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a section for allergies?

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robinw · 13/12/2003 05:09

message withdrawn

OP posts:
Lou33 · 21/01/2004 11:45

I will mail them for you Robin.

Lou33 · 21/01/2004 11:47

Done it.

justiner · 21/01/2004 11:55

Hi Robinw and all.
Sorry for the delay about responding to this - I did clock this thread before Christmas but got lost in the rush if you know what I mean. Don't recall seeing your email though, robin - did you send to contactus (always the best address to use). If you want to receive mails from us (fortnightly parenting news round up, occassional site news and development emails, plus get messages from other members) you need to update your member profile . Be assured it is mumsnet policy never to pass on your email address.
Anyway to get back to the issue in question we think an allergies topic is an excellent idea - tech will add asap.

robinw · 21/01/2004 15:47

message withdrawn

OP posts:
tech · 27/01/2004 21:25

Hi, We've added an allergies topic.


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