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Sugar fudge GUILT

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user1497643032 · 24/06/2020 22:19

hello people,

I am feeling very guilty tonight.
I use to be a size 8 then 10 then 12 going 14. I have 2 kids (age 8 & 5) weight problems started after having kids. In fact I belly looks like I'm 5-6 months pregnant 🙈.

I have tried to control my food consumption during lockdown but most of the time of go off the rails because I am going through one of the most difficult periods of my life so I am doing a lot of comfort eating (my diet isn't great).

Tonight, I have just stuffed myself with very very sweet sugar fudge & I am now feeling terribly dirty & guilty. What can I do to redeem myself?

I need to lose the belly fat but it is hard and I can see that I would have saggy skin of I ever loose (which I seriously want to) perhaps I go for tummy tuck?

How can I stop feeling guilty about tonights sugar fudge fix? - it was a lot/too mush fudge to eat.

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ClashCityRocker · 24/06/2020 23:01

Leave it behind you and continue with the plan.

Honestly, just write it off.

Don't start eating less or restricting syns to compensate, that way madness lies.

Even many slim people have the odd blowout now and again. They generally don't use it as an excuse to continue eating crap, nor do they, if all is well, starve themselves for the next few days to compensate.

It's a blip, you'll have them.

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