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So, how many new members have we had since the ST article?

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LadyMuck · 17/04/2004 21:52

I've seen lots of new nicknames, but presumably Tech or someone knows how many new members there are? I guess not all will be ST-related, but presumably there will have been a blip over the last couple of weeks.

OP posts:
justiner · 18/04/2004 21:54

Hi LadyM,
We reckon we've had going on 500 new members as a direct result of ST and to a lesser extent a couple of radio appearances in the last week. We normally have about 20 a day join anyway, so factoring those out we are pushing 500 which is great. Hope they stick around (and pay a sub )

LadyMuck · 18/04/2004 21:58

Thanks - sounds as if it was good advertising then. Now time to get in the Observer to keep the debates fuelled.

OP posts:
Codswallop · 18/04/2004 22:00

too many! I dont know who any of htme are and very odd names too

grouch grouch grouch

mummytojames · 18/04/2004 22:04

gos i hope they dont try and talk in the chat room at once i have a hard enough time keeping up when its busy normaly lol

Lisa78 · 18/04/2004 22:07

stop moaning, you grumpy lot!

dogwalker · 19/04/2004 15:10

Hi you all. Yes I'm new to mumsnet since the ST article. I just don't seem to get to know about anything until I read it in the paper. Hope my nickname isn't too weird for all you "old=timers". Must say you all seem to know each other quite well, but I do think some of you are slightly "clique-y" (if that's a real word). Sorry. I also don't know what some of the terms mean and am trying to work them out as I go along.

CountessDracula · 19/04/2004 15:29

Oh ignore Coddy she's a miserable old trout

dogwalker do you mean the acronymns?
here is a comprehensive list that should help!

CountessDracula · 19/04/2004 15:30

Just found a GREAT new one

HOS = Husband over Shoulder - should think we could all use that one sometime

Lisa78 · 19/04/2004 15:31

Hi dogwalker, yes I know what you mean about it feeling a bit cliquey, I joined nov / dec time and felt a bit of a new girl and sometimes I still feel a bit out of it when everyone seems to know something and I don't. But I think thats par for the course, you get to know some people better than others, and I expect sometimes people think the same of me too
Don't think your name is odd at all, just wish you would come and walk my dog - she is border collie / labrador cross and needs such a lot of exercise, it tires me out but never her

CountessDracula · 19/04/2004 15:35

Doesn't everyone always feel like that when they join something new? I know I do. You always feel like everyone else is in on something you're not.

Don't think that is really the case on MN - more the longer you are on here the more people you will have "chatted" with and so the more comfy you feel

Lisa78 · 19/04/2004 15:38

Yes, thats just what I meant Countess, only you said it in a way that actually made sense! And more briefly too

Beetroot · 19/04/2004 15:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula · 19/04/2004 15:42

(you will find that Beety is usually out of it )

marthamoo · 19/04/2004 15:46

HOS - that is FANTASTIC! I really needed an acronym for that, ta CD

Dogwalker, I told my friend about MN and she said she thought it was a bit cliquey too - I suppose it can seem that way, and as if we all know each other really well. Only way round it is to jump right in and stick your oar in, that's what I did and I was made very welcome.

CountessDracula · 19/04/2004 15:47

oh bugger off marthamoo

how's the pox?

Beetroot · 19/04/2004 15:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula · 19/04/2004 15:50

COS - cleaner over shoulder (that just happened)

Beetroot · 19/04/2004 15:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula · 19/04/2004 15:54


SoupDragon · 19/04/2004 15:54


children running riot, must go and stop them climbing up the curtains

marthamoo · 19/04/2004 15:54

I wasn't being facetious, I really DO need an acronym for that, especially if I'm on msn of an evening and certain people who shall remain nameless are telling me the lurid details of their sex-lives! From now on I shall type HOS instead of having to try and let them know dh is there without dh knowing I'm letting them know he's there if you know what I mean. Phew.

Pox is much better thanks, I have been able to go shopping. Yay!! He's still a bit scabby but back to being quite appealing again as opposed to "ugh, look at that lurgy ridden child."

muddaofsuburbia · 19/04/2004 15:55

Not new, but have done what I said I never would and changed my name in the hope of regaining anonimity in the real world - really sorry cos I know how much it confuses me when other people do it. Needs must

But I was the mother of the lead singer from the Cure

My subs are due too.....

marthamoo · 19/04/2004 15:55


Need A Drink Soon

muddaofsuburbia · 19/04/2004 15:56


CountessDracula · 19/04/2004 15:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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