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Went to Centre Parks for the first time today

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WaverleyOwl · 09/03/2018 21:30

Okay, sorry for the somewhat obscure reference, but ahem, I think we know what we are talking about (bumsex, sorrynotsorry).

DH an I had some time to ourselves today without threat of interruption. This is very unusual. It's been something I knew he wanted, but was hesitant due to longstanding bum issues (thank you DC1 for the piles).

Anyway, in thought, what the hell, it's something I wanted to try. I can stop it if it gets sore. But holy crap, I have not felt this connected to my DH in years. I don't know if it is because its a bit naughty but we can't stop grinning at each other. I thought it was something I might tolerate at best, but omg. 3 orgasms and I could have kept going.

I can't share with my friends, so sorry, you've drawn the short straw. Please don't judge.

OP posts:
Orlandointhewilderness · 09/03/2018 22:21

Glad you had lots of lovely bum fun! Enjoy - anything that connects you to your partner is a good thing.

April229 · 10/03/2018 06:26

I didn’t know one could orgasm this way, what am I missing??

NormaNameChange · 10/03/2018 12:01

Grin so happy for you! I hear you on the connection too - its hugely intimate for me. No judgement here :) no need to ask if you'll be doing it again then???

WaverleyOwl · 10/03/2018 18:36

Gads, okay, I may have had a couple of glasses of courage before I posted, but the sentiment still stands.

April, for me it just worked because (and this topic is already tmi so no disclaimer) stimulating my bum makes me climax so much harder. Even when it's me doing it. But there must be clitoral stimulation too. Bum or vagina only is not enough, there must be clitoral stimulation as well. That's the key. Those two things together gives me mind blowing organs. Took me 40 years to get there, but better late than never.

I think I was surprised how easy it was. I was expecting discomfort but it was fine. We were giggling like horny teenagers and that was lovely.

We've had years of weird, not passionate TTC sex, leading to IVF so it is freeing to feel a bit of passion.

OP posts:
PussGirl · 10/03/2018 23:24

Agree - much more intense with my bum involved!

Also need clitoral stimulation to come although nipples can nearly do it

lottieandmia22 · 11/03/2018 00:04

Why would you only have anal sex at Center Parcs? 🤔

lottieandmia22 · 11/03/2018 00:05

Oh I get it now! Apologies I have AS

WaverleyOwl · 11/03/2018 18:04

Sorry lottie thought the Centre Parcs ref was known on MN. Shorthand for bumsex.

I'm not even sure why I posted, but it was such a positive thing that I wanted to share. Obviously we were both on the same page, there was no coersion or anything. I guess I just didn't expect it to be so good 😁

My DH really likes his own bum fun, so I'm thinking of returning the favour. Please bear in mind that 5 years+ of ttc sex has really messed with his ability to perform, so I'm glad of these new developments.

Anyhoo, this isn't that important, but just wanted to share my experience that it can be a lovely good thing, and not something that should be endured if you don't want it.

OP posts:
April229 · 11/03/2018 20:36

You have opened my eyes Waverley, and big high five to you and your dp for injecting some fun and giggles after a tricky time. :)

BrutusMcDogface · 11/03/2018 22:56

I've always said my bum is exit only, but maybe I could be persuaded to try it out! Grin

Boredboredboredboredbored · 12/03/2018 14:15

I am currently 5 months into a new relationship after a 17 year crap sex marriage. I prefer anal sex to vaginal sex with my new man. Not wtf has happened to me but we both find it an enormous turn on. I do not find it painful in the least. As long as you're both happy and comfortable with it good luck to you I say!

claraandbertha · 12/03/2018 15:53

Always good to hear when things are working out well in people's lives!

Not being experienced in bumsex, what positions are you in where it doesn't hurt and are you spending a long time in foreplay to prevent the pain?

WaverleyOwl · 12/03/2018 16:05

To be honest, I thought I'd need more prep, but lots of lube, a few fingers and then onto the main event. My DH isn't small, but not massive either, so that might be a factor. I was on my back, so we were face to face, legs over his shoulders. My only complaint was that I think I needed more room to arch back, so next time we'll move so my head is more over the side of the bed.

And thanks April, it wasn't high on my list of priorities but so glad we finally tried it. DH and I still giggling over it, which is rather nice 😁

OP posts:
WaverleyOwl · 12/03/2018 19:56

Hmm, bored wonder if we have a sort of similar issue. Years of crap sex. Different reasons, but similar outcome. Good luck with your new man!

OP posts:
Joey7t8 · 13/03/2018 13:02

My DH really likes his own bum fun, so I'm thinking of returning the favour.

He’s certainly not alone in being a straight man that likes bum fun Wink

I’m sure he’d love you to return the favour!

WaverleyOwl · 13/03/2018 21:18

Ha Joey we've already explored his bum fun desires a few times in a few ways (fingers and toys). This was about the final fantasy of me joining in, I guess.

I think it's great that straight men acknowledge that it just feels bloody good to be stimulated that way. My DH would love for me to take him that way properly (pegging?). Don't have the hardware, but maybe someday. If only men didn't feel emasculated receiving that sort of pleasure we might all have more fun (bear in mind I've been married 12 years and we are just getting to this!)

OP posts:
user1467313952 · 14/03/2018 21:07

My Husband and I are big fans of bum fun. It's a totally different type of pleasure and one I enjoy a lot. My Husband enjoys the different feeling to normal vaginal sex and we feel it connects us on a different way. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. Have fun 😁

MissLead · 14/03/2018 21:52

Yep OH loves it up the bum Shock

Boredboredboredboredbored · 14/03/2018 22:33

My new man also wants to explore this too. We have started using sex toys and fingers. I've never been with a man so open to this so it's all new to me.

WaverleyOwl · 15/03/2018 22:17

Loving all the nice bumsex stories. Who'd have thought it would be something we'd all bond over in a warm and fuzzy way. I've been with DH long enough that it is fun to try something new. I keep thinking of ways I might surprise him. Toys we might buy.

I grew up with many, many hangups to do with sex. This has been rather therapeutic 😁

OP posts:
NormaNameChange · 16/03/2018 20:25

@WaverleyOwl if i may aid of the back arch you may want to try him standing; with you on your back, legs on his shoulders.. its umm, my fav. Plenty of room for back arching too Grin

WaverleyOwl · 16/03/2018 20:54

Norma, so sort of bum hanging off he bed and him standing and my legs up over his shoulders? to try.

Last night we had another go, with me on top to start. That was intense! Switched to me underneath, Not quite as good for me (need practice) but he loved it, bless.

Go me! I was a late bloomer with the whole sex thing. Have only had one partner, my ever lovely and suffering DH, and kids are now old enough that we can finally get back to sexy times (on a budget, obviously). What to try next?!

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Boredboredboredboredbored · 17/03/2018 12:26

We've perfected it for us now. I go on all fours and open my legs as wide as possible and then he goes from behind. It feels amazingly deep and by god it turns us both on Wink

A question though....does your oh use a condom? Does he ejaculate inside you? I find it quite messy for some time after Blush

BoobleMcB · 18/03/2018 13:49

Sat watching Peppa Pig and can't help but chuckle at it being sponsored by Centre Parks 🙊🙊 especially with all those muddy puddles! 😂😂

HarleyQuimm · 18/03/2018 17:36

I totally get the connection thing too. It actually makes me really emotional afterwards, in a really good way- I think it's the feeling of being so very vulnerable that brings any emotional barriers crashing down. It doesn't happen regularly but when we do, I enjoy it on a physical as well as almost spiritual level! Good old centreparcs.

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