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PAY your Mumsnet we can stop this madness...

62 replies

katierocket · 23/08/2005 22:39

Last bit said it a Scarlett O'Hara type of way. But seriously people, come on cough up, it 'aint much and what would we do without it.....

OP posts:
wordsmith · 23/08/2005 22:41

I don't really think that everyone paying their subs would stop MN accepting advertising. They're not a charity and it's a legitimate way of earning money! Do people really think MN taking advertising is the online equivalent of going on the game to pay the household bills?

ks · 23/08/2005 22:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch · 23/08/2005 22:44

No wordsmith but I think a lot of people feel an incredible loyalty to mumsnet and its posters and really don't like the formula ad and feel it's against the ethos of the site, which is understandable. And of 10,000 unique visitors per month only about 800 odd have subscribed. And presumably subscriptions would help mumsnet finances. (I have paid by the way and will continue to do so)

Heathcliffscathy · 23/08/2005 22:52

i've paid and agree that if everyone paid mn wouldn't have to make such tough decisions (they'd still need additional revenue but might be able to turn down dodgies like milupa?)

QueenOfQuotes · 23/08/2005 22:59

ok 10,000 unique visitors per that's 10,000 different people coming at least once a month,

How many of those "click on by" - and don't stick around. I doubt the "regular" visitors is 10,000 a it?

Ladymuck · 23/08/2005 23:24

Agree with Wordsmith. Mumsnet is a commercial venture. Paying subs won't dissuade MN HQ from taking the lucrative formula ad. People leaving en mass will (as this will in turn hit their other advertsing revenue).

Ladymuck · 23/08/2005 23:25

Though what would hit hardest is for those leaving to join another parenting forum en mass, but I wouldn't wish that on the team.

katierocket · 24/08/2005 07:29

When I said "stop this madness", I didn't mean the advert, personally it doesn't bother me but I do think people should pay up. Most people get a lot from MN so not to much to expect a small voluntary contribution.

OP posts:
dejags · 24/08/2005 07:45

thanks KR. I need a kick up the bum on this one. Tried to submit my sub with two different cards but both times failed. Not sure if this has to do with me being in SA.

Will try with a UK card later.

mumtosomeone · 24/08/2005 08:02

didnt know there was a sub to pay!
Never heard about it. where and how do i pay and how much is it?

lockets · 24/08/2005 08:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

nutcracker · 24/08/2005 08:29

I was just about to say what Lockets has said.

I paid when i first joined but since they have come up for renewal I just haven't had the money to pay them.

So should people who haven't paid, stop posting then ??

katierocket · 24/08/2005 08:30

oh FGS, NO, if you can't afford to don't. But if you can, do.

OP posts:
nutcracker · 24/08/2005 08:31

Could we not have a thing where you can pay say £2 a month or something by direct debit, or is that a crap idea ??

mumtosomeone · 24/08/2005 08:31

I will await my email then!
How much is it?

katierocket · 24/08/2005 08:31

I think that's a good idea nut.

OP posts:
nutcracker · 24/08/2005 08:33

Thanks KR

moozoboozobillynomates · 24/08/2005 08:33

I agree with lockets, if subs are compulsory, there is no way on God's earth I can afford it. Financially, DP and I are stretched to the limit, and I don't think he'd appreciate me spending his hard earned money on mn, worthy as it is.

katierocket · 24/08/2005 08:33

they ask for what you can afford mumtosomeone, they suggest £10 per year here

OP posts:
katierocket · 24/08/2005 08:34

moozo - NO ONE IS SAYING THEY SHOULD BE COMPULSORY. But for those who can afford it, this is a reminder.

OP posts:
lockets · 24/08/2005 08:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

moozoboozobillynomates · 24/08/2005 08:38

Don't shout me down! Posted my message late, after picking up my screaming DS.

katierocket · 24/08/2005 08:40

God everyone is so touchy, I'm not "shouting you down", I'm trying to make it clear that this is not a thread saying everyone should pay subsm it's about saying, if you can afford it please pay them. That's it.

OP posts:
mumtosomeone · 24/08/2005 08:41

ok thanks!

moozoboozobillynomates · 24/08/2005 08:41

Ok, sorry. Have had no sleep.

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