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It's abit embarrassing but..

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Bigblug · 25/05/2017 20:22

Me and dp had sex Monday night. I let him stick a cheeky finger or two into my back end, something I don't normally do but ide just had a shower so didn't feel as self conscious. It's 4 days later and I'm in so much pain! I bled for ages after, every poo makes me cry, my vulva feels swollen and sore and it's hard to sit or clench. He wasn't especially rough, it was just to add to foreplay.
Any tips on how to ease this pain? Paracetamol and tramadol isn't touching it 😭

OP posts:
dementedma · 25/05/2017 20:23

Anusol suppository?

Mylittlestsunshine · 25/05/2017 20:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Justalittlebitfurther · 25/05/2017 20:27

I'd get this checked out, there are prescription creams you can get for pain in this area

user76895432 · 25/05/2017 20:27

You need to see a doctor lovely. You may have some internal damage that needs to be checked. Don't be embarrassed- they've seen everything before.

If you decide to do anal play again then make sure your partner uses a shed load of lube and takes things v-e-r-y slowly. It's really not a good idea otherwise.

Floralnomad · 25/05/2017 20:29

I'd get yourself to a doctor .

Bigblug · 25/05/2017 20:30

user in the heat of the moment it seemed fine 😭 I'll visit the pharmacy tomorrow Blush

OP posts:
Justalittlebitfurther · 25/05/2017 20:33

A pharmacist won't be able to give you anything stronger than anusol and if you've already taken transfix that's not going to be very effective I wouldn't have thought. As PP you should really get it checked out by a Dr you could end up with an infection if you have got some damage.

Blossomdeary · 25/05/2017 20:35


Girlywurly · 25/05/2017 21:24

I'm sure a GP could sort this out for you. And there's no need to divulge what you and your DP were up to. But if this feels too awkward, what about going to your local sexual health clinic? Not sure exactly how much poking they tend to do in that area, but at the one I go to, they talk very frankly about anal stuff - it's all in a day's work for them.

DevilMakesWork · 25/05/2017 21:42

Sounds like maybe you got a slight scratch and it's gone a bit swollen or infected?

You're going to have to swallow your pride and get it checked. Sorry.

PhoenixJasmine · 25/05/2017 21:52

Having been there Blush I recommend anusol from the chemist for immediate relief as well. Sounds like a possible tear - they happen for less intimate reasons too, mine flares with IBS. But with swollen vulva and pain when not passing stool etc - def get checked out asap (GP or walk-in/urgent care if no GP appts available) - if there's infection you need to get it sorted pronto. Have you checked your temp/how do you feel in general?

If it's any consolation having to talk about your sex life with HCPs just remember they've probably seen people with random objects stuck in intimate places, a few cheeky fingers up the bum will be nothing to them!

Bigblug · 25/05/2017 22:10

I'll ring the gp tomorrow then. I'm not going to lie, I do feel a bit under the weather and feverish but I figured that's just hot today.
First time having sex in 2 months, this is why I don't bother 😂

OP posts:
daddyorscience · 26/05/2017 08:01

Could be worse. My ex was mortified one day when I went to pick the kids up.. She was a bit pale and walking.. Oddly. Asked if she was ok, muttered something about her new husband.

Kids come out, full volume in the front garden "mummy's got a really sore arse!"..😂😂

I almost collapsed against the car, I was laughing so much..😂 neighbours were out and about, too..

caffeinestream · 26/05/2017 21:42

How did it go with the GP?

Fliptophead · 26/05/2017 21:47

Yeah hilarious daddy.

Op, I don't think a finger or two would cause that sort of injury normally, especially if it was feeling good at that time. Unless your dh has ham fingers anyway. Definitely get checked out.

Haggisfish · 26/05/2017 22:15

I have had similar and it was thrush. Gp diagnosed.

Run4Fun · 27/05/2017 16:40

Could be thrush (tmi alert! If he put his fingers in back and then in the front) and an anal tear or piles. He needs to have clean short finger nails.

HorraceTheOtter · 27/05/2017 16:46

That really doesn't sound usual. I have never had that and it's something I have done a lot. I'd go to the GP if I were you.

AkimboLimbo · 27/05/2017 22:00

That does sound very odd. A finger or 2 shouldn't cause damage like that, especially if it didn't cause any problems at the time. I suspect there's more going on, maybe a scratch. I hope is heals soon.

Mrstumbletap · 28/05/2017 15:49

Does he have jagged nails? Have you looked in a mirror to see see if it's an external cut?

AdalindSchade · 28/05/2017 15:56

Did he use lube? It's probably just cut slightly but you must go to the gp if it doesn't get better soon.

Bigblug · 29/05/2017 16:37

It's still terribly painful and to make it worse I've had d&v over the weekend 😣 will be making an appointment with the doctor tomorrow!

OP posts:

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Haggisfish · 29/05/2017 21:55

I felt really rough-much worse than vaginal thrush.

llhj · 30/05/2017 04:31


You fucking knob.

happydays2017 · 30/05/2017 06:00

Daddyorscience you once have jealousy issues re your ex, what a spiteful little person you must become

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