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OH MY GOD WEDGE WELLY - please can we have a welly comp

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BadgersArse · 27/07/2009 11:03

Id even do somethign crafty to win some

I saw them in my local schoon adn they are fab

OP posts:
JeMeSouviens · 01/10/2009 18:32

Can it be an international comp, pleeeeaasssse?

PVish · 01/10/2009 19:30

yes international

WedgeWelly · 01/10/2009 20:27

An international comp would be no problem at all as we send lots of Wellies overseas xx

P.S. Any advice for Laura (our Creative One). Her baby was due last Tuesday but it's obviously very comfy where it is as it's still not here yet! She may have to be induced tomorrow and is terrified - arghhhh

MmeLindt · 01/10/2009 20:49

Oh, well done. International competition.

Get Laura to post a question on the Childbirth topic, she will get lots of replies. Something along the lines of "Help me avoid induction or give me tips to cope well with it"

I had to be induced with both babies so I am not the right one to give advice. I tried everything that is advised.

pointydoug · 01/10/2009 20:53

sit tight, laura, sit tight

MmeLindt · 01/10/2009 21:06

Saying that, my first induction was great. Very relaxed. An induction does not have to a bad thing.

MmeGoblindt · 05/10/2009 20:18

How did Laura get on? Did she need induced in the end?

bluebump · 05/10/2009 20:24

My sister had that black pair when she got married. I will point out that it was a blessing in a wood and everyone was in wellies!

PVish · 05/10/2009 20:28

did she have the baby?

we need to know

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