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How does mn work?

45 replies

codswallop · 21/10/2004 18:31

How come there is always one fo you guys around.? do you have a roster?
How does tech achieve a work life abalance?

do all of your friends think youa re mad?

lots of things I have always wondered.

OP posts:
jampot · 21/10/2004 19:22

well you've always been nice to me (i think ) and not shouted so you're on my "nice list"!!!

DelGirl · 21/10/2004 19:25

ooh goody, you're on mine too .

Sorry Coddy, have you given up on this thread now

jampot · 21/10/2004 19:26

coddy - you're on my nice list too

DelGirl · 21/10/2004 19:28

She's on my makes me laugh list and a 'tell it how it is' list. NO messin with the Codster.

codswallop · 21/10/2004 19:42

not on everyones though!

s o come on team dish it

OP posts:
DelGirl · 21/10/2004 19:46

me thinks you undersell yourself oh great codness . I think the no messin is a great character trait. I bow down to your greatness anyway

codswallop · 21/10/2004 20:48


OP posts:
Justine (mumsnet) · 21/10/2004 23:59

Ok so it turns out none of my esteemed colleagues have seen fit to answer you, Coddy - well it was Rachel's day off today - so I guess she's off the hook. Tech, as we know, is way too busy selling his soul in a real job to even have noticed yet... and Tech2 is way too polite to cast aspersions... so that leaves me and Carrie... and it looks like Cazza's hit the sack so here goes if anyone?s still interested which is highly doubtful by hey, I?ve had a glass of Montepulciano so what the heck? In order of questions asked:

Yes we have a rota - there is always at least one of us minding the shop, though if truth be told, on Saturdays the shop is occasionally left to fend for itself - except that, of course, we still have our fab moderators who know what to do way better than we do anyway.

Tech's work-life balance is completely out of kilter. He has work, mumsnet and a bit of life. It's the last bit we have a problem with.

No not all of them.

Not very near.

Not often (except when it comes to money... so not often )

And no we rarely post under other pseudonyms any more but if there were a prize for's mine!

Tinker · 22/10/2004 00:04

Rarely post Justine? So that means you did. Go on, tell us who

Justine (mumsnet) · 22/10/2004 00:24

My posts were way too dull to be noticed... have just searched for them... very dull. Would far rather pretend I was more interesting and not reveal who I was .

codswallop · 22/10/2004 09:12

thatnks Justine!

OP posts:
pamina3 · 22/10/2004 09:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon · 22/10/2004 09:37

Just pick a name which has some witty and interesting posts and pretend it was you

wobblyknicks · 22/10/2004 09:41

delgirl - if you ever left I'd be after you!!!! You're NOT leaving, at least not for a few months anyway - we want to know the news!!!

robbie · 22/10/2004 13:28

Yes Pamina - you cunningly drew me out with a bit of flattery. Robbie always used to like you too

pamina3 · 22/10/2004 13:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nasa · 22/10/2004 13:53

ha ha ha LOL this thread cod - I was wondering the same thing myself.

(look I'm back!)

nasa · 22/10/2004 13:55

and in the spirit of assuming other (more witty) posters identities, can I be issymum - hers are always good

codswallop · 22/10/2004 14:19

I wna to be pph becasue hers are rareified and long and well typed

OP posts:
nasa · 22/10/2004 14:24

ha ha - nothing wrong with a brown noser

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