

Is there anyone out their with advise they can give, sorry, just dont know what to expect.!!!
Finding things very Difficult at the mo with life and whats been thrown at me recently.

OP posts:
essbee · 26/09/2005 10:47

Message withdrawn

coppertop · 26/09/2005 10:59

Good luck with the appointment.

I have no experience of ADHD but I'm guessing that if you're going to be there for 1.5hrs you will probably be asked loads of questions so would advise writing some notes if possible. I find that once I get into the room my mind just goes blank.

I would also write down any questions in advance. Even if you are expecting a particular diagnosis you will probably still be in a state of shock if you get it and forget everything else. If you do get a dx ask them what the next step will be. Ask what help your dd will be given, who by etc.

Hopefully someone with experience of ADHD will be able to be more specific.

butty · 26/09/2005 11:19

thanks for your support.
the school nurse has just rung to confirm appointment tomorrow.
She has stated that their will be no DX tomorrow as i thought and that all it is will be the graph plotting and behaviour assesment.
Although the docs have already confirmed ADHD i apparently have a long way to go before a proper DX i which i find really hard to deal with as until she gets the DX we are still in limbo and with no support.!!!!
Where do i go from here???
Social services have refferred us to the disability support team for the second time due to chloes behaviour and also dylans disabilities as last time refferred they said i was coping fine!!!??, but this new social worker has aplogised and stated that they were wrong to give me know help as she could clearly see chloes angry and violent behaviour and also the amount of time dylan needs for support in everyday life.
She said that i should apply for DLA with chloe, but how can i do that with no DX.
Nothing is making sense anymore, i thought that from tomorrow we would have some answers but it just seems that it is another step backwards!!!
It is chloe i really feel for as it is'nt her fault thart she is permanently abusive and violent and naughty etc... I wish they would help sooner for her needs. She really does have problems of which i know are not that of just a naughty 5 year old. This has been going on for the last 2.5 years and is getting worse everyday with everyone, not just me.
Sorry to rant, it's just that i am so angry.!!

OP posts:
aloha · 26/09/2005 11:21

Have you tried giving fish oils in the meantime? Also maybe cranial osteopathy. Just started this with ds who has dyspraxia.

butty · 26/09/2005 11:26

aloha, she has been having omega 3 haliborange since last August, 2004!! She has it every day religiously!!!
I have tried everything that i can to help her and our family with this, but everday, things just get worse.
She attacks me on a daily basis now for the slightest, most disconcerted thing and i am at my whitts end!!!
She can be really good and loving, maybe once in a blue moon.
Well she tells she loves me everyday as soon as she gets up and when she is tired, but in between it is like the jeckel and Hyde show, i never know what to do anymore in fear of being verbally abused or kicked and punched.!!
I dont know what the cranial thing is that you mentioned, please could you explain it to me.

OP posts:
coppertop · 26/09/2005 11:27

Do you have reports in writing from professionals which mention Chloe's difficulties? If so then you can still apply for DLA without a confirmed dx. The criteria is that your child needs more care than other children of the same age - which Chloe obviously does. A diagnosis is very useful to have when applying but by no means essential. My ds2's portage worker encouraged me to apply for ds2 even though the Paed won't give a dx until next year. I sent off copies of all of his medical reports and highlighted the bits that backed up what I'd written in the form. I'm still waiting to hear the outcome but that's probably an entirely different thread. Grrr!

MrsF is usually around in the mornings. She may be able to give you more specific info about ADHD and its dx etc.

butty · 26/09/2005 11:33

Cheers coppertop,
yes i do have 2 letters from the peads confirming chloe's suspected adhd of which also statements her behaviour in both assesments and their thoughts on possible diagnosis.
The social services have also stated that they will be a referee for DLA if no joy with DX, which as stated their will be no joy tomorrow.!!
I will also ask for a copy of tomorrow's report with the psych once done and put a little portfolio together.
I should really have a hidden camera and then send that, i think i would be awarded straight away!!!!! (only joking, but it could work!!!)

OP posts:
butty · 26/09/2005 12:00

Aloha,just wondering if you had any info on cranial ostepathy??

OP posts:
amynnixmum · 26/09/2005 15:42

Hi Butty,

When my ds went for his assessment there was a nurse there to play with him while i talked to the paed which was a godsend. I agree with coppertop that making a list before you go is invaluable as if you're anything like me you will forget 1/2 of what you want to say.

He hasn't had an appointment with a child psych though so your appointment may be completely different from our experience.

Good luck - its horrible isn't it. Part of you wants a diagnosis just so you know why these things are happening and part of you dreads it.

butty · 26/09/2005 16:10

cheers, although i dont think i need a list as my head is full of the S**t and stunts that she plays, i've had to describe it often enough to get to this stage!!!!
I will write a list out though, We get the conners results 2morrow, so hopefully more indication will be given to DX.
This is our third appointment regarding these issues, but been advised still a long way to go!!!
i think she might be 7 before we find out!!!!!!
Well the waiting list is stating she will be.!!!!!

OP posts:
aloha · 26/09/2005 16:42

Hi, it's an alternative therapy with gentle manipulation of the head. It's used a lot with babies with colic etc. It is very gentle and doesn't hurt at all but it can be quite pricey (£20+) for a session. I have heard people reporting good effects for various conditions. There are a lot of practitioners in London, don't know about elswhere.
I hope your dx gets you the help you need. It all sounds very exhausting and upsetting.

butty · 26/09/2005 16:45

Thanks for that aloha.
I dont think i can afford £20+ per session as pretty brassic at the mo!!!!
I will see if the docs will offer any sort of support tomorrow, as i refuse to wait till DX confirmed!!!
I think i've been quite patient up till now!!!
Anyway, thanks

OP posts:
Tan1959 · 26/09/2005 16:52

Excuse my ignorance but what is a DX ? does that mean a diagnosis?

aloha · 26/09/2005 18:47


butty · 26/09/2005 19:32

Hi guys, i've actually managed to get online at night, i appear to have an unfound energy as chloe has actually gone to sleep for a change!!!

OP posts:
monica2 · 26/09/2005 20:08

Hi butty, good luck for tomorrow, my dd has been seen by a child psychologist (it was however a referral from her paed after a dx of AS) the appoint involved time with both of us together, then she asked me to leave the room whilst she spoke to dd. Then she updated me with her findings/action plan whilst dd was in a play room.

I would also suggest you read "The Explosive Child" by Ross w. Green (I think he specialises in ADHD) "An explosive child is one who frequently exhibits sever noncompliance, temper outbursts, and verbal/physical aggression. The book lays out a sensitive, practical approach to helping your child at home and school"

I have just got it from America and not yet read it all, let me know if you have difficulty getting hold of it, as you are welcome to borrow it.

butty · 27/09/2005 09:23

Cheers Monica2,
I will check online to see if it is available and also at what cost!!
Well its appointment day and i am bricking it!!!!
Chloe stated "if i'm a good girl for the doctor, can i have some sweets" could this be a good thing or a bad thing, she is usually incapable of being good, sitting still etc...
I wonder what her ploy is??!!!
Any way i shall keep u all updated once seen whats going on.
PS: thanks for all your support.

OP posts:
MrsForgetMeNotFul · 27/09/2005 13:21

thinking of u

butty · 27/09/2005 13:27

thanks, mrsforgetmenotful.
1 hour and counting!!!
I have devised a list of problems and also a list of questions for the docs as advised on here.
I just hope that i don't start ranting in the appointment to be heard!!!!!
I shall let u all know how we go on.

OP posts:
coppertop · 27/09/2005 13:29

good luck. xxx

MrsForgetMeNotFul · 27/09/2005 13:30

here's that book on Amazon(uk)...just over £ poatage


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butty · 27/09/2005 13:31

thanks coppertop.
I took your advise, now all i need to do is put into practice!!!!
Actually, better check it is in my bag as knowing my luck i will forget it!!!!!

OP posts:
butty · 27/09/2005 13:32

Cheers, i think i will deffo order it.
I will blagg DH for his credit card!!!!

OP posts:
butty · 28/09/2005 09:24

well it was a waste of time. I am totally annoyed and pissed off at the system.
They spent 1hr talking to me and assesing chloe and she was her bratty little self.
They then gave me the conners report scores.

  1. on my conners report she scored the highest possible and their conclusion was that she had ADHD with no doubt in their mind giving the scores and what they had seen etc...
  2. The schools conners report however showed that she was a little angel, apart form inattentiveness and cognitive skills of which she got the highest marks for.
    Conclusion: I am afraid we cannot diagnose chloe with adhd as it is highly unlikely she has it as she is " an Angel in school"
    I argued the toss and they said that they want to see her every 3 months for reassesment and that they will do another conners questionairre at the end of the year.
    But at the moment their is nothing that they can do and in their opinion they doubt that she has adhd, although the first 2 consultants were happy to state what they thought!!!
    I asked if there are other children that are good at school with adhd and they said very few and we doubt that chloe would be in that category.
    I am sooooooo ANGRY!!!!
    she is bad with everone, apart from school and because of that we are back to square one!!!!
    Can i appeal, what can i do.
    She definately has problems, and i can't carry on like this anymore and nor can my family.
    They have however refferred her for the bedwetting which happens everynight, so at least some sort of result???? or is it!!???
    Any way, i'm sorry to go on, i'm just really pissed.!!!!!!!!
    PS thanks for all your support, i think i will need it more than ever now until i eventually get somewhere.
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