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Contacting "famous parents" who might put their hands in their pockets for MN?

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hunkermunker · 08/08/2006 16:22

Sounds...mercenary...but I think it might not be a bad idea?

Who to contact and how?

Fern Britton
Kate Winslet
The Beckhams

who else? C&P with your own suggestions maybe? And if you know how to contact anyone on this list...please do, there's a love

OP posts:
Thomcat · 08/08/2006 16:25

Mmmmmm, can't see these people donating their own cash for a website tbh. Soory, don't want to pee on your fireworks or anything but............

I can agent detaisl for most stars if needs be.

hunkermunker · 08/08/2006 16:25

Maybe not money...but "clout"?

OP posts:
Dior · 08/08/2006 16:25

Message withdrawn

Mercy · 08/08/2006 16:25

Johnnie Boden?

AllieBongo · 08/08/2006 16:25

bet jools oliver would..

hunkermunker · 08/08/2006 16:25

Ooh, you don't have nobody's agent's details do you?

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 08/08/2006 16:27

How about the new michelle at lakeland

Northerner · 08/08/2006 16:27

Jordan (MABS can help!)

wannaBe1974 · 08/08/2006 16:28

tbh I don't think they would donate to keep a website up either. After all we wouldn't be asking for them to donate to keep mn alive, effectively we're asking them to donate towards the cost of a legal battle that mn have no guarantees of winning.

hunkermunker · 08/08/2006 16:30

But it's not "just a website" though - that much is very clear from the feeling behind all this.

OP posts:
Thomcat · 08/08/2006 16:31

When we have a definitive list of stars we think it is really worth asking then I'll get the phone numbers for all their agents and we can start there.

I have personal email for Jocelyn Brown (singer) who is a mother.
I also have email address for
Lulu but can't remember is she's a mum.

I have emails for Bill Wyman and Chris Rea and Paul Weller and lots of peopel like that but not sure they'll ever respond to this sort of thing.

wannaBe1974 · 08/08/2006 16:31

it is to outsiders though, to people who aren't part of the community.

Mercy · 08/08/2006 16:32

Ok, they may not be willing to donate financially, but they might be interested in signing the petition?

Does nobody's non-existent site have any major sponsors?

Thomcat · 08/08/2006 16:32

We know it's not just a website, but not sure they'll see what it's really about and how much it means to us. Not saying I won't help, just not convinced, happy to be proven wrong.

MerlinsBeard · 08/08/2006 16:33

maybe just asking them for their support rather than money/sponsership. support in an active way tho, ie an interview or even just wearing a mumsnet badge (quick, we need huuuuge mumsnet badges made!)

katierocket · 08/08/2006 16:33

I also don't think this has legs. I just don't think it's something they would want to be linked to unless they already knew mumsnet.

hunkermunker · 08/08/2006 16:33

Wider freedom of speech issues too - it's not just about "being a mummy".

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 08/08/2006 16:35

Fiona Bruce, really liked the interview with her in The Observer this weekend (wonder if she's already a mnetter?)
That GMTV woman who presents with Eamon Holmes (is she a Fiona too?)
Natasha McEhlone (sp? reckon she's already a mumsnetter)
Jenni Murray although her children are older

WideWebWitch · 08/08/2006 16:36

But I have no idea whether anyone would be interested either, I can see that unless any of these people were members already (and maybe they are?) then they wouldn't be bothered.

fairyjay · 08/08/2006 16:38

I wonder if there are any Mumsnetters who are well known, and without revealing their nickname, might 'come out' to support the site. I would have thought that sort of support would be valuable at the moment - although I agree that we need to think about financial support when Justine has chance to let us know what she needs.

JessaFreedomFighter · 08/08/2006 16:40

what about Jenny Eclair..she is suitably gobby!

Another plate of biscuits and nice hot tea ladies?

wannaBe1974 · 08/08/2006 16:47

I don't even necessarily think they will support the wider issue of freedom of speech though, because by doing that they lay themselves open to future lible which they then have supported the law to not be able to take any action.

mimitwo · 09/08/2006 09:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

mousiemousie · 09/08/2006 09:22

If mumsnet needs monsy then if there are 250,000 mumsnetters then £1 each would be a big help, wouldn't it?

ledodgyrobespierre · 09/08/2006 09:27

I think famous spokespeople would be good as an alternative to donations. Fern Britton has said before that mumsnet helped her through pnd so maybe this is a chance to give something back by showing her support.

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