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RTKangaDYSONMummy · 14/03/2008 13:03


In KIDSNET we could let them use our names and say at the beginning of the thread that they are our DS or DD and they are 8 or 12 or whatever then we would know they weren't trolls iyswim

Rather than them using their own names to log on with cos then someone else could pretend to be them iyswim

Like KANGABOY could be logged on using my name cos if he logged on under kangaboy then someone could also pretensd to be him

The children could choose their own names when the thread has statered but the name on the thread stays the same as the adult

OP posts:
RTKangaDYSONMummy · 14/03/2008 13:11

What I mean is that the name on the bar thingy stays the same but within the message the DS/DD can have their own name

Cos I am thinking that the trolls may try to copy someone's adult name but make it be like a child

sort of like in my name logging on as RTkangaboy unless I register absolutely all combinations of my name someone could pretend to be my son

I know hat i meqn but I can't seem to explain it in writing properly

OP posts:
FluffyMummy123 · 14/03/2008 13:16

Message withdrawn

littlelapin · 14/03/2008 16:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

unknownrebelbang · 14/03/2008 17:02


Just like that last rolo, mumsnet is for meeeeeeeeee.

ingles2 · 15/03/2008 10:56

TBH I really don't understand why you're so anti this cod /LL
We have dadsnet and gransnet on here so what difference does it make.?
I know there is club penguin, but I haven't got a clue who those children are... on here if there's a problem I know the parents.
I was thinking it could be a regular section for a couple of hours on a fri or sat night so we can take it in turns to police it (mind you I don't think it's a problem their typing is so slow )
We could agree a password weekly and you start your post with the password and that way we know the parents are involved . Obviously you don't tell dc.
So what do you think?

saltire · 15/03/2008 10:58

What would worry me though is that both my Dses, in particular Ds1 would look at other threads.

moopymoo · 15/03/2008 10:59

baaadddd idea. what if they click on a link with explicit tmi sex stuff in it? or see a title with swearing in it? or read mum having a good moan about them? not a place for kids this site. no way.

ingles2 · 15/03/2008 11:03

would you really just sit your dc in front of the computer and leave them to get on with it though..
Are your dc's that pc savvy that they could leave a thread, and start searching the site cos mine aren't.

BumperliciousIsStillNotDressed · 15/03/2008 11:05

Nonononono! Would completely change the ethos of the board. What is to stop them going on to the rest of the board, plus why would you want to encourage your DC's to take up valuable grown up mumsnetting time?!

S1ur · 15/03/2008 11:06

No NO NO NO in aland of negative answers this would be the king.


moopymoo · 15/03/2008 11:06

i guess it depends on the age. ds1 my 10 year old certainly could. ds2 would be instantly bored here.

S1ur · 15/03/2008 11:08

Sensible answer, because there is stuff on these boards that is inappropriate for minors.

Both in content, language, perspective of the world and personal information about adults in their lives.



ingles2 · 15/03/2008 11:08

well for exactly the same reason that MN is important to me! Because we live in the middle of nowhere and they go to a teeny tiny school. I think it would be great for them to have a chance (policed by me!) to meet other people, just as I have.

ingles2 · 15/03/2008 11:09

erm.. that's why they'd need their own section.

ingles2 · 15/03/2008 11:13

and how would it chance the ethos of the site?
If you don't want to be involved would you really be aware that some kids are talking between 6-8 on a fri night?

ingles2 · 15/03/2008 11:13

sorry that's change not chance..

roisin · 15/03/2008 11:15

DS1 (10) is part of a 'closed site' accessible only to registered school children, it is also fully moderated, and emails are screened for certain words. It is therefore pretty safe and I'm happy for him to use it.

I wouldn't be happy for him to post on an open chatroom site like this.

AbbyMumsnet · 15/03/2008 11:18

I'll flag this up at next meeting, but (IMO) don't think it a good idea for kids to be let loose on here. Would need separate section.

ingles2 · 15/03/2008 11:19

Thanks Abby

BeauLocks · 15/03/2008 11:20

You'd really allow your child access to this site? I'm shocked.

ingles2 · 15/03/2008 11:25

Thanks for your valid comment Beau
Maybe you should read the thread!

MaureenMLove · 15/03/2008 11:35

But the whole point of Mumsnet is that its child free. I know we have dadsnet and gransnet, but its still all adult. Half the reason we come on here is to get away from children talk.

I wouldn't want it personally.

aGalChangedHerName · 15/03/2008 11:41

Christ i spend all week with my dc and my mindees. The last thing i would want are my dc on here. They have plenty of their own sites etc to do. I only have this one and i'd far rather it stayed that way!!!

ingles2 · 15/03/2008 11:51

Is nobody listening to a word I say!

hercules1 · 15/03/2008 11:53

No, no, no.

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