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How does mn work?

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codswallop · 21/10/2004 18:31

How come there is always one fo you guys around.? do you have a roster?
How does tech achieve a work life abalance?

do all of your friends think youa re mad?

lots of things I have always wondered.

OP posts:
codswallop · 21/10/2004 18:41


OP posts:
DelGirl · 21/10/2004 18:42

Don't think there is though is there coddy?

tech2 · 21/10/2004 18:42

i'm usually lurking about in the day

DelGirl · 21/10/2004 18:43

I know one tech and they're definitely not mad

codswallop · 21/10/2004 18:43

well if you email them they always seemt o knwo all about every thread.
JUst imagine 0 saying to your dh that you HAVE to read them.

OP posts:
DelGirl · 21/10/2004 18:45

if your dh complains, tell him you;ve got a new job as a tech as well as a mod and you just have to spend your whole life on mn

SoupDragon · 21/10/2004 18:45

I imagine it works just like us. If you take 3 random regular posters, you can guarantee that between them they'd know all about the threads.

codswallop · 21/10/2004 18:45

ANd how near were you to litigation with Gina?
ANd do you ever violently diagree with reach othter?

Dish It - you knwo you want to

OP posts:
DelGirl · 21/10/2004 18:47

Time I went off for my tea

CountessDracula · 21/10/2004 18:47

Cod you are nosey

But I want to know too

codswallop · 21/10/2004 18:47

dg you cant go - that woudl mean mn will collapse!

OP posts:
Twiglett · 21/10/2004 18:48

I want to know what names the triumvarate post under

Justine said they don't .. but I don't believe you

codswallop · 21/10/2004 18:48

aha yes
mind oyu they must have "seen that done it" on virtually every topic.

OP posts:
DelGirl · 21/10/2004 18:49

I very much doubt it coddy. I'm sure mn would manage just fine without me. I probably wouldn't even be missed

Cadbury · 21/10/2004 18:49

you know thats not true dg

codswallop · 21/10/2004 19:02

we woudl mss your dvds that OI still havent sent you th money for

OP posts:
DelGirl · 21/10/2004 19:10

Thanks Cadbury
Coddy, that's not me, I don't even have a dvd player

codswallop · 21/10/2004 19:10


OP posts:
codswallop · 21/10/2004 19:11

its davros
all those ds!

OP posts:
DelGirl · 21/10/2004 19:14

see, I told you you wouldn't miss me

emmatmg · 21/10/2004 19:18

DG, we would as your's is the announcement we're all waiting for.

jampot · 21/10/2004 19:18

I would miss you delgirl - you've never shouted at me!

emmatmg · 21/10/2004 19:18
DelGirl · 21/10/2004 19:19


DelGirl · 21/10/2004 19:20

Have I ever shouted at anyone then? I am a nice person honest guv

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