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Test from tech, en español, si no te importa, ay que emoción

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Tech · 13/02/2008 15:30

Si juegas a quererme,
yo juego a que te creas que te quiero,
buscando una coartada
me das una pasión
que yo no espero,
y no me importa nada,
tu juegas a engañarme,
yo juego a que te creas que te creo,
escucho tus bobadas acerca del amor y del
y no me importa nada, nada,
que rías o que sueñes,
que digas o que hagas,
y no me importa nada,
por mucho que te empeñes

estoy jugando y no me importa nada...

OP posts:
TigerFeet · 13/02/2008 16:46


CatherineMumsnet · 13/02/2008 16:46

I did German at A Level, but I can just about remember how to ask for drink

TigerFeet · 13/02/2008 16:47


TigerFeet · 13/02/2008 16:48

omg Catherine! Hello! We have been very concerned for your welfare

Carmenere · 13/02/2008 16:49

Oh there you are Catherine We have been looking for you, we thought you had been fired put on the benches because you broke mumsnet.

hunkermunker · 13/02/2008 16:59


Tech · 13/02/2008 17:06

You could always do them thar special characters. We ain't changed nuffink. I was just demonstrating something to my new sidekick.

Incidentally, the Spanish at the bottom is a song called No me Importa nada by Luz Casal. It was out when I lived in Spain in me yoof, and I really liked it.

APPROXIMATE (dodgy) translation:

If you play at loving me,
My play is to make you believe I love you (i.e. I try to make you believe....)

Looking for an alibi
You give me passion I didn't expect
And it matters nothing to me

You try to fool me
I try to make you believe I believe you
I listen to your nonsense about love and desire

And it matters nothing to me
Whether you laugh or dream
What you say or do

And it matters nothing to me
However much you try

Is only a snippet. Very good for teaching / learning the subjunctive in Spanish, innit (bores on indefinitely)

OP posts:
Carmenere · 13/02/2008 17:07

Oh you have a mini-me, a demi-tech? Who is it? Is Catherine a tech too or is it a whole new entity? Spill!

Tech · 13/02/2008 17:09

She is all new; her name is Nikita. I haven't let her near you lot yet. Think of me as a protective mother hen.

OP posts:
Carmenere · 13/02/2008 17:12

Ohhh Nikita-tech, she sounds a bit glam for a tech, shouldn't you have one called Nigel or Norman? And does she get to spend long hours in the shed with you?

Mercy · 13/02/2008 17:12

Saltire - what did you say?

hunkermunker · 13/02/2008 17:12

I hope he's letting you share the tartan rug - as co-workers, natch!
CatherineMumsnet · 13/02/2008 17:14

It's true. I'm still not allowed out without supervision. They're teaching me all they know and it's taking ages

motherinferior · 13/02/2008 17:19

Nikita sounds a bit cyborg-y to me.

Carmenere · 13/02/2008 17:20

Do you think tech invented her? to his specfications like?

hunkermunker · 13/02/2008 17:21

What, like Weird Science, Carmenere? LOL!

Carmenere · 13/02/2008 17:22

Yep like Kelly LeBroc or whatever her name was

motherinferior · 13/02/2008 17:23

The 21st century Dr Frankenstein, I presume?

hunkermunker · 13/02/2008 17:26

Kelly the badger. ROFL.

I am feeling whimsical today.

I need my whimsicaltrifle name on, really, but can't be arsed to change.

MarsLady · 13/02/2008 17:28

Ooh so we have a Catherine and a Nikita!

Let the games commence!

OliviaMumsnet · 13/02/2008 17:41

ROFL at Tech inventing Nikita weird science stylee. That could explain a LOT!


hunkermunker · 13/02/2008 17:54

That's a yes then, Olivia

(How are you? Putting your feet up? Raspberry leaf tea awaiting?)

OliviaMumsnet · 13/02/2008 17:57

hi Hunker
Putting feet up but laptop still on lap!! Also Mars is chasing me round the board to make sure I'm not working too hard!

No raspberry leaf tea yet = am only 34 weeks - the thought of this fat lump in my tummy becoming a baby is terrifying so don't want to bring it along early or anything!

kiskidee · 13/02/2008 18:12

ah, Tech, and here I was thinking it was your original love poultry.

I almost fell in love.

saltire · 14/02/2008 09:09

Mercy - mine was Gaelic, I put it in to see if anyone would notice! I was asking "what are you doing?"

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