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Can you do SW if you buy prepared lunches?

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ZestyCitrus · 08/05/2017 20:54

We cook from scratch in the evenings and mornings are usually eggs or muesli, but I refuse to have the time or energy to prep my lunches too. I usually have things like a Shapers wrap or sandwich from Boots, or a tuna salad or quinoa salad thing from Waitrose.

Is that kind of thing incompatible with the SW approach?

OP posts:
Groovee · 08/05/2017 20:55

Do you have a subway? Their salads are mainly free.

PetalMettle · 08/05/2017 21:01

I used to buy a veggie only non dressing salad from Waitrose and a tin of beans - kidney or canellini or whatever

PetalMettle · 08/05/2017 21:02

Sandwiches are a no go as bread isn't free (unless it's your healthy extra) and neither are the fillings

ZestyCitrus · 08/05/2017 21:15

No Subway nearby I'm afraid. There is a jacket potato place but its servings are huge!!

Petal what if the fillings were something like chicken salad, no mayo?

I really don't want to have to add making my own lunches to my evening chore list Grin

OP posts:
MrsChopper · 08/05/2017 21:20

You could have a jacket potato, no butter, beans and/or salad with it and that would be a syn-free lunch.

Sandwiches are awkward because of the bread.

Greenteandchives · 08/05/2017 21:25

You can have the bread as a Healthy Extra but only if you have eggs and don't have cereal in the morning. You would have to count any butter etc. You will probably find the Shapers wrap etc on Syns Online on the SW app.

Greenteandchives · 08/05/2017 21:30

Just had a quick look online. Shapers wraps are very high in syns. Mostly 14.

ZestyCitrus · 08/05/2017 21:32

Oh crumbs ok.... I need to do some more thinking to see how I would manage this before I take the plunge then!

OP posts:
Wh0Kn0wsWhereTheTimeGoes · 08/05/2017 21:38

Supermarket sushi is pretty low but you wouldn't want it every day.

Auspiciouspanda · 08/05/2017 21:44

No slimming world focuses on preparing your own food and discourages this by making all prepared food high in syns.

Weight watchers is better if you want to eat shapers wraps etc

ZestyCitrus · 08/05/2017 22:11

I'm actually starting to come round to the idea... I think making my own stuff would save us some money..!

OP posts:
beadyboo · 08/05/2017 22:22

Do you have any kitchen facilities at work? I had soup, leftovers or jacket potato and beans almost every day at work, with fruit and a yogurt.
Iceland do loads of ready meal stuff, which is comparable to supermarket sandwiches in price, and have started doing some pasta/ noodle salad type things. Maybe chuck some lettuce and tomatoes etc. into a Tupperware with a spoonful of the preprepared salads and you'll have a good few days of lunches with minimal effort.
As mentioned earlier, sushi is a fairly low syn lunch to just grab from the shops.

ZestyCitrus · 08/05/2017 22:31

I do have facilities at work but I'm out on the road for say 3 days a week.

On the other hand I REALLY need to lose weight so perhaps I just need to face up to doing what needs to be done!!

OP posts:
OwlinaTree · 08/05/2017 22:47

Could you have the cereal for lunch, that doesn't take much prep.

BeeThirtythree · 08/05/2017 23:28

If you are cooking from scratch in the evening maybe taking leftovers would work? Pasta with salad, cous cous, rice...with beans, sauce...if you are not on the road then lasagne, cottage pie or anything that can be reheated. Making sandwiches using the evening meal? Chicken, sausage etc?

Groovee · 09/05/2017 07:23

If I'm at work, I make a big salad then have cold meat or egg muffins with it. I only get 30 mins and it flies past.

If I'm at home, I make pasta, Omelettes, rice, baked potatoes.

Sandwich would be 2 slices of a small wholemeal loaf or 1 slice of a large so it's not great for sandwiches.

ZestyCitrus · 09/05/2017 12:09

Having slept on it I'm wondering if these shop-prepared lunches that I currently have are perhaps part of the problem. I don't need carbs for all three meals. I'm thinking making my own lunch salads etc might not be so bad?

But the key is to have double the amount of veg/fruit that you do of carbs, is that right?

OP posts:
Groovee · 09/05/2017 12:37

Slimming world recommend your plate is filled with 1/3 speed foods, so your lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, carrot, beetroot, gherkin etc.

I'm having no carbs with lunch. I've got turkey and ham then the foods mentioned above. You could add in healthy Extra cheese too.

One of my friends makes up 2 big salads on Sunday night and then adds her meat or fish on the days she is working.

madein1995 · 09/05/2017 12:51

I'm not a fan of salads for lunch (purely because I'm a greedy bugger who loves carbs) but I do make sure I have plenty of speed (veg) at lunch. I mainly take in last nights tea, but a smaller portion. Eg, I'm making steak stir fry for my main meal today so will have a smaller portion of that for lunch tomorrow. If I cook a meal involving rice (which I always stir veg through anyway) I have veggie rice the next day. Pasta dishes, I just make a bit more and take that in.

If it's not possible I often make up a packet pasta the night before and take that in, or take in ryvitas with a pot of pre weighed philly, and have ryvita, philly and ham for lunch.

I try not to eat carbs 3x times a day though, I usually make breakfast carb free so I can have alpen bars with a cuppa in the evening. I also try to only eat meat once or twice a day and bulk up on veg

MuseumGardens · 09/05/2017 12:54

You can get syn free SW ready meals from Iceland for days you have a microwave available. If you can cook pasta the night before you can make a syn free pasta salad with tuna etc.

smilingeyes79 · 10/05/2017 00:35

Frittata and salad is my fav. I make one cut in 2 so have over 2 days, pop in a tub and cover in salad leaves and cucumber in the morning.
Plenty of speed in it and with salad but also protein (eggs and a meat) and some carbs with a couple of new pots chopped in it too.

DontbeaDickaboutit · 10/05/2017 17:29

Not everyday but I occasionally grab a Tesco Sweet Chilli Chicken noodle salad which is 4 syns and combine that was fruit and a free yoghurt.


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MuseumGardens · 10/05/2017 18:31

I love frittata for lunch smiling.
Tesco do a tuna and egg and new pot salad that's good and syn free if you use your own dressing instead of the one provided. I used tesco healthy living french dressing which is free i think

MuseumGardens · 10/05/2017 18:31

I make stews in the slow cooker that do for three lunches

pappajonessecretchild · 13/05/2017 18:44

what about, if you must eat on the run, buying a packet of nice ham/chicken slices instead with a tub of fresh fruit? it will save you money if you can make your own lunch, but also you can have mug shots, or some tins of soup are syn free, just make sure you read how much you are allowed. once you get your head around the no bread, you will be half way there. although you can have some bread as a healthy extra, i find it slows my lose down, so now just eat the meat!

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