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Test from tech, en español, si no te importa, ay que emoción

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Tech · 13/02/2008 15:30

Si juegas a quererme,
yo juego a que te creas que te quiero,
buscando una coartada
me das una pasión
que yo no espero,
y no me importa nada,
tu juegas a engañarme,
yo juego a que te creas que te creo,
escucho tus bobadas acerca del amor y del
y no me importa nada, nada,
que rías o que sueñes,
que digas o que hagas,
y no me importa nada,
por mucho que te empeñes

estoy jugando y no me importa nada...

OP posts:
Carmenere · 13/02/2008 15:32

Ohh are we getting mamasnet? Are we going for Europe-wide domination?

Lulumama · 13/02/2008 15:33

you been on the cooking sherry, whilst you been locked in the shed??

Carmenere · 13/02/2008 15:35

Oh I just looked there exists already a mamanet, it seems to be hungarian.

Tech · 13/02/2008 15:36

Ay, ¿que quieres que te diga, nena? No me dejan hacer nada.

OP posts:
MarsLady · 13/02/2008 15:37

And has Catherine been hiding in there with you?

Carmenere · 13/02/2008 15:38

Oye, donde es Catherine?

Buda · 13/02/2008 15:41

That Mamanet site is Hungarian - and they have photos and tickers!

CatIsSleepy · 13/02/2008 15:41

ah tech...pobrecito
que quieres hacer?

CalintineFrauers · 13/02/2008 15:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

saltire · 13/02/2008 15:51

Dè tha thu a dèanamh?

GeekBoy · 13/02/2008 15:56

testing entities??

he'll be changing the character encoding next you mark my words..

hunkermunker · 13/02/2008 15:59

Are you calling for help in Spanish, Tech?

I know MNHQ have you working hard, but surely they let you out of the shed occasionally?

Tech · 13/02/2008 16:11

Ay, que vida mas dura, la mía.

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 13/02/2008 16:12
TigerFeet · 13/02/2008 16:13

[opens Babelfish in another window]

Whizzz · 13/02/2008 16:14

Is Tech really Enrique Iglesias ??

TigerFeet · 13/02/2008 16:17

If you play to want to me, I play that you believe yourself that I want to you, looking for an alibi it give a passion me that I do not hope, and she does not concern anything to me, your you play to be deceived, I I play that you believe yourself that I create to you, I listen to your bobadas about the love and of desire, and she does not concern anything to me, nothing, that you laugh or that you dream, that you say or that you do, and does not concern anything to me, no matter how much you insist I am playing and it does not concern anything to me...


Ay, that you want that it says to you, baby? They do not let to me do nothing.


ah tech... pobrecito that you want to do?


That you want to do with my bobadas Hombron?

Still none the wiser... gotta love babelfish

hunkermunker · 13/02/2008 16:18

I reckon it's a Valentine's message...

OliviaMumsnet · 13/02/2008 16:27

Dos cerveza e una paloma blanca por favor

MarsLady · 13/02/2008 16:28

a wa wron wid yu tech?

MarsLady · 13/02/2008 16:28

Now that's just plain showing off Olivia!

OliviaMumsnet · 13/02/2008 16:32

And I don't even drink beer!! Those are the only words I know in Spanish Mars!! Except Tech taught me las brujas which is how he refers to the rest of MN Towers which I think means the witches

TigerFeet · 13/02/2008 16:34

Dos San Miguel por favor.


Una paloma blancaaaaaaaaaaa

CalintineFrauers · 13/02/2008 16:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

UnquietDad · 13/02/2008 16:39

But can we now do those upside-down question-marks and exclamation-marks?

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