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Calling all car buffs...

89 replies

frogs · 23/02/2005 17:29

Okay all you people who know about cars, which of these two should I go for?

Both cars are V-reg V70 diesel Volvos, manual transmission, with 7 seats.

One is £10995 with 67,000 on the clock, the other is £8650 with 90,000 miles, and they'll throw in 12 months road tax for free.

Which is the better deal? I have to let them know by tomorrow morning.


OP posts:

RTKangaMummy · 23/02/2005 22:00

only joking


Easy · 23/02/2005 22:01

Actually I love buying cars, just adore the bargaining bit.


RTKangaMummy · 23/02/2005 22:03

easy you bargin

I test drive

and frogs pays for it


hub2dee · 23/02/2005 22:04

It may help frogs if any used-approved Volvo buyers could confirm what, if any, discount / goodies they managed to haggle off the (official Volvo) web price for their car.


RTKangaMummy · 23/02/2005 22:08

new tyres

Our dealer was horrible she was a woman which I found really really hard

so glad she is not one of your options


frogs · 23/02/2005 22:11

Easy is right. Am thinking I will get a day return to Peterborough and drive around a bit. Slightly worried about making a prat of myself in front of the dealer -- I've never driven anything that size before! But once you're in the three kids + league, small and natty isn't really an option.

I've already bargained a bit, getting them to fit the extra two seats for £650 instead of £850+, plus 12 months road tax. But you're all right, must work harder and beat him down a bit more. Am going to mention the towbar and hohum about that a bit. How cheeky should I be with my offer, bearing in mind it's the end of the month?

OP posts:

RTKangaMummy · 23/02/2005 22:14

go to local dealer first then so you can have a go with theirs

at least reversing etc
and parking


RTKangaMummy · 23/02/2005 22:15

this is cash isnt it

so not part exchange


hub2dee · 23/02/2005 22:16

You can never haggle enough.

Beat them down as much as you can. I expect they anticipate discounting 500 quid or so to close the deal.


Take some cash for the deposit. Put it on the table. Tell them if they do a bit more the cash stays, and you do the deal. If not it goes and you go.

Defo do a test drive, close to home to save time and not have to worry about strange roads.


RTKangaMummy · 23/02/2005 22:20

I would start @ £7,500

because there are so many cars out there and he will know that

If you don't have a car to give him IMHO you are in a very strong position


frogs · 23/02/2005 22:22

Yes, cash in the sense that it isn't part-exchange or finance. But presumably cash doesn't mean that I have to travel to P'boro with a holdall containing 80000 used tenners?! Won't a cheque or bankers draft do the job just as well?

OP posts:

RTKangaMummy · 23/02/2005 22:23


DH was surprized when I said cash too


RTKangaMummy · 23/02/2005 22:25

take £100 + in cash for deposit

And it has to be on approval of RAC


frogs · 23/02/2005 22:27

In terms of testdrive, local dealer doesn't have anything approaching equivalent vehicle. The only older volvo they have is a petrol, and automatic, which I'm not used to. Surely they can't all be so similar as to make no difference?

OP posts:

RTKangaMummy · 23/02/2005 22:31

do they have a newer manual?

or you could get size with auto

at least you could look it over and sit in it.

once you have driven one they will nearly be the same

Apart from my current one which is geartronic

I can drive any volvo all controls are same more or less anyway


hub2dee · 23/02/2005 22:35

frogs, have you had a good look through, for example, ?

There are a pile of V70s, a few diesels... some seem to have good history, some cheaper. Might help.

Cheque, you'll probably have to wait several days for it to clear before collecting the car. Banker's draft and the car's yours. How about you do a banker's draft for a couple of grand less and negotiate the balance in cashola.

Check out the autotrader prices and use these to bargain. Bring a print out so the dealer thinks if you don't buy his/her car, you've got another one lined up that looks nice and is cheaper...


RTKangaMummy · 23/02/2005 22:46

why do you have to decide tommorrow?

can you wait til the new plates come out?

or have I missed something?

There are loads in autotrader wouldn't buy from there myself but has ideas for prices

you could ask honest john


RTKangaMummy · 23/02/2005 22:47

he is free

janH talks about him


hub2dee · 23/02/2005 22:49

Was that a new shape V70 I just spotted on Housewives ?


RTKangaMummy · 23/02/2005 22:50

The best looking estate car you can buy. Confusingly, based on the new S80, but replaces the 'old' V70. Satisfying to drive. Wide range of engines including petrol turbos up to 250 bhp, Audi's 140 bhp straight five TDI and a new TDI. Widely praised for convenience features. XC is a four-wheel-drive cross-country version on raised suspension with 200 bhp petrol turbo engine. 200 bhp V70T is a nice drive. Excellent medium wave radio reception and a really good integrated hands-free mobile phone system (£900 option). All you have to do is slip in the SIM card from your pocket cellphone, key in your pin and you're in business. 250 bhp T5 model very popular with police forces, so look out for bargain high-milers in white from 2002. LPG and CNG options from June 2001: V70 S LPG £24,455; V70 SE LPG £26,255; V70 S CNG £25,255; V70 SE CNG £27,055. Volvo's own D5 lightweight 163bhp common rail diesel from Summer 2001 offers 251 lb ft (340Nm torque)from 1,750rpm, combined consumption of 42.2mpg, C02 of 177g/km and prices of £23,955 for the S or £25,955 for the SE. Insurance Gropup 13. V70 AWD four-wheel-drive gets diesel engine early in 2002 and diesel automatic option from summer 2002. Should be an excellent towcar. 300bhp V70R from September 2002. Joint 20th from Top in 144 car 2002 JD Power / What Car? Customer Satisfaction Survey of V and W reg cars. Awesome 300bhp V70R with active suspension dor 2003 does 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, tops out at 155mph and costs £37,660 for manual or £38,910 for Geartronic. 200bhp 2.4T upgraded to 210bhp 2.5T in May 2003. 6 speed manual box for XC70 and V70 D5 AWD from April 2004. Entire V70 range RECOMMENDED. Self-help site: Volvos generally had slightly below average warranty repair costs in 2003 Warranty Direct Reliability index (index 90.54 v/s lowest 31.93). Link:- Facelifted in May 2004 with new bumpers, new alloys and soft nose. T5 engine upgrades, 2nd generation Four-C Active Chassis, blind spot information system, water repellent glass, switchable passenger airbag, new seats, new look dashboard, new look tail lights.

Road and track test V70R at

Road test Summer 2004 update V70 and XC70 at

What's Bad
See S80. Poor steering lock can make it difficult to swing into a parallel parking space. Police drivers prefer the handling of the previous V70. Bright, quartz iodine daytime running lights can dazzle and infuriate other drivers, especially at 'traffic calming' points. If you switch to sidelights to avoid this you get no 'lights on' warning when you leave the car. If you leave the daytime running lights on they eat bulbs. Serious reliability problems reported by ADAC (the German breakdown organisation) in its 2001 report. Getting a reputation for flattening batteries due to some kind of immobiliser fault which Volvo dealers seem unable to trace (see April 2001 recall which could be the culprit). Also a locking problem, which particularly affects the rear hatchback lock. Resonating exhaust manifold/car converter heat shields seems to be a problem on some models. for breakdowns but poor for problems and faults in 2003 Which survey. Reports of out of wsarranty failures of front suspension a`rms and bushes requiring work costing as much as £1,000.
What to Watch Out For
See S80, but depreciation will always be lower for an estate car. Make sure all the door locks work properly, especially the rear hatchback lock (see recalls). Booming noise at 2700 - 3000 revs in four wheel drive XC70 can be caused by out of balance propshaft.
August 2000: V70 models recalled because front suspension ball joint can work loose or fail. 2-4-2001: Possible faults in rear door wiring harnesses may prevent child safety locks working. Check for effective operation and replace wiring harness if necessary. 2-4-2001: left and right rear outer seatbelt bottom fixing bolts and rhs child restraint anchor bracket may be loose or may have been incorretly torqued. Re-torque as necessary. TSB issued early 2002 to fix intermittent fault with remote central locking. 10-1-2003: Under certain conditions the detachable towbar may work loose resulting in the bar becoming detached from the car. Replace the tow ball and housing with a calibrated unit. 8-10-2003: On 1087 cars VINs 388138 to 393194 possibility of a restriction in a T-piece in the fuel return line which could lead to a pressure build up which could blow the pipe off. T-piece to be replaced. February 2004: Recall of S60, V70s and S80s build during 2003 to check/replace balljoints in the steering. Not dangerous. Owners informed by letter. September 2004: Worldwide recall of 500,000 S60s, V70s, XC70s and S80s built 1999-2001 because radiator fan could overheat and start and engine compartment fire.


RTKangaMummy · 23/02/2005 22:50

looked a bit like XC70 in silversand


Anteater · 24/02/2005 00:24

Volvo V70 driver here, blown away by the volvo knowledge pool on his thread.
Ive gotta say that I think the price is a liitle hi. If your doing less than 10K miles why not go for the petrol, not so many mpgs but more choice and cheaper.
I had to replace the front shocks on ours last year, which cost around £200.
Would ask dealers if they know the car and how many previous owners they have had.
Hub2dee, think that was an XC70.
Were off to get a trade in value on ours next week!
Good luck!


RTKangaMummy · 24/02/2005 00:38

oh another thought we phone up the garages mentioned in log book where it has been serviced then they can tell you about the car

Also contact the previous owners enclosing a SAE to make a reply more likely


RTKangaMummy · 24/02/2005 00:40

Agree try petrol

I know some people like diesel I prefer petrol myself


RTKangaMummy · 24/02/2005 00:41

perhaps Anteater you sell yours to frogs?

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