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What would surprise others...

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user1467313952 · 13/08/2017 15:04

Just a fun game...what do you and OH get up to that would surprise your family or friends?

E.g. OH and I enjoy very kinky sex...a strap on for OH meaning 2 at once for me (which is as close to 2 real ones at once as I'll ever get. A big selection of toys, lots of anal etc...

This would shock my family big time and I'm sure would shock quite a few friends also.

Tell me about yours!

OP posts:
IAmTheDragon · 13/08/2017 15:32

Is it a turn on for you, that it would shock your f+f?

DH and I are in to all sorts, as I'm sure my parents and friends are too. We won't be talking about it though!

shivermytimbers · 13/08/2017 15:34

I would be shocked if my friends thought I was that interested in their sex lives. I would also be shocked if they were that interested in mine.

QuitMoaning · 13/08/2017 15:36

How does he (I assume he as you say two at once) strap it on and then you get two at once? I always assumed strap ons were for females to wear

Btw, my sex life is just 'normal', nothing kinky but we are happy.

DearMrDilkington · 13/08/2017 15:37

Nobody cares what your doing in the bedroom.

I think your really after some mental images for the wank bank.

Beelzebop · 13/08/2017 15:40


PandorasXbox · 13/08/2017 15:41

Jesus wept I wasn't expecting that OP Shock

shivermytimbers · 13/08/2017 15:44

wank bank Grin

Crispsheets · 13/08/2017 15:44

I think that's quite vanilla Grin

Fluffypinkpyjamas · 13/08/2017 15:48

Tell me about yours = let me get off on your sex life as I don't really have one.

Sunnie2010 · 13/08/2017 15:51

I like to wrap my partner in cling film then make sure he's sticky all over i then roll him in cotton wool and glitter. I then make him get on his knees and eat toe jam whilst making baa sounds.

user1467313952 · 13/08/2017 15:52

Definitely not somethinf for the 'want bank at all....was just a simple question.

🤣 @Crispsheets....I thought we were quite adventurous and definitely not vanilla, but obviously not.'s a bit like a c**k ring with a penis attached meaning he puts the ring bit around him and it's like 2 at once then.

OP posts:
ihave2naughtydogs · 13/08/2017 16:33

DP and myself love watersports .
He pisses insides me during sex . I
Love it because it's so kinky and taboo Blush

user1467313952 · 13/08/2017 17:01

Oh that is definitely not my cup of tea but definitely kinky @ihave2naughtydogs

OP posts:
AnyFucker · 13/08/2017 17:05

What is with these needlessly graphic sex posts recently ? Hmm

Your sex life is your own business and vice versa. There are "specialist" sites for what you are after, mate

PandorasXbox · 13/08/2017 21:03

I know. I replied when I saw this thread on the home page not knowing it was in Sex HmmGrin

AkimboLimbo · 13/08/2017 21:14

It's the sex topic - people talk about sex in here. Sometimes that is quite graphic. Who gets to decide how graphic is too graphic and surely every post on MN is needless?

AnyFucker · 13/08/2017 21:19

Akimbo.....where are your detailed sexploits then ? That is what op is looking for. Do tell all.

BrutusMcDogface · 13/08/2017 21:24

I didn't think it was possible to piss with an erection? I've been enlightened.

I'm far too vanilla for your wank bank, I'm afraid!

cuirderussie · 13/08/2017 21:25

We can only do it to the sounds of Beethoven's Fidelio, while DH, dressed in a Tesco uniform, rogers me over the dishwasher while calling me by his mother's name.

Hi Daily Mail!Grin

MimsyBorogroves · 13/08/2017 21:28

I build a Lego replica of DH, then kick it to bits and tell him he's a bad brick boy.


ShatnersBassoon · 13/08/2017 21:31

This would shock my family big time and I'm sure would shock quite a few friends also.

I bet your mum and dad do the same (not one for the wank bank).

AkimboLimbo · 13/08/2017 21:37

Outdoor sex

But you know it isn't compulsory to contribute to a thread if it's too graphic for you. You can just scroll past.


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AnyFucker · 13/08/2017 21:40

That's not as interesting as Mimsy's

What with this being a competition, right ?

Butterymuffin · 13/08/2017 21:41

Ooh, 'sexploits'. Reminiscent of the 'made my excuses and left' reporting of the News of the World. The good old days Hmm

OP I can't help thinking there isn't a shortage of this kind of content online, without needing to ask..

Heebejeebees · 13/08/2017 21:53

BrutusMcDogface - you can piss with N election

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