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What do you want for Christmas from Mumsnet?

28 replies

RustyBear · 23/10/2009 18:51

I would like

  • a mobile/iPhone Mumsnet app

  • a webchat with David Tennant
OP posts:
lisad123wantsherquoteinDM · 23/10/2009 18:53

someone to chat to, is all i ask

FlameHasAnotherChick · 23/10/2009 18:54

an iphone to use said mn app on

moodlum · 23/10/2009 18:57

A competition that I win for which the prize is two Vtech cyber pocket consoles with 6 games.

Festive emoticons. Additional festive emoticons such as "ffat" (festive fat) "fdrunk" (obvious) and "fpissedoffwithmyinlaws" (again, self explanatory). All of those sentiments I anticipate over the ffffestive period.

nighbynight · 23/10/2009 19:37

Ooooh another moldie saga, the last one had me riveted to the computer

GeraldineMumsnet · 23/10/2009 20:00

Another moldie saga?

Will put rest of the suggestions to justine the Christmas elves/the Christmas Time Lord.

southeastastra · 23/10/2009 20:01

one more emoticon - everyone votes on it, but only one is granted

vvvodka · 23/10/2009 20:01

a mumsnet for my iphone.

GeraldineMumsnet · 23/10/2009 20:09

I read that as "a vodka for my iphone" and thought, ooh, yes. End of a long week and all that

whomovedmychocolate · 23/10/2009 20:12

A little flag next to your name when you've been on the site more than say two years so new readers can skip our posts on the basis that we 'just say the same old shit every Friday about bumsex'

GentleOtter · 23/10/2009 20:13

Viggo Mortenson naked with a Stollen loaf.

PoppyIsApain · 23/10/2009 20:13

A webchat with Harlan Coben

whomovedmychocolate · 23/10/2009 20:14

Get that BNP feller on here - oh go on, we haven't had a good barney for ages

LouIsAWeetbixKid · 23/10/2009 20:14

Gentle Otter - I second that

stakethroughtheheartofgold · 23/10/2009 20:16

a separate aibu forum (which i could then hide) for the "who spends xmas where" threads...

whomovedmychocolate · 23/10/2009 20:16

We can ask him what kind of biscuits he likes to eat to soothe him during his non stop life of hate and mistrust of his fellow man mumsnetter.

EdgarAllenPoo · 23/10/2009 20:16

hmmmmm Stollen....

Geocentric · 23/10/2009 20:18

Viggo Mortenson naked with a Stollen loaf on a live webchat with video link...

smallorange · 23/10/2009 20:18

yeah and on the iphone could you make sure 'Hide this thread' is nowhere near 'active cons' or 'threads i'm on' because I keep hiding threads by mistake!

RustyBear · 23/10/2009 20:28

smallorange - I've got Threads I'm On & Active convos bookmarked on my iPhone - it's much easier to get at them that way than trying to touch the tiny words. I still keep hiding threads when trying to click on them though

OP posts:
GentleOtter · 24/10/2009 12:08

Yes, Geocentric. If Mumsnet Towers were strapped for space he could do the live webchat from my house.

cocolepew · 24/10/2009 12:11

A video chat with Harlan Coben, and I'll go.

Geocentric · 24/10/2009 16:50

Good for you, GentleOtter, thats the true, self-sacrificing Christmas Spirit!

DailyMailNameChanger · 24/10/2009 16:52

I love SEA's idea, a few different emoticons we could all vote for, the winner we get to keep.

Brilliant idea SEA!

ByThePowerOfGreyskull · 24/10/2009 16:55

I would love the answer to that age old question of
what can I buy DH for Christmas for about £100 that he will love.

JANEITEPatrickNormanMcHennesy · 24/10/2009 16:57

I'd like a little flag next to my name AND Vigo M (scrap the stollen) AND link ups to Alan Rickman's voice saying lovely things just to Janeite AND everybody to rec me something to read please. Oh and a smiley that is shaped like a garden gnome please.

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