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Just a big gushy thank you to MN from NomDePlume.......

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NomDePlume · 16/07/2004 11:07

I've been on MN for just under 18 months now (albeit with a few name changes along the way) and I just want to say a big 'Thanks' to Mumsnet.

I live in an area which I moved to as an adult, so therefore I didn't have any friends locally in the early days. Soon after moving here I became preg with DD and left work, most of the friends from there faded fast once I'd left.

I'm sure most of you will agree that it can be tough making new friends without feeling like a stalker . Especially if you are a SAHM. I've made a few good friends through DH and I wouldn't be without them, but it's not quite the same.

MN introduced me to 2 lovely MN'ers - GeorginaA & Ailsa, and since then I'd like to think that we've become firm friends (back me up here guys !!). I'd like to think that both Ailsa & Georgina would feel like they could turn to me for help etc as well as a laugh and a bit of light relief (ooo-er!).

So at the risk of sounding gushy , I'd like to say one more big 'THANK YOU' to MN for my lovely new friends

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CountessDracula · 16/07/2004 11:08

Bit early for ecstasy isn't it NdeP

I do know what you mean though.

NomDePlume · 16/07/2004 11:10

, do you think it was a bit much ?! Cringing now....

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CountessDracula · 16/07/2004 11:23

Don't be silly. It was lovely!

NomDePlume · 16/07/2004 11:26

I went on the pi$$ with said MN'ers last night so I prob still have a fair bit of vodka in my system !

The only problem with MN is that you 'meet' others online and really hit it off, only to find that they live MILES away and you can't go on the pi$$ with them !

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Ailsa · 16/07/2004 12:33

awwwww NDP that's lovely. I've booked the afternoon off work (with about 5 minutes notice) as I had the most horrendous headache.

Thanks from me to MN as well.

Firm friends? hmmm, think so, should hope so after some of last nights conversations. Remember dungaree man and v-neck sweater man??

Off for a kip now.

Fio2 · 16/07/2004 12:40

know exactly what you mean NDP but I have never 'met' anyone off mumsnet yet! It certainly keeps me sane and makes my blood boil sometimes too

LOL at you Alisa, glad to know I am not the only one hungover this morning!

GeorginaA · 16/07/2004 14:21

So, are we still firm friends if I publish photos of the night out then, NDP?

GeorginaA · 16/07/2004 15:36

A couple of piccies from our night out here and here

(I did ask permission first !)

GeorginaA · 16/07/2004 15:37

Oh, big thank you to MN from me too

Miaou · 16/07/2004 15:47

Who is who, GeorginaA?

GeorginaA · 16/07/2004 16:41

I'll leave you to guess

NomDePlume · 16/07/2004 18:57

OMG.... I THOUGHT YOU WERE JOKING GEORGINA !!!! Permission to curl up and die....

Ailsa - I LURVVVVVE denim dungaree man, he was a GOD , and I still think that v-neck sweater man was PHWOOAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR. Hope your head is back to normal now , that'll teach you drink doubles all night ! .

Christ I look ROUGH in those pics, sadly, I'm in both . My eyes look so bulgy it's untrue in the one of me 'modelling' >snigger

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 16/07/2004 18:58

MORAL OF THE STORY..... Never let a woman with a camera near you when you're 12 vodkas down !

OP posts:
Miaou · 16/07/2004 19:10

Aha! I guessed that was you NDP!! (mind you I did have a 33.3% chance of getting it right!!)

NomDePlume · 16/07/2004 19:20
OP posts:
GeorginaA · 16/07/2004 19:23

"Never let a woman with a camera near you when you're 12 vodkas down" - but you took the group one, don't you remember?

Sorry! Didn't realise you thought I was joking, I would have made my permission request a bit more obvious!!

NomDePlume · 16/07/2004 20:03

Honestly, it's fine Georgina . Si thinks the piccies are hilarious !

OP posts:
GeorginaA · 16/07/2004 20:04

I just wish I'd managed to get one of denim dungaree man!!

Ailsa · 17/07/2004 18:19

bloody specs never stay on straight! Great pics Georgina.

Georgina - your task for the next night out - find and take a picture of dungaree man, v-neck sweater man, and one extra - white trouser man.

tigermoth · 17/07/2004 18:21

greast pictures - you all look so err... happy hope justine, carrie and rachel see this thread.

GeorginaA · 17/07/2004 19:52

Ailsa - argh! You don't ask a lot do you?!

Anyway, I'm happy... as a result of that night out, NomDePlume has taken me in hand and become my very own personal shopper/fashion adviser and helped me spend a small fortune online with Principles and Faith. Help me, I'm turning trendy...!!!

GeorginaA · 17/07/2004 19:53

Ooo, Ailsa... I've just realised... if you mix up the letters of your name ... you get Alias. Now that would be a cool mumsnet nickname for you...

Hulababy · 17/07/2004 19:54

Looks and sounds like you had a great night!

WideWebWitch · 17/07/2004 20:44

I know who's who because I've met one of you and been to another's blog! Ailsa, you are SO youthful looking and you're the same age as me and I'm but for you at the same time Looks like a good night...

NomDePlume · 17/07/2004 21:02

Oooooooo - who was 'white trouser man', Ailsa, and where was I when you were perving at him ?!

WWW, I've not got a blog, and I don't think we've met so I guess I must be the interloper .

Christ only knows why you elected me as Worcester's answer to Trinny and Susannah, 'trendy' is hardly my middle name ! Pleased that you did though, it allows me to shop vicariously through you

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