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Who do you poo in front of?

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spidermama · 17/10/2005 21:51

I ask because on another thread people seem to be perfectly happy to poo in front of their dh's. I definitely wouldn't poo in front of him and he wouldn't in front of me.

Am I a prude?

OP posts:
wordgirl · 17/10/2005 21:52


jessicaandbumpsmummy · 17/10/2005 21:53

i poo in front of DH and Jess (she's too young to know any different) but no one else.

door is always open whether i wee or poo unless i have visitors!

philippat · 17/10/2005 21:53

only while giving birth...

JanH · 17/10/2005 21:53


One of my DDs (aged 20) will do anything she has to with the bathroom door wide open, which has been a bit startling for some of DS2's friends (aged 12) No idea where she gets that from. Some things should be private!!!!

lockets · 17/10/2005 21:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

startingtobehalloweenylover · 17/10/2005 21:55

no way would i poo in front of anyone!

rummum · 17/10/2005 21:56

I poo in front of hubby and kids... (no I don't gather them round to watch me)
but having said that... I don't sit and strain or grunt... it just falls out [shrug]

compo · 17/10/2005 21:56

would never ever poo in front of dh. Have to with 18 month ds in the bathroom which I don't really like doing - can't imagine what it'll be like when he can talk etc. I would HATE it if dh ever poo-ed in front of me

Bugsy2 · 17/10/2005 21:57

on other thread I put that I would rather burst than wee or poo in front of husband/boyfriend. Never have and never intend to. Would hate them to do it in front of me too.

spidermama · 17/10/2005 21:57

Hahahaha philippat. Not much dignity during that event eh?

OP posts:
compo · 17/10/2005 21:57

Oh yes, don't wee in front of dh either. I think something's should definitely be kept private

zaphod · 17/10/2005 21:58

I have a major hang-up about this. Only in front of the children because they have no sense of personal boundaries. Couldn't do it anywhere but home, wouldn't dream of using a public toilet for instance. Which makes camping a bit of a pain in the arse, [excuse the pun]

Racers · 17/10/2005 21:58

DH yes, DD, possibly - too early to say. Anyone else, no way!

MamaG · 17/10/2005 22:00

Don't wee, poo or even shave legs in front of dh - don't have a choice with ds though!

A friend of mine changes her tampon in front of her dh!!!! Yeuch!! (sorry if tmi)

spidermama · 17/10/2005 22:01

lol zaphod. My mum and sister are the same. This makes things tricky for my sister at festivals.

I'm not as, erm, anal as they are. I will go to even the scummiest portaloo if I have to, but I don't like it and I won't catch the eye of the person coming in after me.

OP posts:
northerner · 17/10/2005 22:02

I poo in front of ds but not dh. I do wee and change tampon in front of him though.

rummum · 17/10/2005 22:03

Oh no... I couldn't change a tampon in front of anyone..

Milliways · 17/10/2005 22:04

No-one except one of my cats that tears down the door if you go in the bathroom without her!

spidermama · 17/10/2005 22:05

My 8 month old comes in when I'm pooing and climbs up and looks at me and I smile weakly and think, 'erase this image of mummy from you mind please'.

My three year old still bangs on the door because he doesn't like me excluding him. I shout, 'Ecks-ker-yoos-me! Dooo yooo mind?!! I'm 'evin' a poo'.

OP posts:
doormat · 17/10/2005 22:07

I couldnt poo,wee, change bullet or even do my bikini line in front of dh
imo there should be some things a girl keeps to herself

I was ashamed when dh had to bath me after having our children in the hospital

Racers · 17/10/2005 22:07

I've almost forgotten what a tampon is, it's been so long but anyway, I've realised now there is very little I wouldn't do in front of DH if he happened to be in the room etc.

Reminds me of when I had to have a swab taken when my waters broke and no contractions had happened for a day or so and it was all happening at home cos it was to be a home birth (didn't happen in end ) and I asked DH to take away the MW's bits and bobs (disposable equipment, tissues etc) and she was amazed that he didn't bat an eyelid. The way we saw it, he was going to be very involved in a messy birth so it was nothing in comparison but she thought he was very good for dealing with it without complaint!

ThomBat · 17/10/2005 22:09

Only my DD if she comes in. I don't invite an audience.

spidermama · 17/10/2005 22:11

OMG racer when I think what my dh went through for our home births. There's nothing he didn't get involved in. He was knee deep in pee, poo, and amniotic fluid ... he didn't bat an eyelid bless 'im. I remember thining, between contractions, 'Oh no, I'm going to poo in front of dh'.

OP posts:
weesaidie · 17/10/2005 22:27

Only dd and only because she is 18 months and I can't always stop her.

Passionkiller · 17/10/2005 22:42

Poo in front of DH yes and he in front of me also. Wait for privacy before wiping bum though.

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