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Incontinence pants

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Jimjams · 12/08/2003 21:22

Has anyone here used washable incontinence pants with their child? I've decided to put ds1 in pants all the time including at night, as I feel it is my only chance of training him. I have some great bed pads that hold 4 litres! I have tried a pair of the Shiloh pants- seem quite good although I have now sent away for a smaller size. If anyone can recommend a different brand I'd be interested before I go ahead and order a load.

OP posts:
lou33 · 12/08/2003 22:21

Jimjams I have used washable bedwetter pants for my 4 1/2 year old, and he's now dry at night, nothing worked before. I don't know if it is connected. I am now using them on my 6 1/2 year old dd2, and they contain her wee, and fit her easily. They are not specifically for special needs, ds1 and dd2 are NT, but they might do the job. I got them from The Nappy Lady . They are quite expensive though.

Davros · 12/08/2003 22:41

Just out of interest, have you tried an eneurisis (sp?) alarm? A friend lent me one but I think they're quite easy to get hold of. No good for us as my son is far too active and would have just pulled it out. It does seem to work well for some. I can find a source if you're interested.

Eulalia · 12/08/2003 23:07

I was going to post a similar question as ds is always soaking in the morning including the sheet. He is still in a cot and doesn't seem bothered and I am a bit loathe to move him into a bed and ruin another mattress.

I looked at that website and the bedwetter pants are expensive as you say lou33 - do they hold a lot of wee?

jimjams - the bedpads - are they washable?

Eulalia · 12/08/2003 23:10

oh and forgot to mention that I had an alarm as a child as me and my twin sisters were awful bedwetters. We were about 7 I think and the alarm I am sure is supplied by the NHS. It does take awhile to work in some (took much longer for my sister) but feel maybe that your ds could be a bit young still.

Davros · 12/08/2003 23:27

Just remembered a wonderful organisation that can help with this kind of stuff - Fledglings. They source and produce products for children and families with SEN. They are kind and helpful people who, I believe, run the whole thing on a voluntary basis. Their contact info is 0845 4581124 (lo call number) or [email protected]

fio2 · 13/08/2003 08:01

ooo Ive been looking into this aswell jimjams but I hadnt been able to find any either. Eualia my sister ahd to ahve one of those nightime alarms too andf that worked for her also.

2under2 · 13/08/2003 08:45

the Baby Catalogue (Perfectly Happy People) also do a large range of incontinence products in a separate catalogue. Here's the web site:

Jimjams · 13/08/2003 09:19

Thanks for all the tips. Yes the matress things are washable. They addressed it to ds1 and then I didn't have to pay VAT either. They have tuck in bits at the side. Look good.

I'd forgotten about PHP, and the bedwetter pants look good. My mum is a communty nurse and I grew up surrounded by those alarm things. I don't think they'd work for us as ds1 doesn't wee when asleep. Sound good fro eulalia. Probably something the local continence dept could supply. I rang ours but they just said "oh he's only 4 you sound like you're doing well" (obviously not that well or he'd be dry!) They don't know anything about autism anyway.

I think his main problem is one of sequencing - I think its a dyspraxia thing. He feels he has to go but then he can't co-ordinate his movements to walk, hold on, pull down trousers etc. SO he sort of freezes and wees on the spot whilst saying da da mmdan (I want toilet).

OP posts:
lou33 · 13/08/2003 17:19

I've tried the alarm on dd1 who is 11 and still wet at night. It was rubbish. Woke the whole house except her. You can get vibrating ones but they weren't enought to wake her either. After the age of 7 these things are available on the nhs if you get referred to the appropriate clinic. Jimjams have you asked your hv about pads for ds? They may supply them for him on the nhs. Dd1 gets them aged 11, but they may have a younger age limit in the case of SN.

janh · 13/08/2003 21:22

Oh, alarms - we've had alarms, haven't we, lou? Best one was when DS1 was 7, we had the old-fashioned big-box kind, he sleeps like the dead so we put it in a biscuit tin by his head and it woke people 3 streets away and he still slept through it.

Vibrate plus noise is quite effective (our latest does an electronic ee-aw, at least it did before DH broke it trying to turn it off) but if child is v dozy at night then it just opens its eyes, looks confused and continues to pee anyway.

lou's washable bedwetter pants sound excellent!

Eulalia, re ruining mattresses, can recommend La Redoute's mattress covers - they have some plastic-backed, flannelette-covered, flat sheets with diagonal elastics at the corners, washable up to 90 degrees, tumble drying recommended, so if you have 2 (or more) you can rotate them - cheapest is £13.99 I think for a single bed size but they are excellent and wash really well.

Jimjams · 13/08/2003 22:39

We could get free nappies lou, but I don't want them. Becuase he doesn't have a physical problem as such, it's an autism/dyspraxic problem I don't think he'll ever train in nappies. Of course NHS whilst happy to supply us with a lifetime of disposable nappies won't supply us with a cheaper equivalent of washables.

OP posts:
lou33 · 13/08/2003 22:56

That is true. I really recommend the bedwetter pants, you can use them later for ds2 if you need to. I bought 3 and that seems to keep me going, although 1 more would be handy. They take a while to dry though, so many layers. But they are all in one, so no bits to put together.

Jimjams · 13/08/2003 23:00

I'm going to order some. The crazy thing is I've known about the nappy lady for years (used to work with her- kind of) and a few months ago I was trying to source exactly something like this and couldn't find it. I think it was in my pre-mumsnet days.

OP posts:
lou33 · 13/08/2003 23:36

I think the pants are great. If they leak you just need a booster pad in, mind you mine never have. Love the Nappy Lady too, my advisor is fab, and also has a child with cp, though a couple of years older. She was lovely on a personal level when we didn't have a dx for ds at the time, and let me waffle on to her for ages!

Hope they work for you anyway.

eidsvold · 16/08/2003 10:45

just got a catalogue fromgreen baby - they have mattress protectors and washable pants - not sure how good they are but they look good and if they do as they say - would be very good.


Also have a shop in Islington in London

Eulalia · 07/09/2003 16:43

jimjams or any of the mums of autistic kids here - have you bought the pants? I ask as I am not sure if ds would take to them - he might say that they are not a nappy. Don't want to fork out a lot of money unless I am sure. Thanks.

Jimjams · 07/09/2003 19:12

I bought shiloh ones- they are quite good- they look like granny pants iykwim. Initially I just ordered one pair - and a matress protector (enought to get free delivery) as I wanted to try them out. I'm trying to decide how to tackle the night training. He was dry this morning anyway- I just ened to egt him to understand if he wakes up he needs to go in the toilet- so I haven't tried morags pants yet (the nappy lady).

OP posts:
Eulalia · 07/09/2003 21:43

Thanks - where do you get the shiloh ones from?

Jimjams · 07/09/2003 21:53

shiloh health care- but I chucked their cataloge out.... this looks like them:

OP posts:
Eulalia · 15/09/2003 23:16

How are you getting on with the pants jimjams - or should I say how is ds1 getting on with them? I think I need to get 'stronger' ones than the shiloh ones as they don't hold much wee. ds sometimes drinks a lot in the evening - sometimes he's too distracted in the daytime to drink much and makes up for it later. Looks like nighttime training will be a way off for us yet ...

Jimjams · 16/09/2003 08:02

I haven't tried the night training yet. I don't think the shiloh ones would hold enough though (although we have a bed pad as well so the bed would prob be OK). I think for night Lou's ones from the nappy lady look better, although they are pricey. he used to be dry all night so I'm hoiping that once he's established during the day then the night will come naturally iyswim.

OP posts:
Eulalia · 27/09/2003 10:19

Well after a fair bit of prevaricating I decided to go for the Shiloh pants. Bought 3 pairs to get free postage. Tried them last night and stupidly forgot to pre-wash them. ds woke at midnight upset and soaking. Had to change everything. However did learn one thing - this morning his disposable was dry. This means that he is doing his peeing early on in the night and I am wondering if I am giving him too much liquid. He had quite a big drink at 4.30pm and then a very small drink about 7pm, went to the loo an hour later and then after much nagging he finally squeezed a dribble out at 9.30pm. We had quite a row about this and I wonder if it was worth the hassle as it just delayed his bedtime.

Can anyone here tell me what time they give their child the last drink of the day and how much do they give?

I've washed the pants but only one pair just in case I send the others back. Unfortunatley that firm doesn't do bulkier pants for children. I've got some cloth boosters which I think I may put in tonight... otherwise it is back to the disposables.


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Eulalia · 28/09/2003 10:27

No-one out there? Tried the pants again last night but they just aren't 'man' enough for the job. So if anyone wants a pair of Shiloh pants only used twice let me know. I will try to return the other unopened ones.

His disposable was wet this morning so he is obvioulsy peeing a lot. dh says no liquid after 6pm but I couldn't get him to sit down to his dinner till 6.30 last night and he had soup, and two yoghurts. I don't feel up to restructuring his whole life at the moment so will just leave things as they are.

Eulalia · 28/09/2003 11:11

had a wonderful night as I'd just changed ds when dd threw up all over me and the bed, then sick again 10 mins later. in the shower this morning she pood. just spent ages cleaning up bits of poo from the shower tray and got loads of washing to dry..

sorry not feeling very cheery this morning

lou33 · 28/09/2003 11:56

Oh dear Eulalia, not a good few days. Hope things improve for you soon.

I found the bedwetter pants from the nappy lady really good once washed. My 4 1/2 year old got dry using them and they are now being used by my 6 1/2 year old with no leaks. Would it be worth trying one of them? I know they seem expensive, but are not really any more than buying a nappy and wrap separately.

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