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Calling all car buffs...

89 replies

frogs · 23/02/2005 17:29

Okay all you people who know about cars, which of these two should I go for?

Both cars are V-reg V70 diesel Volvos, manual transmission, with 7 seats.

One is £10995 with 67,000 on the clock, the other is £8650 with 90,000 miles, and they'll throw in 12 months road tax for free.

Which is the better deal? I have to let them know by tomorrow morning.


OP posts:

hub2dee · 24/02/2005 08:33

Does it taste yummy, RTKM, drizzled over peanut butter ?

Diesel always makes me gag.

The prices at the dealers particularly main dealers, premium brands, will ALWAYS command a premium of 1K+ on private sale / autotrader / loot type prices unless the dealer has a particular need to offload a vehicle sharp: ie. a Volvo dealer takes in a VW Passat as part exchange.

You're paying for the security, the cup of tea, the 1 yr warranty, the trusted name and for not schleping through the UK visiting strange people selling strange cars. Personally, I prefer to visit strange people, find a kosher car, and save the money, but then again I used to wear shoes of different colours.


hub2dee · 24/02/2005 08:52


I just checked at and there are three Volvos with lower miles, much newer plates, and cheaper prices (petrol admittedly).

Even if you want to buy from a Volvo dealer, I would defo spend 10 minutes printing out some of the listings from sites such as this to imrpove your bargaining position. It might be really worth your while having a good surf through Honest John's links.

This 'got to let them know by' might be true, there could be other buyers in the wings, and I know you've negotiated discounts on seating etc. but chances are it's just the dealer trying to be pushy, and even if your car sold, there will be plenty more for you to consider.

Anteater and Kanga, You drive these beasties, but are you sure that wasn't just a new shape V70 in Housewives ???


frogs · 24/02/2005 09:21

Oh, you guys are amazing!

I had looked at the Cargiant ones, but thought the Full Volvo Service History thing was important, and might be better off buying it from a proper Volvo dealer. I have also spent a few happy hours looking through Autotrader, but I know so little about it that I'm not really in a position to evaluate a car sensibly, and wouldn't have the same comeback from a private sale. Also possibly a better service history from proper Volvo place.

OP posts:

Anteater · 24/02/2005 09:25

will always bow to RTKMs chosen subject of expertise, but I think it was an XC70..

Frogs, I think it may be wise to wait until the new plates come out, as already mentioned. Loads more choice and posible deals. As a rule never stop asking for reductions and extra bits until the salesman has actually said NO, then you know you have the best deal! Your a cash buyer so make max use of fact.

Hub2bee, your not an ex-East Sloper are you?!


RTKangaMummy · 24/02/2005 09:25

Is there a reason you want a diesel or does it not matter?

Just remember there are loads of cars out there so if you miss the one you want there will be another one round the corner.

And I mean in dealerships.

Hub2dee I only saw it for a sec but it had the front end like XC70

I was only half watching as was mumsnetting. And talking to DH.


Easy · 24/02/2005 09:32

I once went to buy a car (for dh actually). After about 30 mins of haggling, the salesman said "You're giving me headache, have you got any aspirin in your handbag"

I said "Chuck in a years tax, and some mats, and I'll give you a couple of paracetamol"

We got 6 months tax on it!!


Anteater · 24/02/2005 09:36


RTKangaMummy · 24/02/2005 09:42

pmsl Easy

Do you find it easier with men dealers?

The last one was a woman and I just couldn't "flirt" or "joke" with her? It was really awful, and she kept talking to DH who knows nothing about cars.


hub2dee · 24/02/2005 10:09

Anteater, you've got to bow, she's so bloody high up in her XC70...

Just wait till you have to crank your neck up to peak at me in my (new V8) XC90.

LOL, Kanga, you old tart. You should have sent me in to schmooze the laydee. I would have got free rubber mats and one of those floaty compasses which show you where you're going.... I mean satnav's for gerbils innit....

Easy: nice story. Knew there was a reason dw always has some in her baggy.

frogs: The cars Volvo used-approved sell will all have main dealer service histories, and I would hope they've done additional checks etc. but you can expect / insist on FMDSH (full main dealer service history) on any car you look into. Phone up, and ask. If it ain't got it, "run, don't walk to the nearest exit." I know it can all be a bit intimidating, maybe you can filter out the crud and post some 'hot leads' here for us to comment on, ITH ?

Also, my mate jazzybee is a non-active MNer who is a car nut and I can ask him if there were any minor model / engine issues / changes worth considering.

Ref: Housewives... someone with too much time on their hands could review a video of the episode for us maybe ? I seem to remember the car in the shot at the playing fields looking like this V70 .


frogs · 24/02/2005 13:49

The story of "How the frog family bought a car" continues!

Someone pointed me in the direction of the Volvo Users Club , which is a site for people who love their Volvos so much that they want to obsess about them online. Very handy for ignoramuses like me. Someone on there recommended a dealer local to me who is a Volvo specialist, but non-franchised IYSWIM. so went round this am for a test drive (petrol, automatic, in the end). And I can report back that, although it looks like a big beast, it drives like a pussy cat. Very nice indeed. And automatic was fine once I got used to it, though kept developing strange twitches in my left foot and hand.

So maybe my ideas of diesel and manual will go by the wayside in favour of this dealer's offers on petrol cars. One in particular, an S-reg 2.4 170bhp is very nice, only one owner, who was the Dad of one of the garage owners. So cars probably don't come better looked after than that.

But I'm not jumping too soon, having a little think over the weekend. But the deal is considerably better than the ones on the official Volvo website, and the dealer was lovely. It was like Volvo heaven in there -- plenty of the kind of big beasts that I remember other people's parents driving circa 1979 being lovingly tended and nurtured. RTKM, should you be in the East London area and fancy drooling over some Volvos, I'll give you the address!

OP posts:

Anteater · 24/02/2005 14:13

Ours is a 170bhp, goes like a bomb when required.
Forgot to mention the Volvo owners Insurance, we saved loads both thro motor and house insurance.. Suppose Volvo owners are perceived 'safe'!


hub2dee · 24/02/2005 14:23

Hey, that's great news, frogs.

LOL at the Volvo Club. RTKM is just running to the head office AS WE SPEAK !!!!

Automatics do take a bit of getting used to but they are great in traffic, and let you focus on the driving rather than the vehicle mechanics, IYSWIM. They're not for everybody, but I enjoy a good drive as much as the next guy, and for a family motor, with a powerful enough engine, I would always go automatic.

I'd love the address too. Good garages are hard to find.

If the car has been properly looked after by Volvo specialist mechanics, it will probably be fine. The staff might be even more motivated to do top notch work precisely because they are independent.

'Dad's' car may have been used as a dealer demonstrator before going to dad (check the log book for 'surprise' owners), but as you point out, if it would have needed anything, it would've got sorted, properly. Perhaps just be extra rude and check 'dad' didn't get a car the garage got in super cheap from a crash etc. and then sorted out big time, and then sold on 'within the loop,' IYSWIM.

Glad also that you're more relaxed about the timing on your purchase. It's almost always worth going slow when buying (I know, I know, it can be hard ). If you're loitering around the garage see if you can speak to anyone who's picking up their car from servicing / repair... they may confirm that they've been dealt with consistently well or may moan that they've had to bring an unreliable car back again...

Keep us posted on how things go, and we'll expect a big Volvo turn out at the biggest MN meet EVER


hub2dee · 24/02/2005 14:25

Anteater: you forgot 'boring.'


hub2dee · 03/03/2005 07:07

Well, frogs, any update on the buying spree ?


Anteater · 03/03/2005 12:40

weve got a XC90 out as a demo today, and (lowers voice so RTKM wont here) its not nearly as nice as the new Discovery3


RTKangaMummy · 03/03/2005 12:42

I did hear

But I have the XC70

In the discovery have they solved the rolling problem????


hub2dee · 03/03/2005 13:40

She has the ears of a hawk, that one.

I read a fab review of the Disco 3. Anty: do post on what you thought of both cars if you wouldn't mind after you'v had a nice ride.

Find RTKM at some lights and you can be snooty down your nose at her little XC70.



RTKangaMummy · 03/03/2005 13:43

I love my XC70

And it loves me


RTKangaMummy · 03/03/2005 13:45

Our next door but one neighbour has XC90

and the silly woman can't turn it round in the car park

she does about 20 point turn

it is so funny to watch

Sometimes I feel like going out to ask if she wants some help.


hub2dee · 03/03/2005 13:49

LOL, Kanga.

She's probably reading this thread as we speak, fuming.

Maybe she gets a prize when she hits 21 ????

As an aside, it looks like we're considering BMW 5 series estate, Merc E class estate, Volvo estate, Citroen C8 depending on age / seller / how much we're going to waste on a car / what I come across in a suitable timeframe etc. etc.


lapsedrunner · 03/03/2005 13:53

If this is turning into a Volvo fan club can I join? Love our V70 T5,its turn of speed a great advanatge as we live on the continent and have to keep up with the BMWs


RTKangaMummy · 03/03/2005 14:01

merc very sloped boot hasn't it?

Yoou know what I think don't you hub2dee

Lapsedrunner welcome T5 deffo nippy

where are you on continent?


hub2dee · 03/03/2005 14:05

In no way is this thead the beginnings of an MN Volvo Appreciation Society.

(Although it might be if we buy a V70 too )

No, it is a forum for Kanga to express some worrying vehicle eroticisation tendencies, and for us all to support her.

lapsedrunner, do you make your car snarl at the bimmers ?


hub2dee · 03/03/2005 14:07

New Merc does, old Merc doesn't.

Anyway, Kanga, I get John Lewis to deliver me washing machines...


RTKangaMummy · 03/03/2005 14:07


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