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OK so i'm biased but what about a wedding topic?

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dyzzidi · 22/03/2005 10:02

I am wedding mad at the minute just wondering if you had considered a wedding topic for all us crazy people about to get wed?

OP posts:
Carriemumsnet · 12/04/2005 15:55

Hi there

We tend not to introduce a new topic heading unless we delete one - otherwise folks complain that there are too many.

Sounds like you've struck a nerve here though - so hope you can keep this thread going and support each other through it all. From experience weddings are fantastic, but also mildly stressfull!

Good luck to all who are taking the plunge from all at mumsnet HQ

flamesparrow · 12/04/2005 19:11

New Wedding Thread!!

flamesparrow · 15/04/2005 09:01

Just thought I'd come and let you know... I GOT SHOES!!!

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