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a section for allergies?

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robinw · 13/12/2003 05:09

message withdrawn

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bobthebaby · 13/12/2003 05:55

Agree it would be nice.

Bron · 13/12/2003 09:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sibble · 13/12/2003 18:05

agree too

robinw · 14/12/2003 09:58

message withdrawn

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AussieSim · 14/12/2003 11:26


robinw · 15/12/2003 07:56

message withdrawn

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M2T · 15/12/2003 08:35

Fantastic idea!!!
Well done Robinw.

bunny2 · 15/12/2003 11:22

Just seen this thread as I dont usually look at SiteStuff - that illustrates your point doesnt it Robin?! Anyway, yes it is a good idea, please, I often miss threads (tend to avoid food ones too as they make me hungry).

robinw · 20/12/2003 08:20

message withdrawn

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cocococo · 20/12/2003 23:17

This is an excellent idea!

SantaBaby34 · 20/12/2003 23:19

Message withdrawn

robinw · 21/12/2003 05:59

message withdrawn

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polly28 · 21/12/2003 23:58

would love a specific topic for allergies.Ds nut/egg allergy with excema.

Chandra · 22/12/2003 00:17

I would certainly like to have somebody to speak to about eczema or exchange tips about how to keep it controlled... We have had a very difficult year...

robinw · 22/12/2003 06:17

message withdrawn

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bunny2 · 22/12/2003 21:11

Hi Robin, the computer hs been playing up so I havent been near Mumsnet for a day or 2. The Xmas pud I found was in Sainsburys, there isnt a Waitrose round here (we're not posh enough ). I'll ask my Mum, she shops for England and will have visited every supermarket for miles.

This probiotic stuff is very interesting. I am hoping to conceive again soon and am desperate to do as much as I can to ensure no2 doesnt suffer as ds has.

Chandra, we have had a very tough time coping with ds' eczema. It is now virtually clear (I would have said this was impossible 18 months ago) and have tried a huge range of treatments. One of the hardest things was having noone to talk to, all my friends had babies with perfect skin and they had no idea what we were going through. You'll get loads of support here though!

misdee · 22/12/2003 21:16

seperate section please. sometimes dont know to post it in health, food, other sunjects, special needs etc.

robinw · 23/12/2003 08:29

message withdrawn

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Jenie · 23/12/2003 09:14

Just read this thread (don't usually read site stuff) and agree that it would be helpful to have allergies seperate.

bunny2 · 23/12/2003 21:47

Oh yuk Robin. I would do almost anything but not worms. I was thinking more along the lines of probiotic yoghurt.

bunny2 · 23/12/2003 21:47

Good about the pud.

robinw · 24/12/2003 06:16

message withdrawn

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bobthebaby · 24/12/2003 08:33

I'd give ds worms to see if they worked. I'd happily be a test subject for the research. After all if they didn't work they could always kill them off. Could they do a double blind trial or would it be obvious that the placebo group hadn't been given the worms?

Loads of my friends don't think twice about giving their babies powerful prescription drugs because they spit up a bit or antibiotics for a runny nose. Compared to that I think worms seem a pretty harmless way to treat kids with serious allergy problems.

marz · 15/01/2004 20:45

Hi, was there any news about an allergy section?

robinw · 21/01/2004 06:01

message withdrawn

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