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OK so i'm biased but what about a wedding topic?

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dyzzidi · 22/03/2005 10:02

I am wedding mad at the minute just wondering if you had considered a wedding topic for all us crazy people about to get wed?

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dyzzidi · 11/04/2005 18:06


There is surely other people who are getting married!!!

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WideWebWitch · 11/04/2005 18:14

Can't it go under style or other subjects?

dyzzidi · 11/04/2005 18:16

I think it could but It covers all sorts as in arts & crafts, relationships, money etc.

Just wondering really.

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PsychoFlame · 11/04/2005 18:17


Be careful not to mention having money as presents though... turns into a rock throwing subject

What dya wanna talk about?

When you getting married?



dyzzidi · 11/04/2005 18:20

September 7 in Vegas (party at home on 24th)

And I can't wait!!!

I'm not a typical bride as I am quite forceful about what I want and don't get pushed around by family. So We are getting the day we both want.

My DP is a bit of a pushover and when anything gets technical with wedding stuff he refers back to me.

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PsychoFlame · 11/04/2005 18:23

I'm very very laid back, and it has pretty much be straight forward (did make the mistake of telling my sister she could choose her bridesmaids dress, and had her stamping her feet... she got bored in the end though and just got on with it ).

All is fairly sorted now apart from my shoes, which is the only thing I'm picky about - I want flat comfy ones that look pretty and stay on my feet... apparantly impossible!!! Think I'm going to get some sparkly indiany type ones and sew on clear bra strap stuff to keep them on!!!

Date is May 28th

dyzzidi · 11/04/2005 18:27

I need shoes dress is diamond white colour which is like antique white so shoes are hard to find. I have got my tiara off ebay to save some cash .

I'm having three bridesmaids all dressed in red strapless dresses from Debenhams.

I wanted red so I could carry red roses The hotel in Vegas is providing the flowers as part of the package and I figure they won't be able to mess up roses.

Are you have in big wedding?

Are you all organized?

OP posts:
PsychoFlame · 11/04/2005 18:32

My dress's official colour is something like cappucino - its a sort of creamy gold mix with little sparklies... all very fairy princess and nothing like I imagined I'd get!!! So, I'm thinking shoes with pretty gold sparklies will be nice.

Tiara... with the way the dress is anything else makes it look ott, so I am having my hair in a loose curly thing at the back with little cream flowers in it.

We've gone for creamy flowers for both me and the bridesmaids (little orchid type things so they have a slight pink tinge), and the bridesmaids are in perriwinkle blue cos it suits DD's and DP's eyes - the only thing I was insistent about was this bloody shade of blue that was a nightmare to find!!!

My mum was going to make the bridesmaids dresses, but we got so annoyed with my sister we decided to buy them to make life easier!!! The other bridesmaid was lovely and said she'd wear green frills if it would make me happy

dyzzidi · 11/04/2005 18:36

Oh its nice when people just want to make you happy. mY sister (bridesmaid) has been great and she has shown interest in everything when it's not her kind of thing really.

My Dad is desperate to wear a kilt DP has refused to wear one But I am still hiring one for my dad. I feel a bit guilty I am not having the church wedding my parents wanted so feel I can't really make a fuss about a kilt.

Are you having a church wedding?

OP posts:
dyzzidi · 11/04/2005 18:36

YOur dress sounds lovely by the way very glam!

OP posts:
PsychoFlame · 11/04/2005 18:38

Kind of a church wedding... tis a spiritualist church. Used to be a masonic lodge place... looks like this inside church inside

PsychoFlame · 11/04/2005 18:39

Hmmm, that didn't work!!! Oh well - tis there anyway!

dyzzidi · 11/04/2005 18:40

I'm at work and the pictures won't show up

I am desperate to show someone my dress. As officially you won't be at my wedding would you like to see it

Just figuring link hang on.

OP posts:
PsychoFlame · 11/04/2005 18:41

Oooh yes please

I can't show anyone my dress

dyzzidi · 11/04/2005 18:43

I cant do the link thing so try here.

My dress is Eden!

OP posts:
PsychoFlame · 11/04/2005 18:44


Tis very very nice!

PsychoFlame · 11/04/2005 18:45

Not sure, but I think mine might be by her too! Name sounds very familiar... tis a discontinued one though

vict17 · 11/04/2005 18:45

wow nice dress wouldn't it be nice if they had some models over a size 12 on that site though!!!

dyzzidi · 11/04/2005 18:48

I have been dying to show someone!! how sad is that I want it to be a surprise on the day so can't show people coming to the wedding.

They will all be shocked as I never thought i would wear a sticky out dress. I think they are expecting something just below the knee and tastefull. But no I will be a princess on my day if it kills me.

I have just had a friend phone and ask if her DD aged 2 was invited to the party and I said yes all children are welcome but it is down to her to make sure she behaves. She was surprised as the last 3 wedding she had been to no kids were allowed!!

I hope that they all come but would like htem to leave at a reasonable time I always feel sorry for kids asleep on chairs at weddings.

OP posts:
PsychoFlame · 11/04/2005 18:50

I have piles of kids coming (Psycho has 5, so that bumps it up anyway )... she is also sat behind me whinging that she hasn't seen my dress, but I am also wanting it to be surprise (also she babysits DD when I go dress fitting, so can't see it).

dyzzidi · 11/04/2005 18:52

I think it will be nice to suprise people. Have you got all your

Old, new, borrowed, blue stuff yet or are you not doing that stuff.

OP posts:
PsychoFlame · 11/04/2005 18:53

I think so... old is the only one I'm not sure of - is multi-tasking allowed, like borrowing something old?

dyzzidi · 11/04/2005 18:55

I think so .I am cheating I told my friend I would be purchasing her an extra birthday present this year of some very nice earrings, just so i can 'borrow' them for my wedding day! I've got a cheek really but she thought it was a great idea.

OP posts:
PsychoFlame · 11/04/2005 18:57

Lol, good plan My borrowed is an anklet from Psycho, so hoping it will be old too (over a year is counting as old for me )

dyzzidi · 11/04/2005 18:59

I have got to go home now I have been here since 7.15. I have enjoyed chatting to you see you soon.

Good luck with the wedding!!!!!!

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