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Tech i'm having trouble getting onto MN even when others get back on it , it must be something to do with Windows Vista because i'm on the other comp now and it's working.....

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LedodgyDickinson · 29/11/2007 09:35

Every other site on my laptop which uses windows vista is working fine but on MN over the last two weeks at least once a day sometimes all day I can only get onto the home page and not talk. Why is this happening and what can I do? I'm on the computer upstairs now which uses xp and it's fine.

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Tech · 29/11/2007 09:37

Hello oh dodgy one, what do you see when you try this link on the vista laptop? Do you see anything at all - a blank white page, a windows error message, something else? Could you let me know. ta.

LedodgyDickinson · 29/11/2007 09:41

From typing that link I get the topic lists then I can get onto active convos from there on the vista comp.

OP posts:
MerlinsBeard · 29/11/2007 09:42

a ha tech!

why does MN keep breaking?

FluffyMummy123 · 29/11/2007 09:42

Message withdrawn

LedodgyDickinson · 29/11/2007 09:43

You must have betetr vista than me then Cod..

OP posts:
FluffyMummy123 · 29/11/2007 09:44

Message withdrawn

LedodgyDickinson · 29/11/2007 09:44

Hmm veyr fisht indeed are you sure you haven't twiddled some knobs somewhere in your fishy world so you get more hits on your blog?

OP posts:
LedodgyDickinson · 29/11/2007 09:45

Omg you've evn done something to make me tuype fishy..

OP posts:
LedodgyDickinson · 29/11/2007 09:45


OP posts:
FluffyMummy123 · 29/11/2007 09:45

Message withdrawn

harleyd · 29/11/2007 09:46

mine froze in her flippin blog the other day

whats all that about

LedodgyDickinson · 29/11/2007 09:47

Are you getting the down time when you can only get onto the homepage but not talk as well? Because if you are that's when everyone else can get on. I know when it's down altogether because I cna't get onto the homepage.

OP posts:
Tech · 29/11/2007 09:47

you growing things in the bog, cod?

rantinghousewife · 29/11/2007 09:49

LD I can sometimes get on the homepage but, not talk and I don't have Vista.

LedodgyDickinson · 29/11/2007 09:49

Perhaps they have some secret sect gpoing on that we're not a part of ranting...

OP posts:
rantinghousewife · 29/11/2007 09:50

What like the Druids?

LedodgyDickinson · 29/11/2007 09:51

Yup perhaps that's what the moon watch section was really in aid of..

OP posts:
harleyd · 29/11/2007 09:51

i can only get on the home page on my mobile

which by the way, tech, you never answered me, grr

harleyd · 29/11/2007 09:55

ok so you did answer me

Tech · 29/11/2007 09:56

harleyd i'm afraid i think you'll find i did answer.... only about an hour ago I think but still.... don't be impugning my responsiveness or i'll get all upset

Tech · 29/11/2007 09:56

oops x-post

harleyd · 29/11/2007 09:57
LedodgyDickinson · 29/11/2007 10:05

so er back to me now! Do I have to follow that link everytime I want to mn on my laptop?

OP posts:
LedodgyDickinson · 29/11/2007 10:08

Oh the link doesn't work anymore on my laptop..

OP posts:
LedodgyDickinson · 29/11/2007 10:36

That's it just leave me to it. I have to go now as i'm upstairs on this computer neglecting my children. Mn still isn't working on my laptop.

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