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OH MY GOD WEDGE WELLY - please can we have a welly comp

34 replies

BadgersArse · 27/07/2009 11:03

Id even do somethign crafty to win some

I saw them in my local schoon adn they are fab

OP posts:
BadgersArse · 27/07/2009 11:04

who is teh comp person at Mn hq?

OP posts:
BadgersArse · 27/07/2009 11:07

wedge welly
wedge welly
OP posts:
BadgersArse · 27/07/2009 12:06


OP posts:
notwavingjustironing · 27/07/2009 12:07

you're keen on these aren't you?

BadgersArse · 27/07/2009 12:08

i want them
they are great arent they?

OP posts:
notwavingjustironing · 27/07/2009 12:08

they are actually (embarrassed to say). Love the squelchy website noise!

MaureenMLove · 27/07/2009 12:10

I think I like them too! Can't see me getting much use out of them, being a towny and all that, but they would certainly be on my Crimbo pressie list, should the risk of flood ever arise! I'm lovin the snake skin ones!

yappybluedog · 27/07/2009 12:13

why don't you buy a pair?

BadgersArse · 27/07/2009 12:15

buy some?

hmm I might do tbh, meanwhile I thought a comp woudl be good

OP posts:
yappybluedog · 27/07/2009 12:15

they are cute and I am freakishly short so could do with wedge wellies

MadEyeballsMoody · 27/07/2009 12:23

I have freakishly fat calves so I shall sit in the corner and sulk.

I think if there was any mud around you'd go arse over tit in wedges...

Marthasmama · 27/07/2009 12:25

Office are doing a heeled welly. How the bloody hell do you walk in mud with a heeled welly? Or am I missing the point?

yappybluedog · 27/07/2009 12:27

you don't get them dirty, silly

yappybluedog · 27/07/2009 12:28

MadEyeballsMoody I have those too - I'm painting an attractive picture, non?

BadgersArse · 27/07/2009 12:28

imagine wiht a smart mac and skinnies on school run

OP posts:
notwavingjustironing · 27/07/2009 12:29

and your velcro rollers

BadgersArse · 27/07/2009 12:29

well go and do this 9KIDS CAN read it too)

OP posts:
Marthasmama · 27/07/2009 12:29

Ah, so I was missing the point then! I have some children's wellies as I have freakishly small feet. I do like a nice, funky welly boot though. Not funky as in smelly, obviously....

HelenMumsnet · 28/07/2009 15:39

Ok, ok. we hear you - and will tell the Wedge Welly people how much you love them and see if they'll do a comp with us.

PrincessToadstool · 28/07/2009 15:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WedgeWelly · 01/10/2009 17:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

PVish · 01/10/2009 18:10

oh swoon!!


bibbitybobbityhat · 01/10/2009 18:11

The giraffe ones are best

PVish · 01/10/2009 18:13

i RECKY IF YOU GET THESE ones then you could wear them on a rainy mornign without looking too wellified

MmeLindt · 01/10/2009 18:23

Oh, I like them. I wonder if they post overseas.

A bit worried at the Katie Price comment though.

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