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Sex................Personal question....sorry

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bouncy · 29/05/2003 10:09

Just wanted to ask people how often do you have sex.

My dp says that 5 times a week or about normal for a couple, I would be happy with once a month, but he seems to demand it almost everyday.

Anyone care you help me out on this.


OP posts:
crystaltips · 29/05/2003 21:21

Maybe THAT'S why it was not eaten !!!

ZsaZsa · 29/05/2003 21:22

iNCLINASHUN of woman iz in proporshun to skill of man after all...

charliecat · 29/05/2003 21:43

What a thread!!!!! Doormat you made me laugh....up and At the start of my relationship we used to stay up till 4am or thereabouts every morning at it. Now, 2 children later, once or twice a month is a miracle. Sad but true!

fallala · 29/05/2003 21:51

three times a year

beetroot · 30/05/2003 08:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

M2T · 30/05/2003 09:06

Crystaltips - nobody would've wanted a slice of cake that had your arse print in it.

Bouncy - Where are you? Have you spoken to your hubby yet or shown him this thread?

badjelly · 30/05/2003 12:22

If you listen to my dh he would say never have it! At the mo I give in about once a month but that's only coz my head's still messed up following having dd 6 months ago. Pre TTC (if I can remember that far back)it was about once a week depending on his shifts.

mmm · 30/05/2003 13:27

Never !

runragged · 31/05/2003 16:50

Doormat you did make me laugh, so true. Let me think now monthly or not that often?!! 5 times a week with two small children a physical impossibility.

bouncy · 31/05/2003 20:56

Hi and thank you for all your responses.

I dragged DP to look at this thread, and lets just say he doesn't think this is the norm. I told him this IS the norm and all his mates lie through their teeth.

Thanks again, it really put my mind at rest, thought I was some frigid cow

OP posts:
helenmc · 01/06/2003 12:10

when asked how many times a month you have sex and how much do you drink, you halve one answer and double the other....

SoupDragon · 01/06/2003 15:12

Bouncy, if asked by his mates how many times a week he has sex, what would your DP answer? Is he honest...?

Hughsie · 01/06/2003 18:10

Helenmc - I think that is soo true - what is it with people trying to make out they are at it all the time - where do they find the time and energy especially with kids - when we had just had ds2 we were lucky if we found ourselves in the same room let alone touching!!!!!!!

SimonHoward · 03/06/2003 16:49


I think your DH has got his facts wrong and quoted the amount of times men in a relationship would like to have sex in a week.

Gillam · 06/06/2003 12:32

Well hey maybe I am not like the rest of you women but me and my DH can have sex alnight!! I think it is great and could have sex with him everyday!! We have a Ds who doesn't sleep through the night (he is 11 months old) so you can imagine that we are both tired most of the time, but we still make the most of it when we can!! We have been in a long term relationship too!

motherinferior · 06/06/2003 13:00

You're very lucky, my love, and long may it continue!

xxxxxMissis Frigid Pregnant Cow

Gillam · 06/06/2003 13:15

Thanks sweetie and I hope you can be like me once your baby arrives, oooh good luck. Is it your first??


motherinferior · 06/06/2003 19:22

Second, and sex drive hasn't been what it was since first pregnancy, if I'm honest. But hey, there's always hope.

Gillam · 11/06/2003 11:42

HIya Motherinferior

Well I hope things work for you and keep your chin up!

My marraige has broken down over the weekend so I guess all of that sex hasn't done it much good hey! Oh well I am sturggling on at the moment and I can tell you I certain won't want sex now for a very very long time!

Luv G x x

motherinferior · 11/06/2003 11:47

That's awful. Permanent breakdown, do you think? Take care!

M2T · 11/06/2003 11:56

That seems awfully sudden Gillam! Was it on the cards or has he just hit you with it?

Good luck.

Gillam · 11/06/2003 12:59

We have had rows before, but this time I think its over for good. He has another child from a previous relationship (11 yrs ago mind you) and he always mentions the ex's name etc. He has acused me of not caring for his daughter (bearing in mind I do much more than he does!!)

I can't take anymore of the arguing and acusations when I am genuine! It isn't fair on our 11month old son who got awfully upset the other night! So I think it probably is for real this time! It is so so hard, and I feel like breaking down, but have to be strong for the sake of my child. How do you get through this?? I don't know where to start and don't particuly want to start!
Got a house valuation tomorrow! Very hard! I am not at home at the moment I am at my mum and dads!

x x

motherinferior · 11/06/2003 13:28

There are some good discussions on the relationships threads - I have been through vile separations before but not with kids, so I don't know what it's like to add in that dimension - do check them out, though. take care again.

Gillam · 12/06/2003 10:17

Thanks. We have started to talk yesterday a bit and I may be going home tonight!! Fingers crossed and thanks again.

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