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has it always been this way? yawn.

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hatstand · 01/09/2005 16:19

I suspect I'm going to regret this. If someone posts something in a "I need to let off a random bit of steam" kind of way (as opposed to a "I think x would you like to debate it with me" kind of way) and you disagree with the cause of their need to vent, do you
a) tell her she's wrong wrong wrong even when several other people have already expressed the same view
b) gently point out she could look at it differently, your purpose being that seeing it differently might help her or
c) just don't post.
sorry but I personally go for b or c and I think whatsername on the clothing thread got a bit of a hard time

OP posts:
motherinferior · 01/09/2005 16:22

I agree. I think we are going through a bit of a phase of picking on people and being a bit personal. It doesn't characterise the whole of the site, but it is happening a bit at the moment.

cod · 01/09/2005 16:22

Message withdrawn

spacecadet · 01/09/2005 16:23

i dont usually post if i dont agree with the need for a rant.

compo · 01/09/2005 16:24

I noticed that. I was one of the first to post on that thread and then a billion other people posted the exact same thing so I left it quick

Gizmo · 01/09/2005 16:25

Y'know, theoretically you're right, hatstand, but some threads are so obviously 'car crash threads' that it's very hard to resist taking the piss a bit.

I know it's bad, I know it's immature and that it makes me an incipient troll, but it is the stuff that mumsnet legends are made of, after all. Where would we be without grapes in supermarkets, cats and footballs and baby pasta, after all?

edam · 01/09/2005 16:26

but whatshername on the clothing thread was very bitchy - she started a thread to attack someone she thought was another MNr.

Rhubarb · 01/09/2005 16:26

Sometimes it's nice just to have people who will listen, which is why I think maybe you should let them have their rant since they are not really asking for people to debate a point with, they just want a bit of sympathy.

Like, I might rant that dh is a useless cackpanted piece of slime, those who have met him may disagree, but they understand because some days they also think that their dh's are complete and utter a**eholes. So, live and let live!

vickitiredmum · 01/09/2005 16:27

i posted on said thread, but i think i managed to stay within the bounds of your option b hatstand! (im open to being called a hippocrate though - i can take it!)

Lilyloos · 01/09/2005 16:27

It's very daunting posting on this site when there are comments like "You have been posting less than a months so i'm not sure you can say that...." etc.

moondog · 01/09/2005 16:27

I don't really like MN at the moment. Does this usually happen after a year or so do you reckon?
I'm going back to the UK tomorrow so may be a good time to try and ease off......

Things seem so childish and there is a hysterical feeling in the air. (And yes,I know that I was a bit of a ranter vis a vis Milupa before anyone points this out to me!)

Rhubarb · 01/09/2005 16:28

And women love to bitch, it's what we do for crying out loud!

Rhubarb · 01/09/2005 16:28

Nothing changes.

compo · 01/09/2005 16:28

they're are so many who say they don't like it, it's not how it used to be etc, but they stay anyway

cod · 01/09/2005 16:28

Message withdrawn

Fio2 · 01/09/2005 16:31

you can be cruel and kind at the same time

but sometimes you can be just plain tactless, i blame pregnancy hormones or PMT

cod · 01/09/2005 16:32

Message withdrawn

dinosaur · 01/09/2005 16:32

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

SoupDragon · 01/09/2005 16:32

What clothing thread??

Fio2 · 01/09/2005 16:32


no, i meant everyone or no-one

cod · 01/09/2005 16:33

Message withdrawn

cod · 01/09/2005 16:33

Message withdrawn

compo · 01/09/2005 16:34

here Soupy

WigWamBam · 01/09/2005 16:34

So someone starts a spiteful thread slagging someone off because she thinks that person is a MNer and will read what she thinks of her, and everyone is meant to either agree with her or ignore her?

Where's the logic (or indeed the fun ) in that?

edam · 01/09/2005 16:36

quite, WWB.

moondog · 01/09/2005 16:44

I don't mind fights. I'm all for a bit of aggro as long as it has a purpose.

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