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and why do so many threads get deleted these days

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GlennCloseAsCruellaDeVille · 20/12/2006 14:11

...have you had a change of mind in mnhq

it used to be quite rare now it's daily

I find it a bit bugging tbh

OP posts:
ComeOyeFaithfulVeneer · 20/12/2006 14:12

Is it really that often? I hadn'tnoticed it being very many tbh.

nothercules · 20/12/2006 14:12

Who makes the decision then?

GlennCloseAsCruellaDeVille · 20/12/2006 14:13

I dunno

I wondered if there was now a policy of ownership if you start a thread you can finish it by deletion

OP posts:
BettySpaghetti · 20/12/2006 14:15

Its always the ones I haven't got round to reading yet as well!

GlennCloseAsCruellaDeVille · 20/12/2006 14:21

I'm curious to know whether there is actually a change in view of used to be as far as I know that threads were only deleted exceptionally and now it seems like people say

oh i don't like this i'm going to get it deleted and whoosh there it goes

I think i shall avoid any asking for help threads in future as they are a waste of time and emotion invested in them

OP posts:
lulumama · 20/12/2006 14:24

two have gone today...

can the OP not always ask for it to be delted>?

Quootiepie · 20/12/2006 14:24

Glann ~ im sorry if your "annoyed" about me deleting mine the other day... I don't like deleting them, but I really couldn't keep it going with some of the commments. Please dont feel by doing this ive ignored all the help I got ~ I have saved it onto my PC to look at sometimes, to look at some help I got. I do wish in a way I hadn't been so rash in deleting it, but it got quite upsetting xXx

Quootiepie · 20/12/2006 14:25


piglit · 20/12/2006 14:28

There seems to be more nastiness, fights and deletions since the big meet up - almost as if there are so many issues bubbling away under the surface as a result of people meeting up. Why anyone thinks they'll get on with everyone they meet through an internet forum I've no idea.

Best to keep on screen buddies as on screen buddies imho.

AbbyMumsnet · 20/12/2006 17:10

Sorry that you're feeling miffed, GC, by the disappearance of recent threads. I don't think we've got trigger happy with our deleting fingers... and no, the OP does not have an automatic right to have her or his thread deleted. However, we are here to make people's lives easier, so when we get a request to remove a posting that might otherwise cause problems for the author we tend to do so. Recently, we have had quite a few posts of this nature and, as they were the original posts, it made more sense to delete the entire thread rather than leave a load of replies to a question that no longer existed. We've also had a few, how shall we say, heated threads that weren't representative of the Mumsnet we all know and love and, frankly, it served no real purpose for them to remain.

That said, we really don't like deleting threads without good reason because it seems somewhat dismissive of those members who have bothered to take the time to reply - so we'd ask everyone to bear that in mind before requesting deletions.

(PS: This thread will self-destruct in fifteen seconds. Can't have anyone criticising our decisions now, can we?)

Tortington · 20/12/2006 17:16

they do it at random whilst sat on the carribean island they OWN with laptops on their knees - like charlies angels in a row living off the CAT money.

tech isn't a real person ( just some fella promised a drink at the mn xmas do a couple of years ago) so they delete things randomly to give the appearence that there is some monitoring.

they even have a 'rando thread deletion' button for when they fall asleep

iota · 20/12/2006 17:21

actually Custy, I hear that Tech has now written a program that is a random number generator ( a bit like ERNIE) - it generates a thread number and that's the one that goes - so that the cocktails on the beach are now largely uninteruupted

Quootiepie · 20/12/2006 17:22

I didnt realise deleting threads was so... bad? To be honest, I thought it was quite "normal". Im sorry I had mine deleted now, I feel bad and dismissive of everyone who posted. Sorry xXx

Tortington · 20/12/2006 17:24

ah dont worry qt

i think your right iota.

wickedwinterwitch · 20/12/2006 17:25

lol Custy. Tbh the one I saw this morning wasn't worthy of being on this board, it was horrible. (GlennClose, email me)

GlennCloseAsCruellaDeVille · 20/12/2006 17:25

Quootiepie I wasn't thinking of don't fret

I was prompted by another one but i had thought it was something which had become quite usual when it used to be pretty unusual

any way I'm just feeling weird, depressed and curmudgeonly so taking a break myself

OP posts:
Tortington · 20/12/2006 17:28

shit - i have one fucking lie in. becuase mn is so shit am.

fucking balls crap i always miss the good juicy horrible basty detestful stuff

iota · 20/12/2006 17:29

yes what did I miss? dh had me stripping wallpaper all morning ( yes 5 days til Xmas and we're decorating )

colditz · 20/12/2006 17:30

More publicity = more members = more threads = more deletions

MistleToo · 20/12/2006 17:32

I only saw one was deleted today

wickedwinterwitch · 20/12/2006 17:32

You missed out more dross Colditz. (I mean more members necessarily means more dross, not that newbies = dross)

crunchie · 20/12/2006 17:46

Pilet I really don't think the meet up had much to do with anything. I understand there was one issue, but TBH I nver saw anything - OK I was pissed and dancing on the sofa

Seriously thoughsometimes threads do put a nasty taste in my mouth, but I think that is becasue the way you read a post maybe different than the way it is intended

Tortington · 20/12/2006 17:53

everyone was dancing on the sofa.

was it that thread hmmmmmm

Tortington · 20/12/2006 17:53

only crunhie was funky and skinny and gorg - cow.

SantaGotStuckUpTheGreensleeve · 20/12/2006 17:59

the meetup was completely amicable and fairly uneventful as far as I could see.. but then I did spend most of it sitting gawping like a giant fish

Don't think that's it, tbh. Although I do think the general atmosphere is snippier lately.

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