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Slimming World

Favourite Slimming World recipes please!

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AvaLeStrange · 10/02/2016 12:52

Just joined last night - I have a loooooong way to go (just shy of 9st to lose), and a tall, active slim, bastard! DH who likes a big pile of 'man food' of an evening and is a chef so not the easiest to please.

Also short on time at the moment with increased responsibility at work and elderly parents to keep and eye so would love some help finding recipes without trawling for hours Smile.

Some nice pork recipes would be great as DD loves pork and it makes a change from chicken (I'll eat fish but she doesn't), but basically anything that doesn't require loads of expensive ingredients and a huge amount of time would be fab, particularly stuff I can bulk out for DH.

This week I'm doing 3 recipes from the latest magazine - chicken tikka masala, thai curry (with chicken rather than prawns) and a version of the singapore noodle but will use left over beef from Sunday roast instead of pork.

Was wondering is it's possible ot make some kind of carbonara type dish with quark and low fat cheddar?

Anyway TIA for any suggestions!

OP posts:

Mumelie · 28/02/2016 08:12

That Salmon sounds really nice - must look up that recipe.
Good WI result for you too.
Last night was spag Bol SW style - no one noticed the difference! I had some friends over for a few drinks and made a spicy bean dip (on SW website) and crispy potato skins - all free - but did overindulge in the wine! Back on it today.
This morning we have potato cakes (from the insides of the crispy potato skins) and poached eggs. A roast chicken dinner this evening to look forward to.
Luckily my DD doesn't like chocolate so, it being my downfall, we don't have it in the house! Might get some caramel snackajacks though - forgot how lovely those are.


AvaLeStrange · 28/02/2016 14:38

I love caramel snack a jacks - but if I bought them the entire pack would be gone in a day.

Had a nightmare yesterday as having new flooring put in kitchen and BIL had to take the whole kitchen out to do it properly so ended up having Chinese & beer for dinner - very much back on the case today and trying to stick to free food only until weigh in Tuesday evening.

The salmon is dead easy - juice & grated rind of half an orange, tblsp each of soy sauce and the syrup from a jar of stem ginger, then cut a ball of stem ginger into matchsticks and thinly slice half a red chilli and a clove of garlic.

Pour it over the salmon and leave to marinate for an hour or so then bake in the oven.

OP posts:

Linda131963 · 28/02/2016 16:10

Some great ideas on here ! A lady at my class told me about Schwartz perfect shake spices (free ! ) I have tried a few and all are lovely ! Had piri piri salmon last night , salmon fillets with a big sprinkle of the piri piri spice on top then some thin slices of fresh lemon on top , put them into roasting bag ( I use Willko ! ) oven roast for 25 mins ! So easy and lovely .l ave also put the piri piri spice on sweet potato chips while roasting them , also have tried the garlic Italian and season all perfect shakes . Give really nice flavours , yummy ! X


MissBattleaxe · 29/02/2016 09:22

I cook a chopped chicken breast with loads of broccoli, carrots and onions in a stock cube until it's mushy. It's like a cross between stew and roast dinner and is completely free. Doesn't sound as nice as it tastes but it's very filling.

I also like stir fries and make very tasty fried rice-use fry light to fry chopped onion and chopped spring onion, add cooked rice, and toss around with a beaten egg and soy sauce. I find it as tasty as takeaway rice, if not more so.

Syn free carbonara is very tasty too: fry mushrooms, onions and chopped lean back bacon in fry light, add the cooked pasta, and toss with a bit of quark or fat free greek yoghurt and a beaten egg. I like it with lots of black pepper.

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