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Slimming World

Pregnant and starting Slimming World in the new year, want to be my buddy?

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mameulah · 27/12/2014 22:59

Just that!

I am pregnant with DC3, and truthfully DC2 has only really just popped out. I absolutely cannot put anymore weight with this pregnancy. Not just for the usual vanity reasons but because I need to stay fit and mobile to look after my toddler and baby.

Anyone else in a similar boat and want to join me?

OP posts:
CherryLips1980 · 28/12/2014 13:01

Me! I will! I'm nearly 24 weeks with #2. I have lots to lose.

Titsalinabumsquash · 29/12/2014 20:24

Go on then, I'll join.

I lost a stone with SW then fell pregnant and it's all gone back on. I can't get to a group but I can do it at home, I know the old plans well.

I could do with not gaining anymore than is necessary. I'll be starting Jan 1st. Smile

Titsalinabumsquash · 29/12/2014 20:25

I'm 22 weeks btw. Smile

littlecat123 · 29/12/2014 21:54

Hello, I'd like to join but I think I may be a bit far ahead I'm 38+4 and will hopefully be joining when I feel ready after the baby Smile

mameulah · 30/12/2014 00:00

Great, I thought I was the only one!

So, so you have a New Year start date for SW in mind?

I'm thinking Sunday 4th January. Staying with relatives now. Plan on doing a weekly meal plan and internet shop to start me off. Will change my weigh in day when I get going though.

Does anyone know how the weight measuring situation works when you are pregnant? I don't understand it. Pregnant or not I am too fat!

OP posts:
littlecat123 · 30/12/2014 23:36

How far along are you mameulah? I'm sure about weight measurement while pg i've only seen the calculators that tell you how much weight you should be putting on with how many weeks you are :)

mameulah · 31/12/2014 09:35

I'm approximately 13 weeks, not really sure though. I have birth to one of our gorgeous boys 22 weeks ago so I am definitely not more pregnant than that!

I am looking forward to healthy meal planning, being organised and lots of exercise. Any ideas for breakfasts? Apparently bread is a real no no, that is one of my biggest downfalls! And it is just too easy to reach for sugar when I am knackered which seems to be all of the time! Am fed up of feeling fed up, have to do something!

How are you feeling about it all?

OP posts:
Luciferbox · 31/12/2014 09:37

Oh I'll join. I'm only 9 weeks and haven't the energy to do anything but would love to lose some weight and I've had previous success with SW.

5ChildrenAndIt · 31/12/2014 09:39

I'm about 18 weeks. I've done my customary first trimester bloat (as only constant eating keeps a lid on the nausea) - but I need to 'reset' now I'm feeling human again to make sure I get back to 'normal' rates of weigh gain.

5ChildrenAndIt · 31/12/2014 09:41

Did SW (old style red & green day - never understood the new scheme) for post-natal weight loss before & found it a very healthy and practical scheme for weight loss - so happy I've spotted this thread!

mameulah · 31/12/2014 10:44

My plan is to do a weekly meal plan and then online shop so am ready to start on Sunday.

The recipes in this months magazine look pretty good. What is handy for lunch? I figure soup would be a good way to go.

OP posts:
5ChildrenAndIt · 31/12/2014 11:32

IME the absolute key to success is to work out a 'free' snack-attack strategy. I recall eating a lot of boiled eggs, apples and fat-free potato wedges - but it totally cracked my biscuit habit - which in turn helped with weight/energy etc.

mameulah · 31/12/2014 12:24

The other thing I found difficult was that sauces were so synful.

Boiled eggs an ryvita, would that be okay?

Any recommended good ways of using up your points?

OP posts:
5ChildrenAndIt · 31/12/2014 12:59

Like I said - my experience is with red& green day version - but I recall that since eggs were super-free - I never really missed creamy sauces. You can do a lot with lightly cooked egg (eg stir it through hot pasta or dip fat-free potato wedges).

Titsalinabumsquash · 31/12/2014 13:07

I used to pre cut up loads of celery/carrot sticks and keep baby tomatoes in the fridge for snacks.
I also used to make a huge fruit salad and keep in the fridge.
Hard boiled eggs were always ready for snacking on and during my hungrier periods is make sure there were roast chicken drumsticks (no skin) in the fridge ready too. Smile

Titsalinabumsquash · 31/12/2014 13:09

If I do it again (from the 2nd Jan) it will be the old plan, this new one seems to have people Ina right pickle!
My main goal to start with it to make snacks and meals healthy and cut the junk out, I think I'm about 80% chocolate now and 20% baby! Grin

5ChildrenAndIt · 31/12/2014 13:11

Also - I found that Maldon sea salt had such a fantastic flavour - that I didn't miss the lack of oil on salads etc. Salt isn't terribly healthy - but fight one battle at a time IMO.

HippoPottyMouth · 31/12/2014 13:13

Hi I'd like to join you too, I'm 23 weeks with DC3 and was 2.5 stone overweight before getting pregnant. Have only put on 10lbs so far, which doesn't seem so bad, be very interested if anyone knows what the weight gain should be by now!
Would be very happy to stay at the weight I am now til I give birth!

Did really well on slimming world a few years ago after DD2, find it slow but steady. Be easier when not using up all my syns on booze too! You get extra healthy extras when pg too, don't you? I was breastfeeding last time and found the extra cheese made it quite easy. Will dig my books out..

HippoPottyMouth · 31/12/2014 13:14

Ooh yes, massive fruit salad in the fridge and m&s vanilla yoghurts..

mameulah · 31/12/2014 13:24

Any recommendations for my first meal plan?

OP posts:
littlecat123 · 31/12/2014 15:53

I don't know how to link but if you Google pregnancy weight gain calculator it will work out how much weight you should be putting on based on your weight when you got pregnant :)
I haven't done SW before but I think you are allowed extra HE.
I would try base your healthy snack on what your cravings are. I gained a really sweet tooth. Eggs and beans for breakfast. Jacket potato and tuna for lunch will leave you nice and full :)

littlecat123 · 31/12/2014 15:54

A slow cooker is also a good idea if you're too tired to cook dinner as you can just throw everything in in the morning

mameulah · 31/12/2014 17:46

And you reckon these limitless portions will work? I can't help but be a bit cynical...!!!

OP posts:
5ChildrenAndIt · 31/12/2014 18:46

It totally works! You never feel hungry or deprived - and it displaces (much more calorie dense) sugary fatty food.

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