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PAY your Mumsnet we can stop this madness...

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katierocket · 23/08/2005 22:39

Last bit said it a Scarlett O'Hara type of way. But seriously people, come on cough up, it 'aint much and what would we do without it.....

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 24/08/2005 08:42

Using capitals does actually count as shouting.

katierocket · 24/08/2005 08:43

Jeez..I apologise from the bottom of my heart if there is any possibility that this thread or my 'shouting' has now or will ever offend any member or potential members.


OP posts:
munz · 24/08/2005 09:24

nut thta was my suggestion DD is easier for me as I forget to do it by card each month and DH would notice a large amount going out in one go, but wouldn't notice say £5.00 p/m.

swiperfox · 24/08/2005 09:35

But KR if you look at the 'yes to milupa ad' not everyone is offended by the ad.
Mumsnet obviously make money from the ad to keep MN going. Just because it's there doesn't mean everyone is going to start using it or suddenly switch to bottle feeding fgs!!!
I think this is all getting a little OTT

katierocket · 24/08/2005 09:41

no you misunderstand me. All the talk of income etc for mumsnet just made me think it's worthwhile reminding (those who can afford it) to pay their MN subs. That's it. Nothing else. Not even really related to the Milupa thing.

OP posts:
swiperfox · 24/08/2005 09:43

ok,i apologise - just getting a bit wound up at how much it's all kicked off and picked the wrong thread to let it out on!

katierocket · 24/08/2005 09:44

indeed swiper - it is all getting a bit crazy isn't it.

Anyway, if anyone wants to pay their subs then feel free....

OP posts:
Ladymuck · 24/08/2005 10:47

KR, I'm sure that Justine will love you for drumming up money for her business, but it is one thing trying to jointly share out some costs, and another to want to raise money from the venture. The owners of Mumsnet obviously want the latter. So I'm just wondering, how much money do you think they should have? What should be the salary that is given to tech (who does this on a part-time basis as I understand it)? Why do you feel that they need more?

Heathcliffscathy · 24/08/2005 14:04

ladymuck, i don't understand how your post is a response to kr's thread reminding people that if you use mn regularly and can afford to it's a good thing to pay your sub. lots and lots of people that can don't. probably in part due to forgetfulness. you seem to be implying that reminding people (or just letting them know for the first time, see below) about subs is about lining the pockets of the founders of mn and those who work for them, it isn't is it?

katierocket · 24/08/2005 14:06

Ladymuck - refer you to sophable's answer, I couldn't put it better.

This isn't some kind of consipiracy you know.

OP posts:
Ladymuck · 24/08/2005 14:35

Sorry, but I don't see it as an issue of yours as to why or whether people "cough up"? The owners of MN have initiated one idea in terms of making money (would people be willing to donate), and they continue to follow other ways of making moeny from the site (books, TV, sponsorship, ads etc). I'm happy for them, and I hope that they do well from it. What I don't understand is why you are asking people to subscribe?
If the MN owners want to re-enforce subscriptions they have better tools at their disposal - reminder emails for example, or at an extreme restricting access. That they don't continue to go down this route indicates that they're not interested in doing so - so why are you?

katierocket · 24/08/2005 14:39

Jesus Ladymuck, you really don't have to take it that seriously.

I'll tell you why and it's very simple.

I like mumsnet, over the last 4 years I have had tons of advice from lots of fantastic people and I feel a certain loyalty towards it. I also know that mumsnet operate on a tight budget and occasionally it helps to remind people about subs. That's why. There is no other reason behind it. If you don't feel like that fine. I can't believe you can be offended by this FGS.

OP posts:
Twiglett · 24/08/2005 14:39

if you don't get why she feels part of the whole mumsnet site now ladymuck you never will

Ladymuck · 24/08/2005 14:47

I'm not offended, and I'm a subscriber. I'm just feel that when people say that "Mumsnet runs on a tight budget", I wonder what information they are basing this on?

Twiglett, the point I'm making is that in my mind there is a very great difference between looking to the whole MN community to share the costs of running the site, and asking the community to pay shareholders and other stakeholders profits. It is particularly emotive when you end up paying some people salaries from these subscriptions. I feel that some of the threads recently on "why not pay more subs, and have less ads" miss the point that the owners want a healthy return. I have subscribed, but having looked at the accounts I may reconsider for next year.

edam · 24/08/2005 14:53

Are the accounts publicly available? Just being nosy...

lemonice · 24/08/2005 14:59

all limited companies have to file thier accounts at companies house and are available for anyone to see, check their website (you have to pay a small sum to download)

snafu · 24/08/2005 15:02

'have fewer ads', ladymuck


Heathcliffscathy · 24/08/2005 15:05

ladymuck, your post does smack of some kind envy of mn's success? it's twisted logic whereby if mn is making money you shouldn't seem to be berating the people that run it and your posts on this thread are out of proportionately emotive and quite honestly pretty weird? has this touched some kind of raw nerve for you?

i know that mn run on a tight budget as justine and rachel say as much when the subject comes up (for eg there was a recent one about clicking on a princess doll thing on the homepage wasn't there.)

i don't know how you can in all conscience consider frequently using but not subscribing if you can afford to...

Ladymuck · 24/08/2005 15:09

Edam, yes you can pay to see them for £1 from the Companies house site. If you are looking to understand them, then, amongst other things, you should look at the list of costs on the last page and consider where the money goes (eg there are salaries and someone gets paid for using part of their home as an office). The IT costs of hosting the site are surprisingly small.

Please note that I am not saying that the owners make excessive profits from the company! But I am curious as to what subscribers would expect to see? And I suspect the idea as to "what is reasonable" will often go hand in hand with "what do I earn".

Heathcliffscathy · 24/08/2005 15:10

of course what is reasonable goes hand in hand with what do i earn and of course the money will in part go on salaries????? what is wrong with that?

oliveoil · 24/08/2005 15:11

Is it a full moon?

QueenOfQuotes · 24/08/2005 15:12

I assume the staff at MN HQ's have bills to pay like the rest of us (don't they !).

Heathcliffscathy · 24/08/2005 15:13

olive am i being a loon (v possible)? full moon was a few days ago ackcherly..

ks · 24/08/2005 15:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Ladymuck · 24/08/2005 15:55

But the moderators are unpaid...

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