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Men buying the Sex Toys (Couple Play)

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cosmicbabe · 21/06/2020 23:06

So why is it that I always buy the sex toys in our relationship lol. Do men think about this and ever surprise there OH?... Or not even cross their minds? I'm starting to feel like the pervert here !!!


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OP posts:
Complex1950 · 22/06/2020 01:39

My oh would be mortified to even use a sex toy let alone buy one. He doesn’t know I own a rabbit which is tucked away in the wardrobe for when he wakes away lol to be honest we haven’t had sex in ages and he’s gone right off it so part of me thinks why should I hide it when he’s not interested anyway ! So in answer to your question I think it depends on the man I’ve never known any of my exes buy them but happy to attend the shop with me to choose? But a man I work with he buys them for his current partner but he’s very gifty anyway always buying her bath bombs perfume thought ful gifts anyway ... handcuffs anal beads lol

thisstooshallpass · 22/06/2020 12:36

We are going through the 'spicing up' our sex lives at the moment.

I think he leaves me to make the decisions because he will be happy with anything I suggest/buy. I've always had the higher sex drive too.

I'm enjoying the control and decision making, I'm drip feeding him with different things and some stuff I'm keeping to myself until I've mastered them 😉

Enjoy - you're certainly not a pervert.

DeltaAlphaDelta · 22/06/2020 13:19

I usually buy any toys for us, as DW doesn't always know what version of something to get, and tends to let me make the decision.

We often choose something together but i will buy.

She finds it too embarrassing to go into sex shops even with me, especially if its a male shop assistant working, so i will tend to go in alone to get anything we need, but i mainly buy from Lovehoney anyway.

marchez · 22/06/2020 15:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

namechanged1010 · 22/06/2020 16:26

We don't have much but DH has bought them. He loves using them on me so surprised me with what he bought.

Littlemix1 · 22/06/2020 23:38

Everyone's different My partner often buys me toys especially during lockdown as we can't be together in that way

Purplelight · 23/06/2020 08:25

I tend to do all the buying for toys for us, for my dw or for use on me. I don’t think my wife would even have considered them, however she does now love the bullet vibe. I find it adds something a little different to our sexlife. Some things have worked well and we have kept (see bullet comment), others we have tried but have not been so fussed with (buttplugs).

Namechanged1010 · 23/06/2020 09:04

I agree with @Purplelight . I wouldn't have ever considered it if DH hadn't asked. At first I said no as I said I preferred the real thing, but he persisted and eventually bought one without asking.

I tried it with him using it on me. Was a simple vibrator, rubbery so soft texture and just used it outside for a start. However, the buzzing does get you going and gradually that night he used it inside me and it was an amazing feeling. It is a regular part of our sex life now and I love feeling the vibrations inside me. He loved using it in me and seeing me orgasm from it

thisstooshallpass · 23/06/2020 09:12

@namechanged1010 there are SO many other types of toys other than vibrators. Buying sex toys isn't restricted to recreating a cock!

Namechanged1010 · 23/06/2020 10:14

Yes ..he has bought some since although sex toys..more complimentary things

Alonelonelyloner · 23/06/2020 18:57

We buy them together. It's fun.

Littlemix1 · 23/06/2020 19:57

Best thing upto now is lush2, he controls it on his phone from his house, cum every time often multiple orgasms. Need a safe word when to stop

Mxflamingnoravera · 24/06/2020 17:53

Mine had more than I had when we met and between us we could probably stock Love Honey.

PinotPony · 24/06/2020 23:15

DP and I both buy toys for ourselves and each other. We have conversations about what we'd like to try and recommendations from friends.

He bought me a new wand and nipple clamps last week and yesterday I presented him with a vibrating prostate massager. Feels like we're keeping LoveHoney in business!!

StrawberryTot · 28/06/2020 22:36

My DP has bought me more than I bought myself, and there are zero complaints Grin

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