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RTKangaDYSONMummy · 14/03/2008 13:03


In KIDSNET we could let them use our names and say at the beginning of the thread that they are our DS or DD and they are 8 or 12 or whatever then we would know they weren't trolls iyswim

Rather than them using their own names to log on with cos then someone else could pretend to be them iyswim

Like KANGABOY could be logged on using my name cos if he logged on under kangaboy then someone could also pretensd to be him

The children could choose their own names when the thread has statered but the name on the thread stays the same as the adult

OP posts:
MaureenMLove · 15/03/2008 11:55

We are listening Ingles, but if its in their own section, it may as well be another site. How would you make their own section, so that they couldn't get onto anywhere else? I thought the whole point of this site, was that it was child free. (with the odd exception when a child wants to say thanks for homework help!) It just seems a bit daft, when there's hundreds of other sites that they could be on.

SorenLorensen · 15/03/2008 11:56

Even if it was a separate section (and it would have to be - there is no way I would let my dcs loose on the rest of the site; I wouldn't even want them reading some of the thread titles) it would have to be heavily moderated. Plus, it would possibly have to be separated into age groups. I think it would be a logistical nightmare.

ingles2 · 15/03/2008 11:58

I can't make their own section Maureen, that's why I've put it to MNHQ!
and the reason I'd like it connected to here, is that this is a site I use, with people I talk to regularly, so I can keep a close eye on what they are doing/talking about rather than sticking them on a site I have no idea about

HumphreysCorner · 15/03/2008 11:58

No, it is bad enough that I caught my DH reading my messages.


MaureenMLove · 15/03/2008 12:12

I know you personally can't do it, but I'm just trying to explain why logisically it would be a nightmare.

Ceolas · 15/03/2008 12:16

definitely not

ingles2 · 15/03/2008 12:18

I agree Maureen, but surely it's not impossible.
I've met people on here I like, who have children similar to mine who I think they would like. Surely there has to be a way to connect them as well.

MaureenMLove · 15/03/2008 12:33

Well, how about this then. Ask the posters you are familiar with, to put their lo's on MSN. That way they can have their own little community on there. You can still monitor it, they can still all talk together and if you don't recognise a use name, you can not add them to their 'friends' list.

I do see where your coming from, really I do. Maybe MN should make a spin off site! Trouble with that though, is you will get trolls, just like you do on here, only possibly worse.

Well, its marked up as a topic for the next board meeting, so maybe, with Tech, they can come up with a good solution.

ingles2 · 15/03/2008 12:41

Thanks Maureen..

2shoes · 15/03/2008 18:04

you would only get little people useing it as older dc's would most likely prefer msn.

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