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What has Mumsnet done for you?

40 replies

3Ddonut · 20/11/2007 19:57

For me, I've got back thousands of pounds of charges that I wouldn't of known how to go about claiming, I've learnt all about the joys of mooncups!, Last Christmas was saved thanks to all you kind Mumsnetters, I've learnt all about how to be a doula and been able to chat to people who actually do it, I've found many great websites, I saved £30 on the kids Christmas pressies and got a better product than the one I was looking at, not to mention the chat, entertainment and numerous tips, there's no-one like a Mumsnetter to help you out when you're stuck!!! How good an ad for MN am I???!!!! [crawly emotion] So, what has Mumsnet done for you????

OP posts:
phdlifeneedsanewlife · 20/11/2007 20:01

I've learned all about baby-led weaning

had excellent advice about lo's eczema, teething, sleeping

made some friends

it's really made a difference for me as I have no family nearby and no friends with kids

Prunie · 20/11/2007 20:02

Met lovely people (truly).
Got confidence to change career, and info on it.
Saved my sanity on days when I couldn't cope very well with ds, who is lovely and occasionally a bit challenging.
Last year was very hard on me as I was really isolated in a wee village (not planned, life just went that way) and it gave me a bit of time out from that.

Minum · 20/11/2007 20:03

I've wasted hours and hours

moondog · 20/11/2007 20:04

Oooh loads but specifically this year a fantastic houseswap with CountessDracula!

Walnutshell · 20/11/2007 20:05

made my eyes somewhat squarer than they were

BreeVanDerCampLGJ · 20/11/2007 20:05

Given me RSI...

PersonalClown · 20/11/2007 20:06

Introduced me to others who like similar types of music.
All my friends seems to like RnB/rap etc so I was feeling a little isolated without to talk to about the latest album or whatever.
And of course 2Shoes as we like the same band!!
Also helps keeps my sanity with 'grown up' conversation. Life's a little restricting when you're raising a hild on your own with very little support.

smeeinachristmastreeinnit · 20/11/2007 20:08

blimey MN has done loads for me,cant name everything,would take all night but a few............
much advice re childminding

somone to cheer me up when im down

a listening ear

found out what a mooncup was! (obviously........its an MN must!)

had so many questions answered within seconds!

bought some gr8 toys!

and have appeared on BBC news through MN!

Nemo2007 · 20/11/2007 20:09

The best thing MN has done for me is give me the best bunch of friends I have ever had. The ladies on the Liverpool thread are lovely and we meet up with each other regularly..without their support I wouldnt have got through some of the crap we faced over past year or so. They really are special ladies and we would not have known each other if not for MN.

callmeovercautious · 20/11/2007 20:10

Kept me sane through the early days of being a first time Mum.

Made me realise I am very lucky to have such a wonderful DD and DP.

Given me somewhere to vent when my hormones were going wild and making me very unreasonable

Found me a lovely Ball Dress for a very fancy Ball I have been invited to!

moondog · 20/11/2007 20:12

Smee,what was your tv appearence about?

callmeovercautious · 20/11/2007 20:12

Forgot to add.....kept me BFing when I thought I could go on no longer (thanks Ticktok and Mears and everyone else!)

smeeinachristmastreeinnit · 20/11/2007 20:12

moondog, was about childminding and ofsted

moondog · 20/11/2007 20:13

Did MN ask you to do it?

moondog · 20/11/2007 20:14

That's brilliant Overcautious.It makes me sooooo happy when someone says that.

3Ddonut · 20/11/2007 20:15

Wow, who invented MN? They must be very proud of themselves!!!

OP posts:
smeeinachristmastreeinnit · 20/11/2007 20:16

no moondog, bbc made contact through MN.

LaDiDaDi · 20/11/2007 20:16

Made me think properly about my views on subjects that I was a bit unclear/fuzzy about eg recent debate on pornography.

Educated me and gave me the confidence to do BLW which I now rave about to anyone I know who's about to wean their lo.

Gave me access to a wide range of parenting views and experiences, especially more of an insight into parenting a child with SN that will be useful for me both personally and professionally.

hunkermunker · 20/11/2007 20:18

I've learnt masses about all sorts of things.

I'm a nicer person now (yes, I really was worse before!), because I understand more about other people's circumstances. I used to be very intolerant and judgemental. Now I'm just quite intolerant and judgemental

I've met some wonderful people, including my very best friend!

Hulababy · 20/11/2007 20:18

I have made some real life friends through mumsnet, some really good friends. DD has also met her best friend through me meeting another mumsnet. Even DH has met a new friend as a result!

CalifraundingFathers · 20/11/2007 20:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WideWebWitch · 21/11/2007 20:34

Stopped me being isolated when I lived in the country

taught me to be less judgmental, walk a mile in someone's shoes etc

made me some fantastic 'mum' friends (I mean as opposed to work friends or husband's friends) and as I don't have any other way of meeting other parents it's been wonderful

Made me some fantastic rl friends

Made me laugh a lot

Made me cry sometimes

helped me talk about plans and fears for childbirth second time round

Oh god, loads of things. It has, literally, changed my life.

MaeWest · 21/11/2007 20:45

A great source of support when my brother went missing last year (thankfully he came back after 10 worrying days)

Has given me the confidence to still be bf DS at 16 months

And occasionally has made me laugh so much that I fear for my pelvic floor

Hekate · 21/11/2007 20:50

My husband would like to tell you that he eats wonderful food cooked from fresh ingredients because of mumsnet.

I feel far too guilty to cook processed stuff any more!

However, my kids hate you because I daren't buy fruit shoots or sausage rolls

Seriously though, we really do eat well now. I have been educated!

Wisteria · 21/11/2007 20:51

..made my house dirtier than it was

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