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no sex for 8 years

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mmm · 23/04/2003 08:10

My partner likes sex either with me on top or doggy style. While I was happy to oblige with this , I now find it all rather boring and impersonal. I'd like some face to face but p doesn't like it.We have reached a stalemate of pretty much no intimacy ( we are friends though and commited) but I'd like to have some sex ( I think) but we don't fancy each other any more. P of course will NOT go to counselling.Help ! After 8 years it all feels rather embarrassing !

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mmm · 04/05/2003 17:55

Thankyou my dears. I'm glad I haven't put you off with my smutty talk !

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Eowyn · 04/05/2003 22:47

I've always wanted a massage, what an excellent idea...I suspect that might just motivate him...

mmm · 06/05/2003 07:45

Go for it eowyn! Crumbs, I'll even give you a massage if you want!

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