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Slimming World

Slimming World support Part 3

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calzone · 13/11/2015 06:35

How 3 of our SW saga.

I am 38lbs down since we are you all doing?

Slimming World support Part 3
OP posts:
Pisghetti · 20/11/2015 14:12

Happy birthday Butt!

I though Zyla and calzone were posting menus and was a bit confused about tagine and steaks for breakfast!

My favourite meals so far have been:
3. Aloo gobi (not the deluxe version which was a bit bland)
2. Chickpea loaf/muffins

  1. Kisir - a warm buckwheat salad which was amazing.

Everyone in group raves about nacho feast so I'm going to have to try a veggie version of that.

Today looks like:
B - wholemeal roll HeB with a slice of smoked cheddar HeA and Quorn fillets (technically eaten last night but we'll gloss over that...), yogurt
L - leftover bns risotto, spinach, Quorn fillets and chickpea muffin
D - saving all my Syns for dinner as we're eating out tonight at a Turkish/Kurdish restaurant. Probably stuffed aubergine with grilled veggies and a glass of wine as DP is driving. My buggyfit instructor gave me a bit of a beasting this morning so I think I've earned it.
maygirl · 20/11/2015 14:31

Happy Birthday Butt and wow Fanny!
Fave SW meals
1 channa masala (chickpea curry) from Curry Heaven book
2 Southern style chicken with buffalo sauce October magazine, with veg and celariac chips
3 Salmon fillets baked covered in lf yogurt mixed with tbsp curry powder and tbsp mango chutney with rice and veg

maygirl · 20/11/2015 14:36

B HeB of prunes with lf yogurt
HeA milk in drinks through the day
L Apple orange banana
Saving appetite and syns for meal out later, carvery with the family. Grin

Annarose2014 · 20/11/2015 15:00

Well I fell off the wagon this morning in Costa. They had hot fudge chocolate!

Would have been rude not to.........

Back on for lunch with chicken mixed with sweetcorn and 2 level tbps of extra light mayo on bread (hexb).

I'm much happier after switching to skimmed milk and 350mls allowance. I can have loads of lovely tea. Smile

Pisghetti · 20/11/2015 18:33

I'm staying the hell away from Costa this year! I was having Black Forest hot chocolates for lunch last year. I was pregnant and it was compensation for not drinking Wink

maygirl · 20/11/2015 18:56

Me too, someone was just telling me this morning about the Costa Christmas drinks having 100g sugar per cup ! Prob is same syns as a bottle of wine lol!

ZylaB · 20/11/2015 19:30

I hate being diabetic :( had a really good day, banana for breakfast, weetabix with mango for lunch (heA and B) and ham omelette and salad for tea. But in between that I've had 3 bad hypos resulting in lots of sweets and some toast to sort them out :(. So I've had way way over today's syns and not enjoyed a single one of them, makes me feel like giving up on it.

It's either due to the cold weather or I may need to reduce background insulin levels a bit more due to losing weight, won't know until a few more days have passed :(

Heyheyheygoodbye · 20/11/2015 19:36

Haven't been doing it long enough for fave meals really but:

BBQ chicken and sweet potato fries
Salmon with veg
Pepperot stew with rice

Flowers for you Zyla

B - Banana on toast hexb spread 1.5 syns
L - babybels hexa, Pops 4 syns, apple, grapes
D - BBQ chicken and sweet potato fries Grin muller light. Might have a couple of mini meringues, 2 syns.

idsisatwat · 20/11/2015 19:50

Hi, is it OK if I join in?

I joined SW on 13/10, and have lost 7.5lbs so far.
B - turkey rashers, scrambled eggs, mushrooms+ baked beans
L- ryvita with Philadelphia, so hexa + hexb
D- salmon, new potatoes, broccoli + cauliflower
Tea + coffee with milk, so approx 2.5 syns
And now a G&T...

overitalready · 20/11/2015 19:52

Well done fanny

Oh happy birthday butt It's mine next week

Fav meals :

Philly steak cheese fries
Big Mac
Paprika and garlic chicken

I'll add my ever favourite Cadbury snack to that as well even though it's not a meal

Today :

B - Apple and coffee

L - Mughsot, fruit and yoghurt

D - Chicken tikka masala

calzone · 20/11/2015 21:15

Philly steak cheese fries.......please share overit!!!!

OP posts:
calzone · 20/11/2015 22:47

B....3 Linda sausages and baked beans

L....smoked salmon thin and salad HEB
Apple, banana, Mullerlight

D....vegetable soup with rice, Goodies yoghurt (2.5)

OP posts:
Pisghetti · 20/11/2015 23:05

Have you made any adjustments since you started losing weight Zyla? You've lost a lot so far do it would make sense that you'd need to change your dosage? Hope you work it out soon x

Lictionary · 20/11/2015 23:47

Hi again.

Well I lost 1.5lb but after a week of slogging at it that seems little progress.

Those of you who have been.doing this a.long do you stay motivated?

calzone · 20/11/2015 23:52

Lictionary......1.5lb is a fab loss!

I have stayed motivated by surrounding myself with SW stuff! Started this thread to keep up motivation.
I follow lots of SW people on FB.
Same with Instagram.....lots of people with great meal ideas and inspirational losses.
I joined the social team at SW so it is part of my social life on Wednesday nights.
Have lost 40lbs this year. Gone from a size 16 to a size 12. Bra size 38F to a 32 GG......

I really love this plan and it has changed my life.

OP posts:
Enjolrass · 21/11/2015 05:47

Hi, am I ok to join?

I did SW when I had my first dd 12 years ago. Was very successful. I got back into bad habits and put weight on over the last four years (during my second of and after).

When I did it before it was just red and green days. I just signed up this morning again and am a bit confused about extra easy. I am sure I will get there eventually. Blush

But I thought I would head over here as MN has been a great source of support in other areas.

I have 3 stone 4lb to go target. Dh and I are going to start menu planning tonight. I found it easier to plan a weeks worth of food before, it also helped with spending too.

I hope everyone is ok. Smile

ZylaB · 21/11/2015 08:14

pis yes, I've reduced my background dose a few times, it'll sort itself out.

Having a good day today then a belated birthday meal tomorrow where I'm going to not count at all :) :)

calzone · 21/11/2015 08:38

Enjo.....welcome.....we are very motivational on this thread.

Top tips.....

Even if you have a bad day, face the music and go to weigh in every week.

There are 21 meals in a week......don't let one 'cheat' lead to a full week of cheating.

Try and eat as much speed foods as possible.

Nothing is off limits completely. You can have wine, chocolate, cheese but in moderation.

Post what you eat here and we can help you.

I have lost 40lbs since January and am nearly at target. :) :)

OP posts:
idsisatwat · 21/11/2015 08:52

I shouldn't have posted so early last night. I felt really hungry later, so had a bowl,of special K. Hmm
Not ideal, but better than a pile of biscuits/ mince pies/ chocolate which would have usually been my first choice.

Enjolrass · 21/11/2015 09:16

Thanks calzone and well done that's fantastic!!!

I just need to get caught up with it. Thought I knew what I was doing expect green and red days. But it's changed so need to spend sometime.

Lunch today is beans on toast (one of my favourites) with the warburtons small whole meal bread as a healthy B.

Does anyone use the app? Is it any good?

TwoTonTessie · 21/11/2015 09:32

Calzone are you stopping at that target? The reason I ask is that I think i have the same target as you but picked that as I felt I would never achieve it. I have surprised myself by almost reaching it in just under 5 months so have adjusted it by a few pounds because of my BMI.

OrianaBanana · 21/11/2015 11:54

My tip at the moment is write down all your syns as best you can even if you've completely gone off the rails. I find it helps me face up to it, feel more in control and stop - and sometimes it's not as bad as you think.

My fave meals:

3. SW fry up
2. Sweet and sour chicken

  1. Adapted Hairy Dieters' lamb tagine

Zyla I hope you're ok

Dinner out last night so SP day today
Brunch - egg, bacon, mushrooms and wholemeal thin (HExB1). Pear
D - beef chilli with kidney beans and lots of veg
S - smoked mackerel pate (1syn for mackerel, light Philly as HExA), Finn Crisp (HExB2) and some fruit. Teas and coffees (few syns for skimmed milk). Whisky tonight if any syns left Grin

Generally trying to get back on it with lots of motivation (thanks calzone) Smile
OrianaBanana · 21/11/2015 11:55

The app is ok (food finder is useful) but I prefer just to use the website linked to my home screen.

maygirl · 21/11/2015 13:36

Hi new people, and Zyla hope diabetes gets back under control quickly.
1.5 pounds is great , I wish I could get near that! I'm losing very slowly, only 9 pounds so far and joined in August but I feel loads better eating this way and feel lighter. So I'm staying motivated knowing I'm eating well, its easy to stick to the plan long term and I will get to target eventually! I flick through the mags and come on here a lot for motivation, and follow others on Facebook and blogs for ideas .
I do best when I plan out what I'm eating the night before, so I know if need keep my HeB for evening meal for example . And I still write everything down in food diary every day and track syns across the week .

maygirl · 21/11/2015 13:47

Feeling virtuous today as instead of eating out tonight I've invited my friend over and will cook an on plan curry . Got a whole joint of lamb marinating in yogurt mixed with tandoori spices . Will also make a speed veg curry, sw bhajis, roast veg and rice to go with .Tiramisu (half SW/half normal recipe- can't give guest too much quark lol) , wine and poppadom for syns, will be over but will count .
B porridge with Apple heA and HeB
L carrot ,lentil and bacon soup,

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