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Calling all car buffs...

89 replies

frogs · 23/02/2005 17:29

Okay all you people who know about cars, which of these two should I go for?

Both cars are V-reg V70 diesel Volvos, manual transmission, with 7 seats.

One is £10995 with 67,000 on the clock, the other is £8650 with 90,000 miles, and they'll throw in 12 months road tax for free.

Which is the better deal? I have to let them know by tomorrow morning.


OP posts:

hub2dee · 03/03/2005 14:08

Anyone for edamame ? Yumm.


Anteater · 03/03/2005 15:08

OK hub2dee, both these cars are excellent, especially when compared to our current modes of transport!!

A lot will depend on how it will be driven. We tow all sorts, are very often off tarmac and don?t do masses of miles.

Both have a real 7 seat option, slightly more room in the Disco rear 2 seats. The Volvo middle seats are easier to move to gain access to the rear.

The Volvo is much noisier, both engine and wind. It also gives the impression of driving a people carrier as it has a very sloppy window screen. This also means that when getting into the front seats there is a likelihood you will crack your skull (happened to both Mrs A and myself) Nasty chrome bits around the Gear stick. SE comes with very nice leather as standard.

The Discovery3 is difficult to fault. Its more money, for the same price as the XC90 SE you only get an Disco S, ie no leather. The ride is better than the current Range Rover, the M class and the X5 (!)
We both went in wanting to like the XC90, but came away Disco converts.. That was the easy bit, now how to buy one!! Could only get a token £500 of the Disco..


hub2dee · 03/03/2005 15:24

Disco, un point.

Volvo, nul point.

Australia, may we have your points ?


RTKangaMummy · 03/03/2005 15:28

how easy is it to put back seats into floor in XC90?


Anteater · 03/03/2005 15:39

Both makes are very easy to use/lose the rear seats, the seat bit of the seats slides back under the luggage floor and the back of the seat just swings over and fills the hole, a very neat job.

Kids in the back cannot just exit via the tail gate, (as we used to as kids in our Dads 240, and is commonplace in old Discos/estates with rear facing seats) they must come forward tho the side doors that are controlled by the driver. Much safer.


frogs · 03/03/2005 16:14

Have just bought a V70 estate! At least have put down deposit on it and have RAC going to the garage on Monday to give it the full Monty. If that's okay, garage are going to put in the extra two seats, and give it a final service and it will be ours. (Once I've paid, of course).

Very exciting!

RTKM, would you like me to describe it to you in lascivious detail? Methinks all your cars are much sexier, there is a limit to how excited you sophisticates will be able to get over an S-reg V70, even if it has got half-leather seats, walnut trim, a 3-CD player... Sorry, am I boring anyone?

OP posts:

Anteater · 03/03/2005 16:18

Can my R-reg V70 with 1/2 leather, 3 CD player be your new cars penpal? (Only two small dents)


frogs · 03/03/2005 16:20

Ooh yes, what colour?

Mine is 'Olive pearl metallic', aka green.

OP posts:

RTKangaMummy · 03/03/2005 16:22



Walnut trim


Anteater · 03/03/2005 16:25

Im colour blind but when we bought it they said it was 'Graphite' Its not very well cared for now, always dirty!
Be careful with the disc changer thingy, dd1 loaded in an extra CD and ours is now buggered! Its at the garage today being serviced so it may work again!


hub2dee · 03/03/2005 16:36

You will never know how much you've made old Kanga smile, frogs.

I can see it from here.

Ant: were you selling your V70? (Can't remember the details). Is it one one might like to buy or is it one one might like to offload to a dealer and walk away from rather fast ? If the former, and it's cheap, I might consider it.

Do you think if I over-pressurise the tyres I might be able to look Kanga in the eye ?


RTKangaMummy · 03/03/2005 16:44

I do think it is deffo brill


Anteater · 03/03/2005 17:09

Mrs A tells me shes getting the new wheels, Im taking over Frogs new penpal and my truck can stay at work and work..!


hub2dee · 03/03/2005 17:15

Not sure I quite understood that, Anteater, LOL. Are you on the ant nectar ?

Thanks for the comments on the cars though.

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