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What has Mumsnet done for you?

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3Ddonut · 20/11/2007 19:57

For me, I've got back thousands of pounds of charges that I wouldn't of known how to go about claiming, I've learnt all about the joys of mooncups!, Last Christmas was saved thanks to all you kind Mumsnetters, I've learnt all about how to be a doula and been able to chat to people who actually do it, I've found many great websites, I saved £30 on the kids Christmas pressies and got a better product than the one I was looking at, not to mention the chat, entertainment and numerous tips, there's no-one like a Mumsnetter to help you out when you're stuck!!! How good an ad for MN am I???!!!! [crawly emotion] So, what has Mumsnet done for you????

OP posts:
emkana · 21/11/2007 20:51

Loads of stuff, but most importantly kept me sane (ish) through a very very difficult pregnancy

love MN to bits

Buda · 21/11/2007 20:55

Given me RSI and frozen shoulder and a larger arse than I had before!

Made me laugh
Made me cry - sometimes all at the same time.

Made me buy a Mooncup - although I haven't used it yet!

Given me loads of new shopping opportunities.

I'm sure there is more.

suwoo · 21/11/2007 20:56

I have also learnt about mooncups and am a massive convert, ditto with BLW. I would really like to thank Aitch for being so inspiring. As Hunker said, I have also become way more tolerant and far less judgemental and so much more knowledgeable on subjects I would have known nothing about, particularly SN. I also now have a terrible habit of referring to DH in my head as 'DH' and my kids as the 'DC's' and so on.......really need to stop that! Thanks Mumsnet.

hazygirl · 21/11/2007 20:57

helped me get through the death of my grandson due to cot death i couldnt have do it without you lotxxxxxxxxxxx

CaptainCaveman · 21/11/2007 20:59

Given me the most fantastic amount of fellowship a gal could ever pray for

3Ddonut · 23/11/2007 12:21

Anyone else want to add anything???

OP posts:
Baffy · 23/11/2007 12:25

MN has got me through the worst 12 months of my life by enabling me to meet some very special people, who have given so much of their time to post advice and support.

It also never fails to make me Even on the worst days!

onlyjoking9329 · 23/11/2007 12:30

mumsnet is fab, i can find answers to all sorts of things i didn't want to know.
MN is better than real life cos there is always someone around.

sweetkitty · 23/11/2007 12:37

Absolutely loads

  • gave me loads of support when I was bleeding with DD1
  • told me to get to hospital it was my waters breaking and I hadn't just peed myself
  • tonnes of BFing support with DD1
  • ditto weaning
  • kept me sane when I went overdue with DD2
  • recently has provided even more support when I had a mc
  • taught me so much
  • made me laugh and cry
  • saved me money

I couldn't live without it emoticon
muppetgirl · 23/11/2007 12:37 let things wash over me instead of fighting every battle have a go at b/f my second child even though it didn't work for my first (3 weeks in and still going, no cracked nipples b/f in public -ooo get me!) laugh at what people say and think realise just how lucky I am with my 2 boys and dh as there are many people much worse off than me

thanks to you all..x

toomanydaves · 23/11/2007 12:43

Introduced me to some FANTASTIC women whose incredible strength and humour I aspire to live up to (VOM)
Given me loads to think/mull/stew/laugh/pmsl about
Made me less judgmental, in RL and here/
Opened my eyes about the circumstances in which people live
Made me buck my ideas up when I have wallowed in mire
At the moment it is helping me to stay faithful to my dh
I am not regular or well known but I am very much addicted.

Doodledootoo · 23/11/2007 12:48

Message withdrawn

bossybritches · 23/11/2007 13:00





3Ddonut · 02/12/2007 14:28

I'm bumping this again as I'm loving these stories!!!!!

OP posts:
rookiemater · 02/12/2007 14:35

I changed from a nursery to a CM specifically because of advice I received on a thread about going back to work. It was one of the best decision I have ever made.

Helped me to understand that my relationship with DH wasn't ruined when we had a baby and is now better than ever

Err I'd probably be thinner without it as more time for active walks and the house would be tidier, maybe.

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