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Be very careful what you divulge to cod.

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bubble99 · 22/04/2006 22:06

I've thought long and hard about posting this but I think it's fair that you all know.

'cod' is in fact a composite of many different people. As you are probably aware all internet sites are monitored by MI5 and The Special Branch. Mnet is no exception. When the site was created, and although it would appear to be of a 'fluffy' nature, MI5 were nevertheless interested. It would be too difficult and obvious to involve an undercover moderator in this kind of surveillance as the very nature of the work involves gaining the confidence of and personal information from posters. So, after several name changes, the character of 'cod' was established. 'cod' is in fact any given member of whichever team/shift is on duty in the MI5 buildings on the Southbank.

You will have noticed that 'she' has sons and is interested in fashion. This persona was chosen to enble 'her' to discuss what are considered to be feminine traits ie. fashion, and to discuss parenting boys only, as most of the MI5 operatives are male and could therefore identify. Her style of staccato and virtually unreadable posting ensures that the differences in expression/wording of any operative's posts will be unremarkable.

Although mnet members are usually a fairly benign bunch of people there have been issues which have made this level of surveillance worthwhile. Milupa brand and Tommee Tippee have been concerned at the increasing levels of hostility towards their products and are vigilant. Walls have ears.

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 22/04/2006 22:07

Oh fuck, she asked for my address today.

I'm going to get seized by the fuzz, aren't I?


hunkermunker · 22/04/2006 22:09

Sorry, that should be "she", obviously. How could I be so stupid?!

Socci · 22/04/2006 22:09

This is a joke right?

Whizzz · 22/04/2006 22:09

That explains why she once CATd me & then claimed she didn't know'm bugged

yoyo · 22/04/2006 22:09

Lifts collar, speaks into hidden microphone and whispers "I know"...

picassotriggerfish · 22/04/2006 22:10

ooo eerr!

how totally big brother Wink

fastasleep · 22/04/2006 22:10

Character Of Deception! I knew it...

Greensleeves · 22/04/2006 22:10

Oh f*cking hell.

Was this cod's idea?? Grin

fastasleep · 22/04/2006 22:10

Socci!!!!!!!! pmsl!!!!!!!!!

Posey · 22/04/2006 22:11


ItalianJob · 22/04/2006 22:12

are we on one windup a day now or something???

bubble99 · 22/04/2006 22:13

Wiltshire?? The original 'cod' was a senior ranking army official who had been based at Salisbury Plain.

OP posts:
Socci · 22/04/2006 22:13

This place is so weird lately - and I never "get" anything anyway. Cod used to have her picture on the mods page (can't remember what she looks like though)

fastasleep · 22/04/2006 22:14

It's my fault IJ, I seem to have started to spread madness, as soon as people started to remember my name this place got more snurky... now everyone knows who I am it's all gone to pot..

It's all MY fault.

fastasleep · 22/04/2006 22:15

Socci, sweetheart, don't worry your pretty little head...Grin

Greensleeves · 22/04/2006 22:16

Horseshit Grin

Janh · 22/04/2006 22:16

cod's mod page pic was a 50s-style model housewife - aha - the plot thickens - MI5 has no idea what a modern mother looks like!

zippitippitoes · 22/04/2006 22:16

explains why "she" was asking about speed cameras then..and pretending her pils live in the middle of nowhere

hunkermunker · 22/04/2006 22:17

\link{\I see what you mean, Jan...}

fastasleep · 22/04/2006 22:18

Oh Greeny you're just jealous

Can someone help me please? My head seems to be wedged into this here doorway...anyone?

Whizzz · 22/04/2006 22:18

\link{\here's the real'COD'}

waterfalls · 22/04/2006 22:18

This has to be a wind -up, though it would explain wht her non related questions were selected to be put to David CameronGrin

Flossam · 22/04/2006 22:18

and was so interested in 'visiting' my prospective father - maybe he is on their books....

fastasleep · 22/04/2006 22:19

"This has to be a wind -up"

erm is there any doubt in anyone's mind seriously???

zippitippitoes · 22/04/2006 22:20

a doubvle agent too, isn't finland next to russia

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