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ooh ENid lets plan our site

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UtterPigsty · 25/04/2007 10:44


OP posts:
UtterPigsty · 25/04/2007 10:48

ok no aibu
no croc wearere over hte age of 16

iw ill haev a make up thread

OP posts:
Enid · 25/04/2007 10:52


I will do food and getting cross with over-protective mums + school dodgers

Enid · 25/04/2007 10:52

no we'll both do food

pph can do manners

notpph · 25/04/2007 10:52

oh yes and tricky etiquette questions

Megglevache · 25/04/2007 10:53

Message withdrawn

notpph · 25/04/2007 10:54

o h enid oyu are funny today

i WISH you were near here

Enid · 25/04/2007 10:54

me too

I must go now

despite feeling 'on a roll'

expatinscotland · 25/04/2007 10:55

i can do smelly animals.

NadineBaggott · 25/04/2007 10:55

are you having a love-in?

notpph · 25/04/2007 10:56

we are she maakes me test my pelvic floors

we could do lunch
haev no garcons

oliveoil · 25/04/2007 10:57

can I provide a gruff tone and sprinkle ffs and fgs with abandon when people get earnest?

notpph · 25/04/2007 10:58

lol you can be our " norht of england coreespondent" as we will be hopelessly south wetern biased

we may even INSIST everyone is claled "My loverly" and is realted by marriage to anyone else on the site, sharing a total of three surnames

oliveoil · 25/04/2007 10:59

oh get a grip

Cappuccino · 25/04/2007 11:00

I can provide


and by 'eck

in case you need northern grit without the cursing

notpph · 25/04/2007 11:01

you cna be our morecombe dorrespondent
and run the competitions cappy
i awlasy think of you on that farkign treadmill now

oliveoil · 25/04/2007 11:01

ah feck orf

I refuse to play anymore unless I get the claim to Shitty Shite and 1p for every usage

notpph · 25/04/2007 11:02

is ti really yours?
i never knew

JustineMumsnet · 25/04/2007 11:02

perhaps i could clean the loos or summit?

Cappuccino · 25/04/2007 11:02

Morecambe correspondent?


notpph · 25/04/2007 11:02

no you can be endlessly tolerant liek you are in rl

oi jsutine
tell uis what mn hq really is like

is it REALLy a spare room?

Cappuccino · 25/04/2007 11:02

It'll have to be Shitey Shit now

if Olive is going to kick off

Fimbo · 25/04/2007 11:03
oliveoil · 25/04/2007 11:03

well i THINK SO

JustineMumsnet · 25/04/2007 11:03

It's a tip

notpph · 25/04/2007 11:06

you can be " relationship"

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