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Tech i'm having trouble getting onto MN even when others get back on it , it must be something to do with Windows Vista because i'm on the other comp now and it's working.....

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LedodgyDickinson · 29/11/2007 09:35

Every other site on my laptop which uses windows vista is working fine but on MN over the last two weeks at least once a day sometimes all day I can only get onto the home page and not talk. Why is this happening and what can I do? I'm on the computer upstairs now which uses xp and it's fine.

OP posts:
mellowma · 29/11/2007 10:48

Message withdrawn

littlerach · 29/11/2007 11:07

I have vista and it is fine

LedodgyDickinson · 29/11/2007 12:06

What else could it be then there's someone on Facebook who also can't get on and she's wondering if it's firefox but as far as I know i don't have that I have Kaspersky?

OP posts:
Tech · 29/11/2007 12:32

Hi Ledodgy, could it be just that you've tried on those occasions when the site is not running? When you say the link doesn't work any more, what do you see? A blank page, an error message? something else? Without knowing that, I can't really help at all, sorry.....

LedodgyDickinson · 29/11/2007 14:57

No because when it's back for everyone else it's not working for me it's not been working on the laptop since this morning apart from when I tried your link for the first time earlier. Now when I try the link I just get a blank page with the scroll bar not moving iyswim which is what I get when I try to get onto talk from my laptop without using the link as well.

OP posts:
Ledodgy · 30/11/2007 10:33

My laptop still won't get talk on it and i noticed this morning at the bottom when it's trying to connect it says something about re connecting to (or wonderloop can't remember which) This comp also just lost connection and I noticed it said the same thing any ideas?

Tamum · 30/11/2007 10:36

I can't help, but I have Vista on my laptop and XP on the PC, and when MN is down it's down on both of them, and there's no difference between them when it's working.

Ledodgy · 30/11/2007 10:38

Yes I'm beginning to think it has nothing to do with Vista now but something else, haven't a clue what though dp tried turning off all the firewalls etc on laptop last night and I still couldn't get onto talk. I wonder what this thing is though?

Ledodgy · 30/11/2007 10:40

Hmm just found this on google,

wunderLOOP connect is a web-wide marketplace for behaviourally targeted advertising. Free to join, connect serves the right ad to the right person at the right time.
wunderLOOP iCRM delivers behaviourally targeted ads, content and etail in real time, on any digital platform.

so it's something to do with the ads?

lou33 · 30/11/2007 10:51

i have vista, it works fine

Ledodgy · 30/11/2007 10:53

I think it's something to do with the adverts not sure what though..

lou33 · 30/11/2007 10:54

have you oversubscribed to the naked hot men ads again?

Ledodgy · 30/11/2007 10:55
lou33 · 30/11/2007 10:57

i knew it!

Ledodgy · 30/11/2007 11:08

Hmm i'm eyeing up that fa cup E-ON ad at the top suspiciously as this computer slows right down or fails to connect to a thread whenever that appears...

lou33 · 30/11/2007 11:10

dont let it out of your sight!

Ledodgy · 30/11/2007 12:55

I've just go on on the laptop! Don't know for how long though as i've done nothing different.

LedodgyChristmasjumper · 01/12/2007 19:26

Not that you even care but i've been able to mn on my laptop all day today without any problems...

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